PickyWops a Vegan pizzeria and succesfull business teaching people about respect for all living beings

By Alessandro Carosi

PickyWops isn’t just a great Vegan Pizzeria but is a perfect example of ethical business where the business is even a tool to spread awareness about a matter of considerable significance that is Veganism.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Two guys owns Pickywops,Cristiano and Andrea,they are really passionate about what they do and in what they believe,the success of their business is the right reward for the love they put in their daily work.

I’m vegetarian trying to become Vegan so i totally respect and agree with what the guys trying to do,things around the world is changing and the prove is of how many people changing their eating habits,eating more healthy and more and more quitting eating meat,animals can feel pain physically and emotionally,is time to understand that there is no reason to keep killing animals for food,we reached a point were we able to know what is good for our body and we reached a point to know that we can get the same energy eating differently and respectful for any living being.

PickyWops deserve the popularity is gaining because we need more business like this created not just for the sake of making money but with a meaningful purpose on helping and teaching people on how improve their lives in happier and more ethical way.

If you are interested about a good Vegan Pizza or you want to know more about Veganism you can find the guys in:


347 North End Road | Unit 7London SW6 1NN, England
+44 7552 085472
Peckham levels, unit 506, 95A Rye Ln, Peckham, London SE15 4ST
26731594_10155532867204775_1966182781717490613_n (1).jpg
Congratulations to the guys and their team for the successful business and i wish they gonna be able to convince more and more people to stop eating meat.



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