September 2016 Energy Report by

Welcome to September! I feel that this should be displayed with flashing lights because after the intense energy of the past few months this month will come as a welcome relief. Even though its theme is ‘A New Dawn’ and it is action packed with lots of energy activity, it’s all geared towards forward movement, with less of the hard edges that we have seen in the past few months. But this comes with conditions too because September is also a month where we will see a lot of our past coming up for review and we have to choose which path we’ll follow – the past or the future. Remember that the dawn arrives after the darkest part of the night. I think we’ve all been through that, don’t you?  We have big choices to make this month but we get help making them in the form of very supportive energy that will allow us to see more clearly, choose more powerfully, and act with confidence. Are you ready for some action? Then you’re ready for September.

There is a lot going on this month that creates a number of powerful energy vortexes and more forward movement than we have seen in a long time. But we’re going to be moving back and forth, taking small steps backward with each step forward because the future’s foundation is firmly established once we release and have closure with the past. Here’s what is going on this month. First, we have two eclipses and a very powerful, unusual Mercury retrograde.

Then we have the Equinox on September 20th, another Saturn/Neptune exact square, we begin phase 2 of our Spiritual Awakening cycle as Jupiter changes signs , Venus is in Libra (where it is very happy) and then moves to Scorpio (where it is not very happy), Pluto goes direct at the end of the month, and we have more ‘wounded healer’ energy from Chiron to deal with, especially at the month’s second eclipse, as well as the ongoing Uranus/Eris action that is shaking everything up.

This astro energy is important because we are part of a synergistic universe, in which every particle, including us, affects the whole. We want to be energetically sovereign and in control of our energy resources but that comes with great responsibility – we must be aware that each of us has the power to either poison the collective energetic well, or sweeten it, with every thought.

To understand September’s energy we have to look backward to 1997, because this month’s two eclipses are at the same degree that they were that September. Everyone remembers the September 1, 1997 eclipse, as that was the date Princess Diana died and the world stood still. The Queen of Hearts and the ‘people’s princess’ was a symbol of compassion and caring and her death was felt deeply at a global level. Now, 19 years later, we have another set of eclipses that mirror those and they are significant in their degree and their timing.

In 1997 we were in the early stages of the spiritual awakening cycle that would take root beginning in August 2003 with the Jupiter in Virgo cycle. Princess Di’s death created an enormous compassion vortex that united the world in grief as much as it made a choice to carry on her legacy of caring and acceptance. She changed the world forever and made it possible for us to take another step towards compassionate unity which was essential to opening the ascension portals.broom-1294880_1280

That year the Moon’s North Node, an important astrological point, was also in Virgo, as it is now. This is another significant aspect of this cycle and one that adds a deeper layer of spiritual growth and transformation to this ascension journey. And that is another 19 year cycle that is being repeated now, expanded by the presence of Jupiter in Virgo, which changes sign this month. One thing we have now is Chiron in Pisces, its sign of exaltation (I believe) because it’s the natural ruler of Virgo. Chiron is responsible for all of the clearing we’ve been going through since late 2010.

The first eclipse, on September 1, was at 9 Pisces and stirred up the Saturn/Neptune square (more on that later in this article). This is like waking up the sleeping dragon, and it will be active all month. If you need to release a few illusions that are not serving you (maybe they are multi-dimensional relationships or hopes and dreams you have been clinging to with desperation) you’ll get the release you need now.  Then the second eclipse on the  16th falls at 24 Pisces, right on Chiron and activating, by aspect, Uranus/Eris and squaring Mars (Mars activity has been very high since 2015). More focus on clearing old wounds, releasing the pain and trauma, so new energy can take its place. Once again we have another September where the equinox is pushed to the background as other energy aspects take precedence. In fact the Equinox is a bit of a letdown after so much activity in the first 3 weeks of the month.

Now we get to take this one step further this month with phase 2 of our Spiritual Awakening cycle, which began in August 2015 when Jupiter entered Virgo. I wrote about this extensively in the September 2015 Energy Report which you can read here. As Jupiter goes into Libra on September 10 we shift our focus from healing to creating balance and congruent harmony (the theme of 2016), which requires that we jettison the baggage that is weighing us down (the density of 3D) and bring on board what lifts us up (5D energies like joy). And we don’t have to work too hard at this, the gap in dimensions is getting wider every day and those who don’t want to experience higher frequencies will be jumping ship all by themselves. We just need to make sure we don’t tie them to the mast of our ship to prevent them from leaving. Energetic Sovereignty is the theme of this game and it applies to everyone, even those people we don’t think know what they are doing.

Any month that begins with an eclipse, a Mercury retrograde, and a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at the critical 29 Virgo degree is bound to have a few surprises and September does, as we will see as the month progresses. Even though it looks like the world is not changing, what we are seeing is the struggle of the 3D paradigms to maintain the status quo while the world continues to ignore them and go in a different way. One example of this is the recent DARK Act, which does not require corporations to label the presence of GMO organisms in their foods. Fine, we’ll just boycott the companies that don’t label it and when their quarterly profits fall enough, they will label GMOs voluntarily. This is the 5D paradigm thinking in action.

An example of how this is working is Kraft Corporation, which refused to stop using artificial food  coloring in its highly popular macaroni and cheese product for the US market, while using turmeric for the rest of the world, where these artificial food colors are banned. So people stopped buying it and after experiencing a 14% loss in its quarterly profits at the end of 2015, Kraft will now use turmeric for the US market’s mac and cheese too. The 3D way would have been to initiate a class action lawsuit and fight them in court. Instead, organizers used an online petition and inspired people to stand up for what they wanted and that battle was quickly and easily won.

This month we’ll see people embracing more of their energetic sovereignty, which is required to integrate our divinity with our humanity. And if the 3D world doesn’t like it, we will just ignore it and do something else. We can’t ‘wage war to create peace’, but we can intend peace to make it the dominant energy in our individual and collective realities. It doesn’t serve us to send our energy towards what we don’t want; all we have to do is stay focused on what we do want. And each person who does that expands that potential to all of the world.

What was happening in your world in 1997 that is coming around for review? Are you seeing a repeat of things that happened in 1997 now? I sure am, and I’m facing very similar situations now that I did then. You can bet that I am making different choices, that was not a happy time for me. When faced with the past, choose joy in this moment, intend the most joyful reality and be willing to receive it.

The energy of 2017 begins this month with Jupiter moving into Libra on September 10, so start thinking about your new beginnings and how you want your life to be. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, we must be focused on the present now, and use all of our energy to empower the new 5D paradigms that we’re giving birth to. If 2003 was a tough cycle for you, then this one can be much different because we are all, individually and collectively, in a far different place today than we were then. And we have a lot more support for transformation now because the focus was on healing then. Now our focus is on becoming whole, congruent, and flowing in harmony.fireworks-1599817_1280

We have to mention some ongoing astro activity here, namely the Saturn/Neptune square that continues to be misunderstood and misinterpreted as illusion faces off against reality. What it really represents is the 3D/5D integration process that is another aspect of our ascension cycle. Saturn represents the 3D standoff, Neptune just goes off and does something else. Those who are energetically sovereign do not need rulers, they want unity, connection, collaboration, love, and peace.

I want to live in a world that is governed by leaders (not rulers) who reflect the desires of their constituents, not the interests of their corporate, military, and political cronies. That’s what the Saturn/Neptune square is doing – Saturn rules corporations, Neptune rules the spiritual, the energy of the universe, the unseen forces that bind us all together and make us one. Neptune has the leading edge, in case you are wondering, especially with this month’s Mercury retrograde, which is a huge game changer.

The Saturn/Neptune square is the predominant energy this month, as it was activated by the eclipse on the 1st so it’s going to be working all month. And of course we have to mention the ongoing Uranus/Eris conjunction. Here we have the planet of revolution (Uranus) walking hand in hand with the planet of discord (Eris). The fur is flying and we’ll see that this month too.

The Mercury retrograde, which begin on September 1 with a conjunction to Jupiter at 29 Virgo will be in effect all month, and the usual Mercury retro rules apply – allow for extra travel time, double check communications, try to not initiate new activities and if you do, expect to have to re-do some of them after the retro is over. Mercury retrograde also brings up the past and in this case, it is heavily invested in ensuring that our past is truly over and done with.  It has far deeper overtones, however, much different than any retro I can remember and I’ll discuss it in this month’s Energy Mastery Call, on September 4, which you can sign up for here.

One more thing I must mention, as it impacts everyone in the world, is the US presidential election in November. As I have said here before, I am astonished that in a country of nearly 400 million people, the best we can do for presidential candidates is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But this is just proof of how manipulated, corrupt, and staged our electoral process has become, even in ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’. But don’t despair, this show is not over yet, we have some surprises coming up in October that may change the political scenery.

September is a new dawn and has lots of opportunities for transformation; however, dawn happens after the darkest part of the night and we have been through some dark nights indeed in the past few years. We can create change in any area of our lives and in the world by staying focused, intending our most powerful outcomes, and shining our lights brightly. We’re light beacons now, fully vested in our energetic sovereignty, and well grounded in our ascension path. But there is no ‘the’ ascension, it is a journey of individual steps, not a blast into a higher dimension in one giant leap of transformation. Those who are waiting for the spaceships to arrive and whisk them off the planet will continue be disappointed, as they have been for a while now.

We are the lights of the world, we are the divine ones, we are the hope for multi-dimensional being and living. The promise and potential of ascension lies within each one of us, it is time for that spark to become a bright light so we acknowledge our beauty, power, and purpose in this grand process of integrating heaven on earth. The veil is down, the blinders are off, and it is our turn to take center stage and bring this light home.  Have a wonderful month.



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