Does ancient Egyptian artwork hide evidence of Alien contact?


Ancient Egypt has baffled experts for decades.

The long history of the land of the Pharaohs has attracted not only tourists from around the world but experts in different fields who have studied this mysterious ancient civilization exhaustively.

Despite the fact that we know much about the ancient Egyptians, there are many mysteries still waiting to be solved.

How did they build the Pyramids? What was the true purpose of the Pyramids? How on Earth were the ancient Egyptians able to transport supermassive blocks of stones without technologies such as the wheel (initially)?

How is it possible that their monuments are aligned? And why is it that there are ancient texts that tell us how the Egyptians had contact with supernatural beings?

This leads to another question brought forth by many authors and ancient astronaut theorists; Does ancient Egyptian artwork hide evidence of extraterrestrial contact?

According to many, the answer is YES!

Since archeology began to dust off the old treasures of the ancient Egyptian empire, the rumor that this culture established contact with an extraterrestrial civilization has not stopped spreading among Ancient Astronaut theory lovers.

Despite the fact that this hypothesis is continuously ruled out by science, there are many researchers who can’t help and see in many ancient Egyptian works of art evidence of a link with an interplanetary intelligence.

Numerous ufologists maintain that the pyramids of Giza were built with extraterrestrial technology, or that the acnient Egyptians were given such technology in order to build the pyramids.

In addition, there are many authors who have identified evidence of Alien contact in ancient Egyptian religion, and their multiple artistic representations.

But, are these binegs really supernatural entities that have come from the stars? If so, why haven’t we found verifiable pieces of evidence to support these theories?

Ancient Alien theorists point towards numerous paintings and carvings from ancient Egypt as evidence of alien contact.

For example, this image where we see Akhenaten and his family has been interpreted by some as conclusive evidence that ancient Egypt was ruled by beings not from Earth. To support this theory, they point to the strange elongated skull of Akhenaten and his family members and their almond-shaped eyes.

But what if it was just nautral deformation?

Furthermore, the carving of Akhenaten and his family also depicts a strange spherical object ‘hovering’ above them, shooting down rays of light.

This according to some theorists is a UFO. And while this may be a UFO, it’s probably just a depiction of the Aten; the disk of the sun in ancient Egyptian mythology, and originally an aspect of the god Ra. The deified Aten is the focus of the religion of Atenism established by Amenhotep IV, who later took the name Akhenaten.

Other depictions of ancient Egyptian God like Osiris is viewed by many as evidence of supernatural beings who came from ‘above’.

In most of ancient Egyptian symbolism, Osiris,  the god of the afterlife, the underworld, the dead, but more appropriately the god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration was depicted as a tall green-skinned being.

Another detail which may point to alien contact can allegedly be found in the Temple of Seti I.

There, inside the hypostyle hall of the temple of Seti I in Abydos, we find carved onto a slab, strange hieroglyphs that are said to clearly represent the figure of a helicopter, an airplane, a submarine and a kind of flying saucer or zeppelin.

Despite that many see flying machines in those hieroglyphs, mainstream scholars suggest these are not actual flying machines but the result of palimpsest. Experts argue that original glyphs which date back from the Reign of Seti I were “erased” and replaced by a new set of hieroglyphics carved during the reign of Ramses II which turned out to be these strange looking figures which according to researchers, accidentally resemble modern day machines.


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