New Zealand a country with a peaceful energy

The Sky Tower

By Alessandro Carosi

Nikola Tesla in an interview in 1899 said to a journalist “Everything is light,in one its ray is the fate of nations,each nation has its own ray in what great light source we see as the sun”

I do believe that every city,every country has their own energy an energy that comes from the people that lives there.

I lived in many countries and in New Zealand is where i could experience the most peaceful energy.


Its funny how at the beginning i hated living there,raining a lot,often cloudy and a crazy changeable weather that could make you experience four season in one day.

I was coming from three years in Australia living mostly in Perth and i was used to hot and sunny weather almost every day,at the time i would get influenced by the weather a lot and i would get easily depressed and grumpy when grey and cold,In New Zealand and in Auckland a cloudy raining day was the routine,you can imagine how i could feel,the first year i just dreamed i could leave and go back to Australia as soon as possible,every day i would just think about the great days i had in the sunny and hot Perth,every day was a struggle for me to control my emotions cause i did not have the sun anymore to keep me happy.

It was hard and i would spend every second complaining about how bad the weather was and how depressive the life in New Zealand was One day after one of my flatmates moved out i found in his room this book called  “The law of attraction” i asked him if i could read it and he told me that i could read it and keep it,he had it for long time already.

Its incredible how a book can change your life,we all know this book,is really famous and people talk about it every day,i’m not here to tell you if it works or not but at that time it helped me a lot,I was sad and depressed the most of the time,i did not know what to do with my life anymore,this book gave me hope and faith,i decided that i would follow the book instruction and living in the now,for the next few months i forced myself to feel gratitude and living in the now and if i have to be honest things really started to change,my feelings started to change,i was feeling more peaceful and calm and my sadness and depression gone.

I’m sure that a psychologist would explain it easily about what was going on but is not the point,the point is that when at finally i left behind all my worries and problems i could actually feel and see in which kind of energy i was living,a peaceful energy,a kind energy,a happy energy.

New Zealand is a wonderful country divided in two main islands,the most of the population lives in the north island where climate is better with around 2.8 million people and 1.2 million in the south island,The nature is stunning,we talk about a country of similar size of UK but with only 4 million people,nature is every where and in the South Island is where you find the wildest,lifestyle in New Zealand is amazing the simple lifestyle that people has make life easier and more relaxed.

New Zealand map

The biggest city is Auckland,a beautiful multicultural city or like the Kiwis(New Zealander nickname)  like to call it,The big little city,Auckland is around 1.4 million people not a big city but you have everything like if you would live in a big city,The city has 3 main streets one is queen street that is where you can find all the main mainstream shops,K’rd the alternative,extravagant and hippy street and then Ponsonby road with all the trendy,expensive shops and bars,after you leave those three streets there is nothing else.

Queen street

Most of the suburbs usually has just a cafe,a pub and a supermarket,that’s it,life in New Zealand is not really materialistic and people does not need to buy so many things like we are use to do  in many countries in Europe,they like a simple life where they go to sleep early,wake up early and spending a lot of time outdoor.

New Zealand countrysie

Everything started with that book”The law of attraction” and my life slowly got better and better,i kept making and keep make a lot of mistakes but this time aware about what i’m doing and aware about what needs to be changed,I love that city,i love the fact that in wherever suburb you go you can find a little bay with a little beach,my favourite have been always Takapuna.

Takapuna beach

Takapuna beach

Its interesting to see how when i began to live my life in the present moment is when i began to experience coincidence or how Carl Gustav Jung call it,Synchronicity,i had amazing synchronicity in that period and some of them just fantastic,one of the best i experienced was about a girl that i saw on the street a day that i was heading to work.

It was the usual cloudy day in Auckland and i was heading to work,in that period i used to work in a cafe called Foodini’s in K’rd,i did not live far away from my work place,my flat was a nice apartment in a student accommodation at the end of queen street,That morning walking to work i saw this beautiful Asian girl and i really wanted to go and talk to her but i had not enough time for it so i left and promised to myself that if i would see her again i would definitely talk to her.

Few days later i was shopping on queen street when i saw her inside the bus,i thought about running and chasing the bus but who knew when she would come out so i gave up the idea,A week later i seen her walking by my coffee shop,it was a quiet day at work so i thought this would be my chance to approach her,i ran outside but she was too far and i could not leave the shop unattended too long,it looked like there was no chance for me to know her,Then one day my chance arrived,i finished work and i was walking back home when i seen her at the bus stop,this time i would do everything i could to go and talk to her,i started to walk faster and faster and when i was close to her and thinking in my mind about how to start the conversation a guy arrived and approached her,i could not believe it i missed my chance again but i would not give up,i was sure that soon or later i would get the right opportunity but unfortunately the opportunity did not arrive cause a week later at night when walking on queen street i saw her holding hands with the guy from the bus stop that was a clear sign from the universe that there was no more chance for me ,Disappointed and sad i gave up.

I was having a good time in Auckland anyway,i would party every night,meeting girls and i was full of energy,one day i met this girl in this club called” The Base” a popular place especially among backpackers.     Her name was Jasmine and she was from Philippines,we started to hang out,there was nothing serious between us,we were just having fun,   One day she called me and asked me if i wanted catch up for a coffee in the local starbucks with her friends,i said yes and went there,the cafe is on queen street and has 2 floors,they were upstairs,when i arrived a lovely surprise was waiting for me,one of Jasmine friends was the girl that i have been chasing for weeks and now she was there in front of me but i could not talk to her cause i was with an other girl,At least i find out that her name was Victoria from Philippine too and she was a student.

In the next few days i kept thinking about that girl and how strange was the way i met her again,one evening i was at Jasmine’s house she was having a shower and i was waiting in her room,i was thinking about Victoria and i had an idea,i would take Victoria’s number from Jasmine’s phone and the day after i would call her,The day after i did what planned,i called Victoria and told her everything,i told her that i wanted to meet her,unfortunately she was still together with the same guy,there was really nothing to do,i thought the universe gave me the chance i was looking for but i was wrong,this time i was not sad or anything,i just accepted the thing for how it was, After that afternoon i did not meet Victoria anymore.

In Auckland i made new friends and for a while i became close to an other Italian guy,he lived in Auckland for 5 years and he was from North Italy,he was like me at the time,just wanted have fun,party,drinking,sex,If i look at myself now is incredible how much i changed from that time i lived in  New Zealand,in that period i was really selfish and arrogant,i had no respect for people and all i wanted was fun,i wanted just have sex and meet as many girls as possible,doesn’t matter i would break many girls heart,With that Italian guy we used to exchange girls number,i would give him phone number of girls that i knew wanted just have fun and he would do the same with me,one day we were talking about Thailand cause i always wanted to go there so he told me that he knew this Thai girl that loves Italian guys,if i wanted he could give me her number,i obviously said yes.

I went back home and i called her but she didn’t answer so i send her a msg,she replied asking me how i had her number,i told her about Davide our common friend and she replied me asking me about how i looked like and a pic,at the time i didn’t want to have a smartphone and i used to have the old indestructible Nokia so i couldn’t send any pics about me but i just explained how i was,i guess she liked the description cause she accepted to meet me for a drink the day after,i invited her at Wildfire a popular Brazilian Bar-Restaurant at the viaduct a trendy area in front of the bay,from the viaduct you get a great view of Rangitoto one of the Auckland’s volcano.

Auckland viaduct

Rangitoto was formed by a series of eruptions commencing at least 6000 years ago. The most recent eruptions occurred between 550 and 600 years ago in two episodes, 10 to 50 years apart, and are thought to have lasted for several years during the later shield-forming episode, Auckland’s Rangitoto volcano could be set for future eruptions when it had been thought to be placid, new research suggests.

Volcano Rangitoto

The evening after i got ready to meet her,i went to Wildfire a bit earlier excited about the blind date,more then half n hour passed by from the time we supposed to meet so i decided to txt her to know what time she would arrive,she replied 20 minutes later saying that was really sorry but she had some problems but she could make it,she would arrive one hour later,i was really annoyed and almost close to cancel the date but i stayed even if i was quite sure that she wouldn’t come at the end,i decided to wait outside the bar,it was a nice warm summer night,at around 11:30pm a black cab arrived,the door opened and when the person inside the cab came out i received a really big surprise,the girl that came out was Victoria,the girl i have been chasing for weeks and weeks was in front of me and i met her in a way that i would never could even imagine.

I invited her inside the bar and ordered two drinks,i asked her if she remembered me that day in starbucks,she thought i had a familiar face but couldn’t remember,after few minutes at finally she figure out who i was and you could tell she was really surprised to meet me like that,we talked and drunk a lot until the bar had to close,we kissed and decided to go to her flat,we arrived at the her building and surprised me the fact she would live there,this building name is Metropolis and is one of the most expensive in Auckland,how a student from Philippine could afford to live there? i decided to don’t ask,we got to her flat a big and modern apartment and she offered me more drinks,i was completely drunk and so do her,obviously i started to ask her all the question i wouldn’t ask if sober and her answers made really clear how she could afford to live there and why i didn’t see her around for a while,she was a prostitute,her real name was Jenny and the reason why my friend thought she was from Thailand was because every now on she would change her nationality in her Escort website just because she didn’t like to put her real nationality,that website is where my friend met her,during school holiday she would fly to Australia to work as a escort cause people has more money and she could earn much more,personally i don’t care what people does to make a live as long they are good,friendly and doesn’t harm others.

We had sex and the next few months we met some other times,i think she started to feel something about me but i didn’t really wanna get involved in a relationship with someone like her,i don’t mind as a friend but i can’t be in relationship with a person that lives like this,if she would stop doing that job i would probably get together but i didn’t want to ask about it.,We kept in touch for a while and then we stopped,i saw her again walking around queen street some more time and then didn’t see her anymore until i left to London.

I experience synchronicity only when my life is in balance,i never had one when feeling sad or depressed but only when feeling in peace,what i noticed is,happier i am,longer i keep that state,bigger and beautiful the synchronicity is.

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