Canada Water

By Alessandro Carosi

I like to go to Canada Water it remind me about Venice a bit



the area is new but really well made with the canals running trough the houses and buildings and the River Thames close by


this time the reason to go was to meet a Japanese friend that lives in the area,she showed me some new parts of the suburb i didn’t see previously and didn’t even know existed,like the hill where you get a beautiful view of the city skyline


the nearby park


and the really cool modern Hawker house as a reminder to the ones in Asia,not a coincidence that Asians are the biggest community in this area


hawker centre or cooked food centre (Chinese小贩中心pinyinxiǎofàn zhōngxīn or Chinese熟食中心pinyinshúshí zhōngxīn) is an open-air complex in IndonesiaSingaporeMalaysiaHong Kong, and the Riau Islands housing many stalls that sell a variety of inexpensivefood. They are typically found in city centres, near public housing estates or transport hubs (such as bus interchanges or train stations).

Hawker centres were set up as a more sanitary option to street-side outdoor alfresco hawker dining places. Instead of mobile food hawker carts, permanent stalls in open air buildings are provided for the hawkers. Either common shared or stall dedicated tables and chairs are provided for customers. This concept has totally eliminated street hawkers in Singapore and reduced the numbers of street hawkers in major cities in South East Asia. This phenomenon is also helped by hawker licensing laws. However, it hinders new entrepreneurs with low capital from starting business, resulting in higher prices for established hawker centre stalls. However, hawker centres can provide a one-stop destination with a good variety of high quality, sanitary food at inexpensive prices for everyone.

I had a lovely day and after those new discoveries i’m looking forward to go back

About Canada Water

Canada Water is a freshwater lake and wildlife refuge in Rotherhithe in the Docklands in south-east LondonCanada Water tube, Overground and bus station is named after the lake, and lies immediately to the north, along with Canada Water Library which overhangs the lake and the new public space, Deal Porter Square,[1] while Surrey Quays Shopping Centre is also adjacent, sitting immediately to the south. The surrounding area, which forms the town centre of Rotherhithe, is now increasingly known as Canada Water, after the transport interchange as much as the lake itself.


The lake is named after the former Canada Dock, of which Canada Water is the surviving northern third, and which was mainly used by ships from Canada. As with much of the Docklands, the Surrey Commercial Docks closed in the 1970s. During the 1980s, the London Docklands Development Corporation took over, and invested heavily in the redevelopment of the area. About half of Canada Dock was infilled and the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre built on top of it; the remainder was converted into the present lake and wildlife refuge. An ornamental canal, Albion Channel, was created (through the site of the now filled-in Albion Dock) linking Canada Water to Surrey Water, with the spoil used to create Stave Hill in nearby Russia Dock Woodland.[2]

Following the earlier gentrification of the parts of Rotherhithe along the river, the extension[3] of the Jubilee line in 1999 moved the focus to the area immediately around Canada Water. The opening of the new Canada Water Underground station gave the area rapid connections to the rest of London, with Canary Wharf one stop, Westminster less than 10 minutes, and Bond Street around 15 minutes away by underground train. The station’s connection to the London Overground network in 2010 has added a quick connection to the City of London, with a journey of around 10 minutes to Shoreditch High Street station, near Liverpool Street Station.

Much of the area is now going through a phase of rapid development, with new residential developments, a new library which opened in November 2011,[4] cafés and restaurants planned around the lake, and plans to redevelop the shopping mall[5] in a first step towards creating a more traditional town centre. King’s College London is proposing to create a new campus at Canada Water, with construction of the first phase starting in 2014.[6]

Canada Water is the only body of fresh water in London Docklands. The lake is now kept topped up with fresh water using a windpump. This arrangement was put in place following research by the Landscape Architect Fraser Borwick, which revealed that ground water had historically been extracted to supply various industrial processes using wind power. After checking the borehole results of the Jubilee line construction team, it was established that large amounts of potable water were available, and a borehole 80 metres long was sunk into the ground. The borehole is lined for 60 metres, and the bottom 20 metres is into chalk. The investigation of how best to keep the lake topped up with fresh water was the result of some damage to the lining of the old dock during construction works in the 1980s. Another solution considered involved securing a water supply from the flooded tunnels of London Underground, but this was considered too risky.

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