4 Things That Happen When You’re A Lightworker


The balance of the planet is intact because of the Lightworkers. The sole reason beyond their presence is to crave the path for everyone else to follow. Lightworkers carry with them the light that brightens this planet.

Lightworkers are supernatural entities and have special powers. They are entrusted with special responsibilities; to brighten and apprise the planet with the light they carry with themselves. Lightworkers can cure any form of disease using their special powers.

The task of a Lightworker is not that easy especially once they have arrived in this planet. They need to get into a profession either of a teacher or of a doctor and use their profession in order to fulfill the motive behind their presence.

However, the materialistic world is so complicated and full of disorders that many a times a Lightworker loses the motive and needs to fight back in order to generate the bright intensity within their soul.

The light within the Lightworkers is considered to be “off” when they find it hard to achieve their purpose and cannot illuminate the world around. The light is considered to be “on” when they are right on track in their mission. It is during this time that they set on the voyage of self-identification and understanding their purposes in order to cure the world of its sickness. Things become challenging when their light is “off” as they need motivation and way-outs in order to come out of their shadow of darkness.

It is not that all Lightworkers are entrusted with the same responsibility; each have their own purpose to fulfil. However, their sole intention is the same; to guide people of this world with light in times of darkness, to fill their souls of hatred and fear with love and kindness. It is the thought process of Lightworkers that by itself is so powerful that it is capable to heal the minds of people.

Lightworkers are very strongly built and their mind is as tough as their body. Their logical power is strong and so is their unconscious mind set. They do not always have to see things in order to understand what is happening; they can foresee. At times, people tend to realize the presence and purpose of Lightworkers when the latter help them to get over a struggling phase in life.

What happens when you are a Lightworker?

1. It becomes difficult for you to mingle with any particular type

You tend to get misapprehended by almost everyone. You always feel a sense of awkwardness about your presence, no matter wherever you go and whosoever you talk to. You feel like running away, far, very far from where you are. Whatever seems normal and part of life to everyone else is dull and seems out of context to a Lightworker. Lightworkers lose interest in the materialistic aspects of this physical world.

2.You can foresee things and relate to incidents you were never a part of

As Lightworkers, you seem to be easily moved by the darkness prevailing around you. You understand real emotions and your heart aches when you see something around you is not right. You feel like connecting to God, you feel like meditating.

All around you there is mostly negative energy and at times it become difficult for you to be in presence of too many people because that would mean too much of negative vibrations. You do not need people to express their body language or mindset in order for you to understand. So you break yourself free from such places in order to breathe an air of freshness and positivity.

3.People always rely on you and seek solutions of all their problems from you

Lightworkers tend to connect very quickly with emotions and cannot prevent themselves from getting involved with people in distress. This nature of them allows people to come and share their day to day problems with Lightworkers. People have a unnatural sense of trust in you and do not hesitate to share their secrets with you.

4.No crave for mortality

Lightoworkers, unlike common people are not afraid to die. Their mission required them to face many such incidents wherein they see death from the tip of their eyes; not once but many a time.

They know the longevity of a soul. They understand that life is not all about the period but the quality of existence.

Just keep in mind that if you see within yourself the above things, you are not the only one, there are others like you as well.

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