My Grandma was a Healer

By Alessandro Carosi

My Grandmother was a healer, she had a gift I didn’t understand when a kid but now adult and interested in spirituality I begin to comprehend which gift she had.

When I was kid I remember people coming to my house to see my grandma,apparently she could understand from touching the part of the body in pain which kind of problem the person had and could advise them the right medical approach for it, sometimes she would pull the person arms or fingers depending on where the pain was and it would diminish or disappear, I was little I had no idea what was going on, I didn’t even question if what she was doing was normal or not,it was how it was and that’s it,the interesting thing was she couldn’t read or write cause she didn’t go to school,her family was really poor so since very young she helped her family working on their farm,how she could know what people problem was from just  touching without having a medical knowledge?  people would trust her and sometimes leave some money I don’t remember how frequent they would come but I remember to see often strangers coming home to seeing her,my Grandma was my father’s mother but Dad died when I was 10 years old so recently I asked Mum if she knew how she developed her healer gift, Mum said she always refused to tell people, only one person knew and was one of her sisters that unfortunately died a few years ago so I don’t have anyone that can tell me about her secret.

She was well known in town and not only for the mentioned ability,she could clean your body from bad energies too, in my hometown  called ”togliere l’invidia” translated ”remove the envy” some people  believe that when someone is jealous of you send bad energy that after a while will weaken your energy making you sick, getting bad luck and other problems, basically she would do what in spirituality is called chakra cleansing.

She done it to me many times, when Mum thought I accumulated too much ”invidia” ”bad energy” she would send me to my Grandma that normally in her kitchen at the ground floor would clean my energy, I always liked the ritual,she would make me seat in the middle of the kitchen then she would take a soup plate that  would fill up with water,the tool she would use to cleansing the energy was an oil lamp but kind of the genie’s lamp from Aladin, before to start she would say something a sort of pray but I can’t remember what and then meanwhile cleansing my energy she would say other things but always in a low voice,even that I can’t remember at the time I didn’t take too seriously what she was doing so i never paid attention to what she would say,what I can remember is that was a pleasant ritual,she would move the lamp all around me touching my shoulders, my head,it was a relaxing feeling,then after few minutes she would stop,she would dip a finger in the oil  inside the lamp and then let a drop fall inside the plate with water, if the oil would expand  my energy was still bad so she would repeat the ritual until the oil wouldn’t expand anymore.

I wish my grandma was alive to ask about her healing gifts especially after what happened to me one night of five years ago, I’m gonna talk about this another time but what I experienced five years ago made me think I might have a healing gift too but how can I express it? its time to figure it out,the choices i made might give me the answers,i like to believe that my Grandma is always around me with my Father looking after me and directing me to the right life path,when i was kid after my Father died i could constantly feel a presence behind me,all the time,i believe was Dad,few months ago walking by the river Thames i thought a lot who could be my Guardian Angel,i thought might be my Father and  imagined that all of sudden his soul would show up in front of me  telling me that he is looking after me but instead something odd happened the day after,i was at work and someone send me a message on whatsapp,it was my Auntie that out of blue send me a picture of my Father photo on his grave at the cemetery,i can’t remember what she wrote to me to explain that but i’m quite sure that was my Dad way to answer to my questions,he is my Guardian Angel and i think my Grandma keep an eye on me too.

I hope to know more about my Grandma in the future and  to help  other people like she did.

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