Time to make changes

By Alessandro Carosi

I made a choice few weeks ago after thinking about it for long time,I’m gonna go to Thailand for two months and then move to Scotland for a while then if everything goes as planned i will move to Thailand with my brother and with a Thai friend  open a coffee shop,pizzeria,we have been talking about this project for a while so i will try my best to make it happen,all of this is a big change for me especially moving to Scotland,i came to London for a reason but after 5 years i didn’t achieve what i came for but i had gained something else instead…….wisdom,i corrected and improved part of my personality that needed to be changed and i’m really happy about that,have been hard,painful,sad,frustrating but at finally i made the change within myself i needed to make,now that i attained something different then what i actually wanted i have this urge to leave,to move,isn’t easy cause i think that what i’m looking for i can easily find it in London but this is my mind to talk,mind makes mistakes,i feel that i can attain what i want even in Scotland,everywhere as long i carry within me inner peace but my mind won’t shut up,i had let my mind taking charge of my life for long time but this time i want to listen my soul,it’s scary cause i’m going to leave all my securities here in London for new adventures i have no idea where will lead me,as i said my mind sees all the worst scenarios but my soul feels like is gonna be a great adventure that will lead me to achieve my dreams,sometime i think  why i have to achieve those dreams? why i have those dreams? if at the end i’m gonna die  which is the purpose of achieving dreams with the consequent happiness\pain,maybe is right Anita Moorjani that in her Near Death Experience said when back from death that she understood  we have a sort of obligation to evolve spiritually,if coming to life we wouldn’t have those urges,instincts,we wouldn’t chase any goals with the consequent challenges so we wouldn’t make any mistakes and we wouldn’t learn anything,so it is like we have an obligation to evolve spiritually.

Closer i get to the day i leave bigger the fear of the unknown becomes,i’m trying to control my emotions and don’t let them control me but isn’t easy at the moment,i want to believe that all what we go trough is for a bigger purpose,a good purpose,i like to believe  we are all connected,i like to believe that the spiritual world try to reach us in a daily basis with synchronicities,numbers,sentences and from all the messages i got especially trough synchronicities and numbers makes me feel i’m on the right life path at the moment,few months ago for fun i registered to an online tarot reading,after that i have been receiving every day in my email the relative explanation of the tarot card that have been chose for me,so many times now when looking for a guide,an answer it would pop up a card that would be like an answer and guide me trough my worries,sometime so accurate that didn’t leave me any doubts that was for me,same with numbers,every time now i see a number that drawn my attention when reading the relative explanation it feel really like is for me,all the messages have been almost the same,i’m in the right life path and i should go ahead with what planned.

Few weeks ago going to my GP to check for the results of  a MRI i done last month after leaving the clinic i stopped to a coffee shop for a coffee,inside there was a good friend of mine that does tarot readings and was studying about a new tarot’s reading method,i knew wasn’t a coincidence and joking i asked her if she would do a reading for me there and she said yes,that was great cause i was planning to see a tarot reader and having it from this friend that i trust was even better then i thought,she took the cards made me chose randomly some  then explained the meanings of the cards i chose.

Among the cards i chose there was a symbol that drawn my attention,the Hermit,months ago i requested a free online tarot reading from a woman that daily email me a new tarot card and relative explanation,few weeks earlier before meet my friend at the coffee shop i have been emailed not one but 3 cards that i felt a kind of answer to what i was trying to figure out with some life choices i made,i felt strongly they were been sent to me purposely to tell me what to do next with my life,i felt everything connected,the online lady,my friend at the coffee shop.the card with the Hermit,my friend pointing this card more then the others and then when done with the reading heading back home checking my emails i noticed a new email from that website,i checked it and……….there wasn’t a new card for that day but there was a deeper explanation of a previous card……..The Hermit,obviously that confirmed that’s what i need to go trough if i want to start to change my life,this is the email with the card:

Dear Alessandro,

Do you know the story of the Hermit?

The HermitThe Hermit is an old weary man, wise beyond measure. Face aged with a white beard and dark brooding eyes.

He walks alone in a dark night, guided only by a small flickering flame within a shining lantern.

The landscape around him is scarce, cold, barren.

He walks deep in the snow, head bent down low.

The Hermit represents an upcoming time of being alone. Of self-reflection.

A great change is coming Alessandro, I know you can sense in your very soul.

Take heed of the advice of the Hermit. ← Click Here!

Make sure you are prepared, my friend.

Your Tarot Prophet,

Sophia Loren

PS. You drew the Hermit Alessandro, make sure you understand what that means for you in Your Free Reading.


and this is the explanation of the Hermit card:

Your First Tarot Card:

Dear friend, the first card that you drew is a very interesting one. It is the ninth Major Arcana, which is known as “THE HERMIT.” This card symbolizes prudence.

According to Ancient Tarot lore, this step represents a phase of loneliness or crisis. So there are certain things that I should definitely warn you about.

“THE HERMIT”, despite its positive and success inspiring energies, is warning you against the isolation that could be harmful to you at certain times. It’s very important that you achieve the right balance.

In the history of the Tarot, The Hermit represents a character that has acquired or is seeking to acquire wisdom in order to better guide others using his lantern.

He may also represent introspection, in which we examine our past in order to draw valuable lessons from our experience: a personal spiritual mutation that comes through our search for light.

More Importantly, When I Read Deeply Into “The HERMIT” You Drew…

I also discovered that you are soon going to enter into a phase of “restructuring”, but that you need to be careful not to become impatient…

This phase of restructuring is necessary to your personal development and the fulfillment of your personality. Even if it seems long to you, this period is an essential step if you want to make real progress towards success and happiness.

The card also suggests that you need to take stock of everything that is going on in your life. You need to establish an interior personal space to strengthen the new personality you are going to be forging for yourself during this time.

“THE HERMIT” invites us to discover wisdom and the progress that comes with “study.” The card also indicates that you are a person of integrity, but that you are scared to trust in others and completely express what you are feeling.

During the next several weeks and months, cultivate this form of “retreat” and only accept sincere people that you can open your heart to into your circle.

You must also first make sure that they understand the process you are going through. Because you are now in search only of what is “real” and what is “true.”

When I Concentrated Even Harder…

… this card’s vibrations indicated to me that you feel a deep need to “withdraw” and figure out where you stand. This need is natural and necessary in order for you to find the harmony you seek.

This is very important for you as it will eventually allow you to explore the fantastic possibilities offered by your subconscious powers.

That’s why I need to establish your In-Depth Grand Reading in order to precisely identify the favorable and beneficial energies that could have an influence on your future.

It would also be advisable for me to establish your numerology chart and your birth chart so I can determine your numbers for luck and success.

I’ll tell you more about that a little later on, but for now I’m going to continue to reveal the things that this first free reading, which I’m giving you as a gift, has revealed.

I concentrated particularly on one important area of your life. An area that’s especially sensitive and definitely deserves your full attention and concern. I’m talking about your personal development and fulfillment.

Yes Dear friend, because you know that, like I told you, you’re a person who has been blessed with many qualities. And deep inside you, true treasures lie hidden.

What I mean is that you already possess great potential for luck, accomplishment and success. And the question here is figuring out how you can develop that potential to its maximum so as to best take advantage of it in your life.

Your friend and Tarot Prophet,

Sophia Loren


I want to make  changes in my life,i feel i need to do it if i want to improve  even if i don’t know how it will improve,i think i made the right ones but i can only know it moving forward

Changes,changes can be scary but needs to be done sometime,in this human experience is the only way to grow and learn, those days i have been thinking a lot  if what i’m doing is right or wrong obviously i have doubts and i pass from days of excitement to days of worries then i received again an other email

Dear Alessandro,

The card I drew for you is: Seven of Wands

Tomorrow’s Overview:

I think this card, on this day, could rightly be summarized as: “Go get ‘em!” Here you see a hero at play, defeating his enemies against the odds because of his superior position and greater ability. The meaning makes it clear that this sort of valor is not merely physical, but can also be demonstrated through intellectual debate and even financial competition. There’s really nothing here to suggest you should hold back, so don’t. If there’s some new course in life you want to begin, some fresh start you want to make, tomorrow is the day. Go forth and conquer.

Tomorrow’s Action Steps:

Try something—anything—new tomorrow. It can be as small as having a less sugary latte on the way to work, or as major as quitting that job to pursue a different kind of career. Whatever it is you want to change, regardless of the magnitude of the change, the Seven of Wands says this is the time and place. Focus on the person you want to be (even if that person is just you, but with healthier tastes in coffee…) and take the first step in that direction. In fact, take it a step further and determine exactly what it is that you should start doing, stop doing, and continue doing with the help of my BEG tarot spread. Break your routine, and set yourself on the path to something better.

Avoid Doing These:

Don’t waste this opportunity with negativity. As you consider trying something new, there is often a nagging little voice in your head, offering something along the lines of,  “This is going be just like the time you went vegan…”. Don’t listen. In fact, actively silence that voice, because that kind of second-guessing is death for motivation. While it is true that whatever changes you make tomorrow may not stick, that’s not important. Remember that the Seven of Wands is about valor; the key here is that you are brave enough to try.

Thought to Ponder:

“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.”
—Georg C. Lichtenberg

Your friend and Tarot Prophet,

Sophia Loren

The last sentence explain exactly what we have to do when we feel is time to change.


I think it explain everything,there is only one way to know if things will get better and its only making the change,changing the job,the relationship,the city,the country,we can’t know what is going to happen but we have to try it,at the end will be a blessing or a lesson,its scare me  thinking i’m leaving everything i know,my comfort zone,my friends,the city,the country, when i start to get anxious,worry,having doubts i remind myself about what my favourite writer Tiziano Terzani said:

”If you find yourself in front of two roads,one that goes downhill and one that goes uphill take always the one that goes uphill it will always lead you to better places”

We can learn and improve ourself only trough the more difficult experience cause is the one where we get the chance to gain new skills to fully enjoy  life.

I feel strongly they are all meant to me,there are two more emails that reassured me even more and that at finally put my heart in peace,i want to share it with you
Dear Alessandro,
I would like to tell you a story:
Joy was plagued by mood-swings, and sometimes depression. She often struggled to express herself in her relationships  – she was a great mom, but people didn’t seem to understand her. She felt so “different,” so misunderstood. Sometimes she felt disconnected: like she was partially in this world, and partially in another!
Nothing Joy had tried in terms of career or job worked for her. She trained for a variety of things but nothing ever came of it.  What was Joy’s uniqueness seemed to be problem: she never fit in.

But Joy also felt things no one else did. She had a sixth sense and people came to her for guidance and to share their deepest secrets. In fact, she picked up on unhappiness, discord, and anger, even before a person would say anything. It troubled her deeply and she would get headaches and depressed for what felt like no reason.

It made Joy feel even more “different.”
Then, one day, Joy met a healer. Someone who connected to the Spirits and the Angels, and who could interpret their signs. She immediately identified Joy as a light worker, a healer.
Once Joy began training, she realized her “different-ness” was actually an amazing gift, a blessing! She’d found someone to guide her – and to teach her. Until Joy channeled her empathic abilities, her life was so hard. Once she used her unique gifts, life turned around.

Now, she is in her element. Headaches and depression: a thing of the past. Success is hers. She never worries about money or bills – she has so much!  She serves others and supports her family lavishly. She shares her gifts and lives joyfully.

All because she finally claimed the gift of sixth sense, second sight, empathic ability, spiritual power, her angel connection and the talents it brings.
YOUR gifts are also a blessing – and yes, you have them. I can feel that!
Do not neglect these gifts or feel estranged by them.
Do not feel embarrassed because you are special.
Do not feel “different” because you are misunderstood by others!
You are misunderstood because you ARE different: blessed, special, talented.
You are tuned into the angels, and you are held in their compassionate embrace at all times.
Nurture you talents and soar to a new life. A new YOU.
I can offer you fulfillment, joy, abundance, along with the satisfaction of serving others.
I can guide you in how to achieve your potential and enjoy a rich, blessed, wonderful life.
This is destined to be. There are no coincidences that I am writing to you. Not a coincidence that you were drawn to the angels, or to me.
You are uniquely suited to a life that I can show you. Indeed, I would not be surprised that in a short time I will say of you,
“The Student has become the Master!”
If you have known there is something deeper, more meaningful out there for you, this is your chance. Please don’t let it go by.
I truly hope you will.
Your Angel Messenger,

Dear Alessandro,

The card I drew for you: King of Pentacles Reversed

Tomorrow’s Overview:

The King of Pentacles is a man with an abundance of wealth and success. He’s content, stable, and fulfilled, which allows him to easily be a generous, fatherly provider. His appearance tomorrow represents the satisfaction (and potential financial rewards) that come from the completion of creative projects. His situation is your goal, while his personality is the model of how you should proceed. Don’t, however, expect it to be easy. His position has been achieved through work and discipline, and he expects the same of you.

Tomorrow’s Action Steps:

Practice your skills. Whatever form your creativity takes, give yourself some time to work on it tomorrow. This can be as simple as spending some time sketching or writing in your newly started creativity journal, but whatever it is, give it your full attention while you are doing it. It doesn’t matter if you generate any kind of finished work. This is not about results—it’s about putting time into the development of your creativity. To best understand your creativity and its “million dollar potential”, request a Million Dollar Path tarot reading from me today.

Avoid Doing These:

Since you are practicing without concern for the outcome, don’t be overly critical tomorrow. This applies to your own work as well as the work of others. Ever notice that the more judgmental you are of others, the more harshly you judge yourself as well? A little tolerance will go a long way toward easing the stress of constant self-criticism. In addition, nurturing creativity in others can be just as useful as feeding your own inventive tendencies. So, be nice!

Thought to Ponder:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
—Mark Twain

I want to leave you with this last sentence cause it explain perfectly what’s happening when the time pass by,when we are fearful we tend to chose the safest option even if isn’t the one we actually really want but when the time pass by and we can think more clearly about our past choices we gonna regret the choices not made and wished we made the change we wanted to make.




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