Synchronicities and a book ”A return to love” of Marianne Williamson

By Alessandro Carosi

Last month and This month have been an interesting period of synchronicites, what happened has a reason and has a bigger picture I can’t explain it at the moment but I know its happening for a certain reason, I met people I haven’t seen for years that I knew from when living in other countries, I met a guy I played basketball against 20 years ago and remember me and then the most important synchronicity has been to get back in touch with someone really important to me, looking at it seems like doesn’t have any connections but I know it does its just that I can’t see it yet.

It started at the beginning of April, I was working at my cafe’ inside Fulham broadway station when I saw 2 Italians guys, normally when I recognize Italians I shout something funny or just pointing out they are Italians so that they might come to buy a coffee at my shop,most of the time they are impressed I can recognize them from just the looking but this time those guys surprised me, one of them after saw me told me, you are from San Benedetto del Tronto and played basketball in Ascoli, that was true but how he could know? bloody hell, he surprised me this time, I keep looking at him trying to figure out who the hell he is but I can’t so I asked him who he was cause I couldn’t remember we ever played together, he told me he played against me when I played in Ascoli,but how he could remember me just playing against me 4 times in 2 years and that was 20 years ago,that’s was impressive,he wasn’t over cause in his team he had few teammates from my hometown that he knew knows me,he shows me the pics and damn it they were 2 guys I played together in San Benedetto and used to play at the basketball playground all the time,that was amazing and I knew didn’t happen by coincidence, I offered them 2 coffee we had a nice chat and let them go.

I knew there was a reason for that meeting but I didn’t bother much to understand the why.

After a week waiting for a friend outside Tooting Station a guy heading to the trains kept staring at me, all of sudden he asked me, are you Toni’s brother? yes i was but I said nothing cause I was trying to figure out who he was, I pretended to be Polish and started to speak in English to figure out slowly who he was and then surprise him 🙂 I couldn’t recognize him so in Italian and laughing I told him that yes I was Toni’s brother and I tried to play a trick to him,we all laughed,he told me was Jacopo that worked with Toni in a Pizzeria in Auckland and sometime I went to the pizzeria when he was working and he came to my place with Toni sometimes for few drinks, at finally I figure out who he was,now he has a long bear Hipster style but at the time he was shaven, we talked for a while and then when my friend arrived we said goodbye and called my brother in Dubai that same, was really surprised about my encounter,so now it was 2 synchronicities in 2 weeks,it started to get interesting and began to think if I was attracting all of this with my renew calmness that slowly was getting back, maybe.

I forgot about the 2 synchronicities and few weeks passed by,it was sunday I was going to meet a friend for few drinks in the park,weather was just amazing, sunny and hot, on my way to the park I decided to walk from where my old cafe was, Shot Espresso, on my way I met some other friends I stopped for a chat, from the opposite side of the shop a girl with a really short and tight shirt, tight jeans and high heels drew my attention, well i think drawn every male attention except my friend that was with his girlfriend and couldn’t look otherwise he would get in trouble 🙂 when the girl got closer her face looked familiar until I realized who she was,Ella the teenager I worked with at Crema21 in Auckland that now is 25,she recognized me too, surprised and really drunk began to shout my name incredulously to see me there, obviously my reaction got used to this kind of synchronicity was really calm that made her even more amazed,my reaction was like it was something normal, if she only knew how many times things like this happened to me in all those years,we talked about us,she moved to Melbourne few months after I left New Zealand to come to England and then after 5 years in Australia she moved to England and lived in Eastbourne for 1 year, the other synchronicity is that I have been thinking to visit Eastbourne for a long time,she just moved in Fulham 2 weeks ago,we hugged and I left sure to meet her again at some point,she was really drunk so I don’t know if she will remember what happened 🙂 I guess she will she wasn’t that bad.

Something its happening I can feel it, when those synchronicities become more and more I know that something good is on the way,have been always like this,when I have some sort of inner peace and when my life get closer to what I want or it will change in better those big synchronicities begin to show up but how my life is changing? I must to have patience slowly things will unfold in front of me.

This week i have been thinking a lot about what happened and trying to see the connections, the only connection is the 2 people from New Zealand but then the first one with the guy from Ascoli which connection has with the others? I’m sure there is, maybe its only the Universe/God letting me know that things will get better, let’s see I’m really excited.

Two days ago and last at the moment i had an other synchronicity that made me really happy, I got back in touch with someone I care so much and so important for me,every now and then i think about this person and sometime is so strong that I can’t stop thinking about,few days before we got back in touch I was thinking about her a lot, I couldn’t push away the thoughts and memories,one night was kind of a struggle to be able to stop thinking about her,when at finally i could and ready to go to sleep checking facebook on my phone the last thing I remember was to read about Marianne williamson thinking that one day I would get more information about this character, the day after I get a message on whatsapp, when checking who it was an unexpected surprise, was her the woman I couldn’t stop thinking about in the last few days, I replied and told how happy I was she contacted me again and told her that lately I couldn’t stop thinking about the time we had spent together,she told me was the same for her in the last week,she said the reason why she contacted me was to cause a book she read that talks about love, our intuitions and let God guide us so she decided to follow her intuition and just let God guide her, I asked which book was, guess what?………… The book is ”A return to love” of …………..Marianne Williamson, i really needed to see her,i knew i made a choice that i shouldn’t have met her again but all of this was too much and needed to figure out what was going on,i told her if we could go for a walk by the river and i’m glad she accepted,we went to hampton court and had a lovely afternoon walking in the beautiful Surrey countryside with the river to calm our souls,we talked all day,we had dinner and she gave me the book that now i can’t wait to read,i feel like it might contain some really important information for me and now after all the synchronicities i had in the last month and in this one i really need to understand what is going on and take fully charge of my life, i feel something wonderful is coming along i only need to have the patience to see what will be, at the moment i’m really grateful for all the interesting synchronicities i had that is making my life so exciting and i’m so grateful i got the chance to meet again this woman so important to me.


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