”Three Magic Words” a book that could change your life

By Alessandro Carosi

Few months ago through someone very special to me i had the chance to meet a fortuneteller from the United States that apparently is quite famous in America and in the past famous people contacted her to know about their future,i’m fascinated and interested about the spiritual part of our lives so i asked to meet her,it was an interesting encounter that left me with a lot of thoughts.

When fortunetellers tell about your future is information they gets from the Spirit world,among the many things the spirits told her there was the reading of two books

”30 day mental diet,the way to a better life” by Willis Kinnear


”Three Magic Words” by Uell S. Andersen

images (1).jpg


Today reading a chapter from ”Three Magic Words” i had this feeling of reading something really important and i felt compelled to share it

“This power is accessible to all men, and all of it is accessible to any man. It works for evil through hate and resentment and bitterness and coldness. It works for good only through love. Love recognizes that all things are accomplished through the many manifestations of God. Love sees that all things are . the One Thing that lies back of all creation. Love knows that your neighbor is yourself, that your enemy is yourself, that there is only one power behind all space and time and form. Love understands that God is sought by everyone, each working in his own way toward his own vision, and each sustaining the other through his discoveries. Love knows that each man advances all men. Love knows that the only activity worthy of man’s heirship of God is creation. Love fuses all beings and all life into a great common purpose: to share and contribute and advance along the common path toward God. God is love; love is life; we are love. He who denies love denies himself and destroys his part in the human drama.

All the evil Prompters of the Subconscious Mind are buried memories of love rejections and love frustrations. They form dams that prohibit the free flow of love through our consciousness; they engender bitterness and fear and hate as subconscious hostilities, and they bring evil into our world in opposition to that which we consciously desire.

Love or suffer; love or die; for the lack of love attracts evil, but the presence of love attracts good.


Humanity strives for love from the cradle to the grave. Every moment of every day, every task we undertake, every word we utter, every opinion we have, every pose we assume are all aimed at achieving the feeling of being loved”

I hope reading it gives you the same good feelings it gave to me.



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