Australia and a magical time of synchronicity


By Alessandro Carosi

11 years ago i left Italy cause i could not stand anymore to live there,yes is a beautiful country with History,architecture,nature,arts,food but living there started to become really hard,i always being fascinated and attracted by other cultures and enjoyed discovering new places,Italy was too narrow-minded for me the materialistic,judgemental and racist environment was something i could not bear anymore,that’s why i decided to leave.

At the time i owned with my mother a small stationery shop and tried to sell the business for 3 years with no luck,the plan was that as soon i would sell it i would leave,i had few place in mind,Australia,England,Spain,at the time i really liked Spain and South America and i wanted go to travel around South America one day especially Venezuela where my father lived for 25 years.

Now looking back at that period i understand the reason why i sold the business in that year,not earlier and not later cause nothing happening by chance,in life there is nothing like luckiness or unluckiness.

Everything happening for a reason and the reason could be that we attracting them or destiny,whatever it is is not by chance.

I personally believe that we attract our circumstances with our thoughts and emotions and that is why we experiencing synchronicity.

Albert Einstein used to say: ” Synchronicity is gods way of remaining anonymous”

My life and synchronicity started the day i decided i was going to leave Italy and accompany my life until now,the first big synchronicity started with meeting a good friend from high school in Madrid during new year eve celebrations,then 1 year later in Amsterdam when just arrived at the train station and heading to my hostel i see him on the other side of the road,after that i did not meet him for few years until 3 months before leaving Italy to London.

That day i was walking in my hometown high street doing some shopping when all of sudden i seen him walking toward me,i remember that as soon he seen me he became really excited and started to run,i was really surprised to see him cause i had no idea where he have been in those years and i was actually waiting to meet him again in some other countries,he could not wait to tell me what happened and when he told me the story i was shocked and amazed about what was going on.

Apparently he went to Australia and working for an Italian farmer came out that was related to me,this Farmer was my Father cousin that i had no idea to have,i run home to tell my mother about the crazy story and my mother told me that this Uncle was not just my father cousin but was more,he was like my Father best friend.

I did not think about it 2 times and decided that i would go to Australia instead of London but only for 1 year then i would go to Spain,the thing is that i had no idea what life planned for me.

The day arrived,all my stuff packed in one suitcase and one backpack excited and scared about this adventure went to the airport,it took me 30 hours to get to Sydney,arrived at Midnight with only the basic English ”Hello” ”How are you?” Thank you” and ”You are beautiful” cause you never know i would meet the woman of my life.

Sydney Harbour bridge

It was raining and cause i never liked to plan my trips i had no place to stay for that night,an Australian couple seeing me completely lost in front the Sydney underground map realized that i had no idea how to get out the airport,they were really nice and showed me which Train to take and which area would be good for me to stop where i would find easily hostels for Backpackers.

The area was called Kings Cross and when arrived i


naively thought would be a posh area cause every one was dressing really nice,it took me only one week to understand that it was the opposite,Casino,prostitutes,drugs dealers,Junkies was the inhabitants of this area but at least the hostels was cheap and with not much money and with no idea how to find a job it was convenient for me.

It was raining that night i arrived in Kings Cross and i needed a hostel,i did not know how to find it and i really needed a bed,i was tired and sleepy,after walking around under the rain looking for a hostel i met two guys,with my really basic English i said ”Me sleep” i was able to make them understand that i needed a place where to sleep,they took me in front of this hostel ”G’DAY Hostel” where in few minutes i would meet my first Australian synchronicity and then few weeks later the biggest synchronicity of my life and the only one i could not understand yet the reason of it.

I was in front of this hostel and a guy was smoking a cigarette,like with the 2 guys i said ”Me sleep” my Italian accent must have been so strong cause he understood straight away i was Italian went inside and came out with Giovanni,a crazy Italian guy that that night let me sneak in the hostel making me leave in the morning before the manager arrived so i would not have to pay the night in.

Giovanni played is part in my life synchronicity and i played mine in his one,we met a year later by coincidence in Bundaberg a small farming town in Queensland,and few years later we met again in Auckland,New Zealand where i knew he was there but where i played a key part on suggesting him to meet Japanese girls after he broke up with his English girlfriend cause at the time my girlfriend was Japanese,he did it and he met the woman of his life,4 years later they married and last year his son born,it feels like i paid him back his good Karma,he helped me that night,i helped him to find the woman of his life,at the end maybe Karma really exist.

The life in the hostel was nice,every body was friendly,every night a party,i met so

Fun time in G,DAY hostel in Sydney

many interesting people and made some amazing friendships that still now,the street where the hostel was was Forbes street,a peaceful residential street day time but at night would host Prostitutes,drug dealers and Junkies,i would have two prostitutes permanently outside my door,they would stay until morning around 6am,usually i would wake up at 4:30am to get ready to get the bus to go to work,my habit and still now have been always as soon i wake up to go to smoke a cigarette the only one i smoke all day,i could not smoke inside so i would go to smoke outside just next to the two prostitutes,they were always the same and after few months we actually became friends,every morning we would have a small chat where they would ask me about my life and my job,i can not remember much about our chats cause i could not understand them really well my English was really bad but i remember really well when one day they offered me to have sex for free saying something like i was very friendly and good looking,i kindly refused.

The biggest synchronicity would arrive soon,an afternoon relaxing in the hostel living room this guy with an electric piano arrived,he was weird but funny,he would talk and laughing no stop,his name was Bradley from New Zealand,half Maori,his father and Half Aboriginal,his mother.

He said that he lost his fly back to New Zealand that is why he would stay there for one night,after one month he was still there,in the meantime he was becoming more and more aggressive every time he would drink too much,the problem was that he would drink every night.

Even when he would end up having a fight with someone in the hostel after drinking too much he would be still nice to me,i would understand why few months later.

One month passed by from when Bradley arrived,every one hated him and no one could stand him anymore,one night after coming back from Working i saw the police outside the hostel,worry that someone would have broke inside and stole my stuff i run to find out what happened,every one was in the kitchen around this young France guy,i asked what happened and they told me that Bradley was drunk and more aggressive then usual,he had an argument with this France guy cause apparently he stole his beers and after they started shouting and fighting Bradley got a big knife took the France guy against the wall with the knife on his neck,the other guys tried to stop him but there was nothing to do and when it looked like the worst could happen Bradley run away and they called the police,everyone was relieved that he left and we thought we would never meet him again,at least they would not meet him again.

In the morning before go to work i went to the bathroom,all of sudden i heard a noise coming from the window by the road,i turn and like a ghost Bradley face appeared from outside,he started to shout telling me that he would have a revenge against the other guys but that i did not have to worry cause he knew i was the only good one.

I obviously freaked out got my pants without button up and run away from the bathroom,i woke up the other guys and told them what he said,they explained to me why he never touched me,he always had a crush on me but I was not sure about that cause he looked so masculine,i had the confirm of it when on a sunday during the Australian gay pride happened to see him sitting in a gay bar with two other guys,i hided myself trying to avoid that he could see me and left the parade sure that could not happen again to meet him.

Mardi Gras the Sydney Gay Pride

One year and half passed by,at that time i was living in Perth,Western Australia with my Japanese Girlfriend met in Bundaberg

Bundaberg high street

I met her in a hostel that my uncle choose for me when i decided to go to meet and work for him,in this hostel he would pick up guys and girls to work in his farm,he did not want me to stay in the his house cause it was too far from every thing and surrounded for miles and miles from only farms he thought i would get bored and probably i would.

In that Hostel i met Kaori the first love of my life and for her i did not go back to Europe,you can see that synchronicity is always at work.

After Bundaberg Kaori and me moved to Perth in Western Australia

Perth skyline

we lived togheter in this nice studio flat in north Perth not too far from Perth CBD it was a really nice area,we lived there for one year but unfortunately the landlord decided that she would sell the studio flat,we have to move out,Kaori decided that she would go back for holiday in Japan and i would move temporary in a hostel and when she would come back we would looking for something else togheter.

Few days before leaving the studio flat Kaori left to Japan and the day after i moved to a hostel that i found the week before.

It was only three days that i was there when one day a familiar voice coming from the Entry almost got me an heart attack,when i turn to look who he was,Bradley came to me like nothing happen happy to see me again,i did not know what to say,i did not know how to explain it,the his story was that he came to visit a sister and he would stay for few months.

Few weeks later i was still trying to figure out how it was possible but i did not have time to find an explanation cause arrived at work my manager introduced me one of the new cooks,my blood became ice,my face white,i could not feel my leg and i started to shake,it was not possible,it was not real,it could not be him,it must have been a dream but it was not,the cook was Bradley!!!

How he could be there,how he could get the job in my same work place,how he could find the same hostel,the same city,Perth is 3 hours flight from Sydney,HOW HOW HOW!!!!

He was looking at me like nothing happened explaining me that he learned to cook to make some extra money when he could not make enough money playing in Piano Bars.

When asking him how it was possible we met so many time and in that way he always laughed and never really explained it.

At the time i could not understand what was going on,at the time i did not know that life is not just what we see but there is more we can not see that is real or maybe even more real,now i know that synchronicity is not happening by chance,i do believe that what we feel that is a consequence of what we think is what put in motion a sequel of synchronicity that brings to us what we feel more,cause i do believe that what we feel create the kind of reality we see outside and more we feel good more good we attract,writing this story from my life reminded me about an Australian map i seen in this Hostel in Bundaberg where someone wrote on it ” I must learn to like myself”i believe that if we want to see a change in our life we must to like ourself first.


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