Emotions and feelings are the life writers

An Extraordinary And Ordinary Life

By Alessandro Carosi

Last week i went to Edinburgh in Scotland to meet someone i got to know over internet,it wasn’t the main reason to go cause i already wanted to go to Edinburgh before but meeting this person gave me one more reason,i spend friday and saturday and have been an interesting couple of days,first of all Edinburgh is stunning,i heard many time people saying how beautiful it is but i would never imagine what such a great city is,the castle that overlook the city from the top of the hill is amazing  the location and the design of the castle gives a dominant presence

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, cielo, nuvola e spazio all'aperto

walking down the medieval buildings makes you feel to being send back to the past,only the souvenir shops and tourists remind you that you living in the 2017 capitalistic system,even that fortunately doesn’t affect much the romantic atmosphere,keep walking down,the old buildings leaves space…

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