September 22 Will Bring a Major Energetic Shift With the Autumn Equinox

An Extraordinary And Ordinary Life


As you may know, there is an Equinox coming up on September 22nd. With this Equinox, we will be feeling quite different but it is nothing to be afraid of.

This Equinox will be the turning point of the year and marked when the Sun shifts into Libra. Libra, in case you didn’t know, is a sign that for the most part revolves around finding balance and learning to live in harmony with others. It is a sign that helps us to look at life from a more compassionate view. To sum it all up, this is a sign that encourages us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

As the Sun shifts into Libra on this Equinox, we will be experiencing a lot of new things. During this time there will be a huge shift in energy. While we are used to these shifts…

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