Peckham levels Peckham,London

By Alessandro Carosi

A good friend opened his second Vegan pizzeria in Peckham and last week i went to visit him,it was my first time in the area and it nicely surprised me,it has an atmosphere that is out of time and it feels like everything is compressed to optimize as much space as possible,i don’t know how the area looked like in the past but now is a cool,young environment where old disused buildings have been converted in art galleries,studios,bars,restaurants,i found it great to preserve those buildings and at the same time create something new instead to take them down and build something else ruining the unique personality of the area.

My friend’s Vegan pizzeria is inside a multi levels old car park named now Peckham levels that have been converted  in food court with restaurants,two bars,a hairdresser,yoga studio and art gallery,the project is to add more shops,offices and studios,one of the coolest things i seen so far in London,the idea to exploit an old car park in this way is amazing.

26731594_10155532867204775_1966182781717490613_n (1).jpg
My friend Vegan Pizzeria
One of the two bars
Sitting area
Some of the food stalls
Hairdresser and the Yoga studio
Art gallery

The night ended up in a bizarre way,when waiting for my friend to take the bus back home we noticed a little pug alone waiting at the bus stop,at first we thought the owner was inside the off licence buying something but after few minutes not seeing anyone coming out we went inside and asked if anybody owned the dog outside,apparently the owner completely drunk and probably high on drugs forgot the poor dog there,a bus arrived and the poor dog thinking the owner were inside tried to get in,poor dog,i took the leash and got him outside,i asked if they could keep him inside the off licence cause i didn’t live in the area but they wouldn’t so i decided to look after him waiting for the owner to come back and worst scenario i would take it to the nearest police station,fortunately 2 girls heard me saying that i didn’t live in the area and i would spend all night sorting out the problem offered to look after him,that was great,i thanked them and headed to the train station when i heard a woman shouting a name,i recognized the lady she was sitting next to us in Peckham levels and her friend or maybe her owned the dog,she was shouting the dog name,Napoleon,i called her and told i knew where the dog was but she was completely wasted,at first she ran to a couple holding a similar dog thinking was hers,i told her was the wrong dog but nothing to do so i had to shout to get her attention,at finally she got the right dog,i was worry to give her the dog back  but i thought Napoleon and her would be all right,at finally i could get back home.


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