Spiritual meaning of number 11

By Alessandro Carosi

In the last 7 years i began to realize that numbers can lead you to some life directions,i don’t know if it works for everyone but it does for me,it started around 7 years ago when living in New Zealand i started seeing 11 or 111 or 1111 everywhere,i could not understand why,then one day a friend send me a msg saying,look Alex if you make a count about your date of birth and our current year it turns out 111,it was fascinating,that year to anyone even born in different years or months it would come out 111,i feel it was like a sort of spiritual wake up call,from that moment year by year i began to notice that some numbers would show up more then usual, when the 11 show up in my life i feel like i’m in the right life path.

I remember when i came to London,at the beginning i lived in Paddigton area and stayed in a hostel,the hostel address wasn’t 11 but the head office of that company was,then i found my first job,it was in Fulham,the main bus that reach Fulham and leave from Fulham is the number 11,i found a job in a cafe’,the address was,11 jerdan place,and when i got my first payslip i realized i was the employer number 11,obviously this number were following me everywhere,i started to find information in internet about spiritual number meanings and found interesting things,there is a website i use all the time to understand the meanings of the number i see,this is the link


Lately i moved in a new house,initially i found a nice place in Putney,i was waiting for approval from the landlord but then all of sudden i received an email from an other  landlord i contacted 1 months earlier saying that if i wanted i could see his house,when i went there i find out that the address was at the number 11 and when showing me the house i notice one room with written on the door, Alex that is my name and the room number was 11,i felt like i had to move in that house instead the one in Putney and it was near my workplace,when he showed me the kitchen happened that a couple living there were my customers and they could put a good word for me to take the room,for some reason i felt like compelled to say yes,they spoke to the owner and the room was mine,obviously there was no coincidence and it had to happen,this house is the best place i could live in,if i would chose the one in Putney it would be so hard to dealing with my job cause the distance,i believe i made the right choice cause in that period i was feeling positive,happy and my emotions was in balance,that’s why my subconscious made me doing the right moves.

This is the number meaning of 11 according to the website i use


The karmic Master Number 11 symbolizes the principles ofspiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination, visionary, enthusiasm, creative/creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism. Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose. Master Number 11 is usually called ‘the Illuminator’, ‘the Messenger’ or ‘the Teacher’ and relates to those who are here to be inspirational guiding lights, and their mission is to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness.Angel Number 11 brings a message from your angels to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas as these are revealing the answers to your prayers. Your positive affirmations and optimistic attitude will manifest your desires and help you to achieve your goals and aspirations. They will also assist you upon your spiritual life purpose andsoul mission.

Angel Number 11 encourages you to contribute your unique perspective and philosophy to instigate a new consciousness. Seek out some form of outlet where there can be active participation, whether it be through one’s own profession, or some charitable organization. Working with others gives the opportunity to be the inspirational leader, setting an example for others to learn from.

Angel Number 11 encourages you to assist and inspire the human race via your natural abilities, relying upon your inner-wisdom and intuition to guide you.

Angel Number 11 encourages you to be an inspirational guiding light to bring illumination to others and help raise spiritual awareness. Trust that the angels support you in yourlightwork.

Number 11 also relates to the Number 2 (1+1=2) and Angel Number 2.

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