An evening with the Spirits

By Alessandro Carosi

A friend i made recently that share my same interest about spirituality recommend me to visit this association called SAGB that is The Spiritualist Association Of Great Britain,she went there for one of their evening demonstrations about mediumship and she told me was quite impressed from what they told her,i got really curious and i decided that next demonstration i would go,they have it twice a week,every monday and wednesday.

I chose to go on monday,great way to start the week,i checked their website got the address and headed to Victoria where is located their association,i was surprise to find out it was inside an office building,i thought it would be inside a  house but they are actually a big association and they got a big space in one floor of the building,the place looked interesting and they are a school too to teach people to develop their psychic ability,they don’t do just mediumship but a lot more,everything can be founded in their detailed website.

I went to the room where we would have the demonstration early to be able to take my sit in the front thinking many people would come but actually at the end we were only around 9,the demonstration started with the lady in charge to channel the spirits making some jokes to make people at their ease,i had some expectations but if i have to be honest i got a bit disappointed,the lady would channel,if she actually could only the Grandparents of the people she was talking with,so i guess most of the people there that was all over 30 had at least one Grandparent that have died so it was quite easy to channel them,i don’t wanna say she was lying but it just sounded strange and felt like she didn’t really know what she was talking about,most of the people she talked to denied what she said the spirits were telling her,some others was surprise about what she said,so who knows at the end.

My turn arrived and at that point i was quite bored and not really interested about what she had to tell  but i was there and i had to interact with her,even with me obviously she had a Grandparent wanted to talk to me,it was my Grandfather from my father side,she explained  about his personality and body shape,i asked my mother later about what the medium said about him but she didn’t have the chance to meet him and my father died years ago so at the moment i don’t know if what she said is true,an other thing i found annoying was the fact she wanted me to talk to her that made me think that maybe based of what i could say or my voice sound she could pick something of my personality and  using it for make me believe about what she was saying she would channel,i wished she could finish quick i was feeling quite annoyed but about all the things she was saying something caught my attention,out of blue she said,your Grandfather is telling me you started writing recently,writing about your life ,what you write can help others,keep going like this,this really got me back,that was true,i started writing recently,i created a blog where i can write about my life,my travelling,my adventures,where to share other people stories,all for whoever gonna read it to have the chance to find ideas,directions,help about life,what she said was too detailed to just made up,it made me think that maybe she could channel something,not everything but something,maybe are the spirits to decide what she can channel and what not,if is true that we are all here in life to learn things then it make sense that the spirits will let us know only what could help us to grow spiritually but not everything cause we must to make the biggest effort,At the end of the demonstration i was wondering a lot about this,i will definitely go back but with a different medium,the association has  more mediums and they change every week.

If you are interested about it you can check their website

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