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Experience Description 12/29/16

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Experience Description:

The morning was rolling by without any major mishaps, but, the thermals (winds) were getting closer and the air was becoming more and more turbulent. Dennis and I had taken a couple more halfway decent flights that lasted a couple minutes each. We traveled up the mountain much easier for these beings. I drove us up in my car to three-quarters for the second, and Dennis drove us up to the same for the third. The sun was at 11 o’clock by this time, and the mountain was covered with flyers and four-wheel-drive vehicles to ride up on. When we’d fly down from one run to the top, we would break down our wings and catch another ride up as quickly as possible.

When the sun had reached 12 o’clock high, the Thermals (winds) were upon us, and they were very strong! Dennis and I were the only ones set up on top this time and we were watching the Thermals walk through. They were coming right at the mountain’s northeast face and were moving right on and over us.

The air was shifting in a constant pattern. First, there was the mellow breeze that had been blowing all morning, and then suddenly there would be a calm, a lull in the air that was immediately followed by a huge gust of upward moving wind. One pilot earlier didn’t have the nose of his kite held down when one of these gusts came through and it picked up his wing and hurled it across the flats on the mountain’s top, breaking it badly in several places. He then packed its remains into the back of a truck and drove it down to the mountains base. My kite was set up next to Dennis’ and we were both ready. I don’t think that either one of us had flown any thermals that were this strong; I knew for a fact that I hadn’t. The power in these gusts made me hesitant, and the thought crossed my mind to tear down and find a pick-up truck to get back to the bottom. But just then, I saw the clouds separate and form a very circular opening that was letting a large beam of moving light reach the ground. This column of light was coming directly towards the bowl where I was set up, and at that moment, I felt it call to me. Here I am; I’m what you’ve been waiting for.

The puffs of cumulus clouds were directly overhead about 700 feet, and the light beam was nearing the mountains base. ‘Wow,’ I said to myself as I hooked into the kite, and felt my adrenaline start to pump hard as I picked it up. ‘I’m going for it!’ I shouted over to Dennis, as I stood there balancing my wing into the wind.

My heart was pounding loudly in my ears as I took the two steps for balance and began to run. The wind was only the mild breeze and I became airborne after a few quick steps. The beam of light was dead ahead about fifty feet, and I was gliding my way towards it when a wave of lift kicked me off to the right. I corrected, and proceeded forward when I felt the lull before the storm. Suddenly, the control bar came up into my chest with great force behind it and the nose of my kite went way up, putting me in a terrible Left wing stall. I was then thrust up and backwards as I entered this beam of light. It was as if a giant hand had grabbed the kingpost on the top of my craft and was throwing me up and backwards through the air, RIGHT BACK AT THE MOUNTAIN!

‘Oh God!’ I cried, ‘I’ve stalled my ship badly! I’ve got to bring the nose down to be able to penetrate this blast!’ When the control bar pulled up into my chest from the kite’s motion up and my motion down, I had bent the bar’s triangular shape into a teardrop shape with my ribs. My blood and adrenaline pumped through my veins harder than it ever had before, and this was looking like it was going to be all she wrote for me. This was turning into the flight I never wanted to happen fast! What had I gotten myself into? I had no control over my airship, and I was moving very fast heading directly at the mountain! ‘Gonna be me that hits first!’

My internal system was booming at even a faster rate, and the experience was beginning to slow down in front of my eyes, because my mind was moving much faster than my body. I was seeing things frame-by-frame. This accelerated the momentum of my energies and brought on a new perspective that caught me off guard. My consciousness reflected from inside my body, to about 30 yards outside of it, where all was peaceful and quiet as I watched myself in the hang-glider trying to correct my situation, then back into my body still heading towards the mountain!

‘Wow, what’s happening to me?’ I did not know. It felt as if I had rushed myself with adrenaline too hard and had pushed myself out of my body. There was nothing I could do now but prepare to hit the mountain, my kite was not responding to my efforts, PREPARE FOR IMPACT! I put my legs down and raised my head in hopes that it wouldn’t hit the ground first, then, BABOOM! There was the most incredibly explosive sound and feeling initiated my ears and body.

I felt my left leg explode and tear away at mid shin, along with my right leg completely break apart at mid-thigh, bone separated and jamming down, while my back snapped in two places. Thunderous sounds of disaster filled my life as I implanted myself into the rock and dirt of Green Mountain.

Lying there a mere 20 feet or so from the mountains top, I was motionless from impact and injury. My mind faded in and out of consciousness, and the reality of what had just happened was strongly upon me. As I looked through the mesh of wires, broken tubing, torn Dacron, and blood, I saw Dennis, and he only had to look at me once, and ran to the ridges edge waving his arms and hands frantically to the people below to get me an ambulance, QUICK!

I had crashed very close to where Dennis was set up; in fact, the thermal had nearly tossed me into him and his kite. Just a few feet higher and it would have blown me clear over the mountain! ‘RATS,’ I said as I looked up at my busted kite, ‘I broke my wings!’ I somewhat chuckled about it, One of my gloves fell off, and I couldn’t even move to pick it up, and then my body passed out, and I passed out of my body.


Then, there I was again, outside of my body and didn’t feel anything pulling me back this time. The transition was immediate. Everything became electric. Like transforming from Analog to Digital and bursting with incredible intensities of light, colors, and feelings of joyous reunion. All was alive and highly conscious. It was as if I had just woken from a very long uncomfortable dream. I felt very strong, very complete, and much more conscious than I had ever felt before.

The first audio I heard was a chorus multitude of sounds welcoming me Home. Everything in front, through, and around me was now made of energy. Every individual thing glowed with life. Every individual thing appeared to contain its own sound, colors, and tempo, and vibrated at different frequencies. All of these sounds mixed together into a symphony of song. The colors were of hues I was not familiar with. The intensity of the energies that abounded everywhere were immaculate and extremely powerful. I looked at myself to see what I was now and saw that I had retained my human form, but it too was composed of energy, sounds, colors, and tempo, and was luminous like everything else.

I breathed its element and was its substance. There is a song already being sung and we are all individual notes within this limitless ballad of the Universe. I felt much more alive than I had ever felt before. I had never been this conscious of my senses and being. Oddly enough, this new essence was starting to look familiar to me.

Greetings! The sky lingered as I floated above the crash scene. My mind was amazed and astounded at this new perspective of everything I could see and feel. I had never felt this good before. No fear, No pain, No underlying negative emotions. It was a glorious state of being I was now confronting. Humbled by the pure magnificence of the sight before me and in an ecstasy to still be alive, and secure from the loving embrace this plane held me in, I felt something pulling me upwards, away from the mountain and into the clouds to the outskirts of our atmosphere and into outer space. There it stopped. I wasn’t far outside of the Earth, but I could see all of it. I said my goodbye, and thanked her, for all she had shown me, be it good or bad, and my family, who’d helped and loved me all my life; all had been indeed, a wonderful learning experience. I then turned my gaze to the deep and wondrous frontiers that lie within the body of outer space.

I noticed waves of colored enlightening bands of energy were being dispersed at regular intervals from what sounded like a huge universal heartbeat, may have been the Milky Way’s heart. Their source was unknown to me and they were joyous to pass through. Bringing impulses of rebirth and new age. Element one. Distant calls of happiness spoke like old friends. This immense space where all is suspended has body to it, substance like that of a fluid. Like a gigantic ocean carrying everything with it faster than the motion of a raging river. Never before on Earth had I seen the stars and planets look like this. I found I could move on my own by merely wanting to. I found I could also move as fast as I could think. The universe is so big; it took some time to get anywhere, but soon, stars and planets were moving to and past me. I saw a planet to my left that had no glow or other characteristics the others had, so I slowed my speed to take a better look at this one.

Far off behind it I noticed a large round life form rocketing through space much faster than I had traveled, and was heading directly at this void planet. With a burst of light and sound the life force entered this planet and remained there. The planet now glowed and had its own colors, sounds, and tempo, and was greeting its surroundings.

I felt its greetings touch me, and I was a long way away. What had I just witnessed? Then it came to me. Had I just seen the spiritual birth of a planet? Do planets and stars have the same correlation to each other as humans do? I could see that they also contain the two sexes, male and female; the one I had just seen its birth was male. My aura grew a little when I understood this. I felt that much stronger.

Now, I wanted to see what effect this would have on how fast I could go. Faster, faster, faster I went until an orange-red planet moved right into my line of fire. ‘Curious,’ I thought. I hadn’t deliberately changed my course, or even felt that I had tried to do so. Something else must have. I greeted it, knowing now it was a life force of a much grander scale, and waited for its reply as I began decelerating in my approach to it. ‘Welcome,’ it called back to me; I smiled in spirit and dove into its outer celestial body.

The energies of this planet were strong and joyful, and it did have a very thin orange atmosphere that held a few beautifully strange white cloud formations. The topography of its surface was barren, but it did show signs of rivers in its past, though they were presently dry etches in its soil.

I felt a communication coming to me, and it was coming from the surface of this planet. I searched the grounds and saw two human life forms waving up to me. I was very surprised that I could even see them, because I was still quite high in the atmosphere. When I focused on them, a very telescopic sensation happened. I gladly descended and the closer I came the more I could see that these two beings, male in gender, were far, far ahead and beyond me in their evolution. Wisdom and knowledge shined powerfully around each of them, and the beauty and perfection in their forms was incredible to behold. Again, I felt like an infant, but there was something about these two that looked surprisingly familiar; I wasn’t sure why. I wanted to bow down at their feet on my hands and knees when I came along next to them, but they wouldn’t let me. So I stood, hovering in front of them, and was very honored that they were communicating with me.

The being on my right spoke to me first. He told me that, ‘In one span of time, the two of us had incarnated into two of your offspring back on Earth, and were once your sons.’ My energies started to crackle when I heard this. So this is why they looked familiar. They both smiled with my new enlightenment of who they were. I looked deeply at them.

They must have been a thousand light years ahead of me. Echoes of the past rang deep within my spirit. Many had the essence of Earth to them, and surprisingly many others previous to Earth’s existence. I turned my focus back to the being on my right and was absorbed in his eyes.

‘To incarnate, or to take on the texture of any given planet, is a Universal process of growth for all spirits. It is indeed a challenge to do so, because, it’s not easy to make what your spirit wants to happen, happen. The reason being is to manifest your spiritual thoughts, love and ideas into physical matter. It is this creation process that is where spiritual growth on your part is obtained.

Spirit is within a realm that moves much faster than the physical plane, and is set to a much higher frequency, vibration, and is of much higher fidelity. Understand that the physical plane is composed of spirit too, all things are, but it is within a much slower spectrum. It cannot achieve the powers of higher levels on its own. It needs the help of spiritual bodies incarnating into it, and raising their conscious levels together. It is a beneficial experience for both’.

‘Merging your higher plane of self, your eternal self, with this lower plane of being is totally up to you. You will experience, and have experienced with this merger, things you must overcome, because these things will get in your way as you try to ascend. Things like pain, fear, greed, grief, anger, lust, and other negative charges from past and present lifetimes are obstacles all of us must overcome to get beyond them.

The more of these negative charges you conquer the less you have to carry with you into other lives. The positive charges you create will nurture and lift you towards higher realms of strength, and manifestations become easier for you wherever you may be.

The opportunities with incarnations are immense. Once your spiritual consciousness is stronger than your physical mind and brain functions, new worlds are waiting and will open for you to explore. This is true for everyone.’

I was listening with every inch of myself as he communicated. ‘Making your spiritual thoughts and love manifest through the physical plane is quite a dynamic exercise, but that is what incarnations are all about, spiritual exercise. All things are interconnected.

While you are transcending your spiritual plane, you are also transcending your physical plane of being too. The spiritual and physical planes need each other and work together in the positive ascension of both, and this affects everything in the entire mass of eternity.

You see, whatever you do will have an immediate effect on your surrounding spiritual tissues and on beings close to you, and will eventually have affected all things everywhere. Like dropping a stone into a pond, the ripples will travel the entire length and width, from edge to edge and from end to end. If you are creating positive energy, defined as love, you are helping the God-Factor-Creation in completing a universal circuit. Powerful energy flow to and through you, and everything will grow a bit more in a positive loving strength. If you are creating negative charges, you are hindering yourself and the progress of all things by creating a short in the circuitry of universal flow.

Every thought you think is a thing you have created, and it is alive. You are continuously thinking and your thoughts are released into the Cosmos. If you are not aware of the charges you release with your thoughts, you do not know what charges you are attracting into your life. The universe contains every energy charge imaginable and will return the charges you release, back to you. It is a process similar to breathing. What you release is what you attract.’

‘Be aware that you have magnitudes and polarities with in your make-up. These properties strongly influence your life and what may happen to you. Magnitudes correlate with your interests and your reasons to be, and fluctuate as you change your mind. They deal with your inner drives and concentration abilities. Your polarities govern your spiritual balance. It is extremely important for all things to be conscious of their spirit, its abilities, and its properties. After all, it is every thing’s reason to be. Its root composition is love. Its reason is to create and grow with the knowledge and strength that love contains. With it, an infinite amount of doors can be opened and vaster horizons conceived. Love, is the charge to reach higher realms of being with. Without it, no ascension will take place in your spirit. You alone set your own destiny.’ ‘Remember, you are the captain of your ship. Everything you do is up to you, and you are responsible for it. If you are not watching, or not aware of the coordinates you are plotting into your master controls, who do you have to blame for whatever space, situation, or circumstance you may attract and end up with? You are the one who is responsible for it! Understand that the way to control what may happen to you involves several things.

Thinking is a birth-right all things have, but not everything uses. Think about what you’re doing before you do it. Know that you are a life force and have the powers of being one. These are many faceted, and rooted in the God-Factor. Monitor the charges you are releasing in your thoughts, reactions, and dreams, because this is the energy you are attracting into your life, destination, and being. This sets your compass and velocity also.

At any given moment thoughts are releasing from your being. Therefore you are emitting the charge of that thought from the inside of you to the outside of you. You have then, consciously or not, made a request to the universe to be replenished with more of that same energy. Can you see how this may affect you and your surroundings?

This process is happening everywhere, and to everything all the time: it is continuous. Focus on your thoughts. Are they primarily positive or negative? Are you trying to help others? Or are you too concerned about helping yourself? What kind of goals do you have set? Any? If they are spiritual and towards trying to understand the Why of all this, paths and experiences to further your understanding this mystery will unfold before you to help you learn.

Understanding concepts and the horizons of Creation is the most challenging and the most rewarding research of all! Limitless frontiers await you if this is your pursuit, and reason to be. Fine-tune your ideas to love. Make all your decisions from that energy; it’s what you feel in your heart. You will see that with love you will proceed and acquire much happiness in your life, through your own efforts towards loving energy and thought.

The story is simple really, and the choices are left up to you. To choose the path to higher planes of conscious is a tougher route because there are larger obstacles to overcome, harder transitions to go through, and vaster horizons to conceive and understand. It is not easy. But the strength you will gain with love as your essence will empower you to reach your goals and to climb the next hill that will present itself. This too is a continuum. Effort is the key. Without effort, there is no reward.’

‘Truly pursue your ideas and make them manifest. Follow them through to their completion. Attract love with your thoughts and the things you do, and you will have the strength to make your goals manifest much easier. All things have the power to make its own dreams come true.

Attract what you want into your being by focusing your thoughts on that subject. This also sets your inner compass, your future, and the destiny of your being. Do not forget that you are attracting things with your thoughts and actions, this is continuously happening, so your destiny and future are always changing. What you do here in the present is directly tied to your future. Your future is happening now also, but is not totally formed like your past is. Your present is whatever you’ve made it, or whatever you’ve allowed other things to make it for you.’

‘Watch the circumstances around you and see if they reflect the motion that you are seeking. Look for the blessing in all the things that happen to you, and realize that the God-Factor is in every element that exists and beyond. Use these tips and you will find that the more you exercise these laws, the more you will be able to create a life to your liking.

More doors will open for you in your search and study of higher existence. Incarnations are the path for accelerated growth. Once you have learned that this phenomenon is truly a blessing and a universal process, you will be able to apply this remarkable opportunity into your lives to come, and to your present. Become a working part of the ascension of the total mass. You are a piece of forever, since you do exist, whether you like it or not. You have your space to contain for always, and it’s your responsibility to maintain and take care of your area. So, there is no real reason why you shouldn’t try to make the best of it, no matter where or who you are’.

I stood there very silent, and let my mind think over what I had just been told. I heard truth in every word he had spoken to me. These communications were beyond telepathy, and I could feel the responsibility over my own being, which I hadn’t looked at in that way before. I guess that I had believed that there were more external forces controlling situations than internal. But he was right, the deciding factor to whatever my reaction would be to anything that may happen to me is my own final decision.

I could see that I am the one responsible for all of my actions, and my own fate. I looked at them, and they back at me. I nodded my head to show that I understood, and that it made a lot of sense. I thanked the being on my right for showing me these fundamentals I need to making my own personal dreams come true. I saw the being to my left raise his left arm and point to the far horizon. Then he said, ‘The woman, who was your wife, and our mother at the time of our incarnation with both of you, is there.’ I looked over to where he was pointing. The sun was setting to my right and the sky was darkening, and I saw what looked like a meteor with a long tail streaking through the heavens. This meteor turned and was coming directly at me. A tunnel, per se, appeared between the meteor and myself, and I saw the face of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen materialize at the other end.

She was calling to me, gently. Her lips were moving as a song slipped out from between them so softly and lovingly that I felt her voice lift me off the ground, and pull me towards her through the air. She moved closer to me, still singing colors of love while her body composed itself with the grace of an angel as we came closer to one another.

She was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of in a woman. Her eyes were green and mesmerizing almond shaped. Her hair was long to her waist, and golden in color as it fell down on her hips. She had a figure that was so proportionally perfect and full of womanly beauty that my jaw dropped, I gasped for air, and my heart thundered in my chest while my eyes went wide open!

‘You are part of me,’ she said as her fingertips touched mine. ‘I love you, always have, and always will. We are soul mates, direct-links, and we have forever to live and love each other’. She then pulled close to me and whispered in my ear, ‘I’ve missed you.’

Our motion through the atmosphere hadn’t stopped, and we were now outside of this planet’s ether and were once again in outer space. She backed away from me about twenty feet and stood there shining with waves of pinks, yellows, lavenders and light blues.

‘Look at the colors in my being and compare them with the colors in yours.’ I looked at myself to see what she meant. My colors contained purples, oranges, turquoises and reds. ‘See how they complement each other?’ she said with her eyes. I nodded my head. ‘Our colors of being are like secondary values, and this means we need each other to form our primary color of being.’ she winked. ‘I am the other half of you, and you are the other half of me.’

We were created as halves to the same circle, we are truly large parts of one another. All beings have their mates, but we compliment all of each other’s three fundamental qualities of being. Listen to the rhythm within you, and hear the tempo I have in my soul,’ she said. I felt the, 4/4 timing in my being, and I could hear the 2/4 timing within hers.

‘Listen to the sounds of our beings, hear the harmonies they make when standing apart.’ ‘That’s beautiful,’ I said to her, ‘I love the song we are singing to each other, purely from our essence.’ She smiled, ‘It doesn’t matter how far apart we are from one another, our beings will still be singing to and for each other where ever we are. Watch what happens when our bodies join together.’ I was hoping she’d say that. She moved very close to me, and met me with a kiss. My mind began to float and I felt myself moving into her, entirely. The sounds of our two beings merged, creating harmonies that echoed through the stars and space around us. ‘I’ve waited so long for us to join again, now the time has come. Feel, our life forces are becoming one! We have merged!

‘Totally, from head to foot. With hearts directly next to each other, pumping life tandem to us as one entity. We shuddered and gasped as our tempos became accelerating syncopated beats. Climbing, soaring, and bursting with the intensity of thunder! Waves of love rebounded and pulsated from our beings as we bathed in each other’s energies. Our auras and bodies had formed into one united ball of white light; we had reached our primary color of being, together. We slowly moved apart from one another, and I asked her, ‘How long has it been since we’ve seen each other face to face?’ She smiled, ‘Many lifetimes. Are you beginning to remember me?’ ‘Yes, are you the woman who comes to me in my dreams? You must be the woman I’ve searched for all of my life, or lives, and now I find you, way out here?’

She grasped my hands tenderly, ‘I am happy to hear that, but it comes as no surprise to me. I am inside of your heart, and you are inside of mine. You will understand soon that there is no escaping it, we really are pieces of one another.’ ‘I see. Then I would guess that everybody has a direct soul mate like you and me?’ my mind contemplated the concept and flashed back to Earth, thinking of all the time I may have spent on her… and what era did this family live together in. I flashed back to where I was, and it was hard believe, I actually was where I was!

‘Yes, everybody and everything has one who is directly connected, and many who parallel very closely, and others who become less and less complementary until the only thing tying them together is Creation itself. As for direct soul mates, like you and I, all spirits are paired in twos. There are only two sexes. Both are halves of the same circuit. Similar to electricity, which everything relatively is, and both are halves of the same circle of love they create when together.

Many try to join their halves of the love circle that do not fit well together. What is inevitable is that the two halves will pull themselves apart eventually, or short-circuit each other away from one another. Sometimes opposing halves join together for karmic reasons, but usually their time together is short lived, if needed, thing is resolved, they will separate and continue to search for one that fits better. When two halves join, a circle is created.’ ‘What happens when you join two love halves together is that the energy within the circle you created begins to spin inside of itself, feeding, and being fed. If the halves don’t fit, or if one half like’s being fed, and does not feed the other, the love circle becomes unbalanced and will come apart.

Love balance is important within yourself, and with all the beings that you share love with. Love is a giving and a receiving kind of life substance. It is the key to the immense reservoir of loving strength that is within the root essence of the universe. Its powers are limitless if held pure and honest, and should never be abused.’ She told me as the picture she painted in my mind, gave me a new understanding of some principles that define the responsibility involved in any love relationship. I have loved and lost many times, from my own ignorance and stupidity.

My soul mate now pulled my hands up in front of my chest, my palms towards her, and my fingers outstretched. She did the same thing with hers towards me and brought her fingertips to my fingertips. Palm to palm, fingers to fingers. Our energies began to build, and the motion flowed through our hands and circulated round about through our chests, and arms. The giving and receiving was truly a mental and spiritual exercise. I could feel the circle she had just spoken about, and I could see the effort involved with both parties to keep the love energies moving and flowing smoothly to one another.

‘We have two polarities with in each of our beings, juice and ground, or north and south, and they rotate in a circular motion around our auras. We need both charges to create our inner flow, our inner motion, our drive and motivation. It is the same thing that keeps planets spinning, suns and solar systems revolving. These two forces together create a third force in the magnetic spectrum, which supplies the gravity within you, and the gravity within all beings, like, house ground. With juice and ground I am talking about our inner forces. Though some beings use the grounding charge in a bad way and have created monsters with it. That is not what it is for. It is merely an opposing charge to create push, and spin the powers of electrical properties within our beings.

If you haven’t noticed, everything in outer space is spinning. Creating strong motions, powerful vortices, and, controlled orbits. It is the same with inner space.’ ‘This principle works with all things, even with soul mates. When you have found, or attracted each other, and have connected your energies, the creation powers now at hand are a thousand fold compared to the individuals powers alone. The powers created when direct soul mates connect are directly linked to the immense love bank of our universe. A perfect fit.’ I was exploding with delight.

All of this was making a lot of sense to me, and I was deeply honored to have all this information being shared, but why me? I am nobody in particular, making mistakes is of my better skills, though I have been looking for truth for a long time. ‘There are beings here that need each other just like the physical and the spiritual planes do. We are all interconnected, some much closer than others, according to the relative positions within our own atomic structures. You, have an immediate body of beings that surround you, and pass from lifetime to lifetime as many different relations to one another. These are the closest pieces of your atomic structure. Some of these beings only come in contact with you a few times in forever. But whatever the case may be, you and this immediate group of beings together create an entity of its own. This entity is but a component of a larger body of beings, which together create a being of their own.

The same principles exist for this entity, and it goes on and on throughout the universe, like a web. This matrix of the Universe is the composition of all of these smaller bodies that are all interconnected in some fashion, depending on their position to one another. Someone’s position in your atomic structure may be different than your position in theirs. But all of these different atomic structures are pieces of the entire mass. Do you see now how the things you do will eventually effect everything? The same is true for all things. We all need each other to be creating positive energies with in forever’s tissues. The universe is expanding at explosive speeds, new horizons are continuously being created, and new possibilities are always unfolding. Life here is always creating itself, ‘New’ again. That, is of its essence, and it is the substance of all things.’ ‘We have only come across each other a few times in all the lives we have lived!’

She spun in a circle, and pointed to the vastness of outer space. ‘Now, we meet again, further on in our own evolutions. We have mixed our souls and mated our spirits, so that soon, we may have the opportunity to traverse the heavens together as a primary unified whole, for a while, a completed circle. The circle is the strongest shape in the universe!’ She said to me with her face aglow. ‘This is incredible!’ I said to her, ‘This is utterly fantastic! I have never been so happy! But you said we may travel together soon? And just for a while? Why not from now onward?’ I asked. I wanted to stay with this beautiful star maiden forever, right now! She didn’t have to answer. I could see that I was nowhere even close to her spiritual strength.

I knew that I must be happy with these few moments to be with her, which I was. ‘There is more happening for you to see right now! Promise you will return to me?’ She asked me with her left arm around my shoulders, and her right hand over my heart. I looked deeply into her eyes and realized, that it was time to be leaving her. I knew I was not yet ready to sustain the voyages that she may have in store for the both of us. So far, I had learned some very basic ways of helping control one’s own destiny, ways to try and recognize soul mates, the atomic structures of related beings, some fundamentals of being, polarities, Magnitudes, attraction laws.

I understood that I have my own space to contain, maintain, and be responsible for, and, my responsibility towards others in love sharing. I could see that the true key to life was the charge and powers of love. To try and understand love, though it in itself has always seemed rather impossible for me to get a solid grip on, with all its principles and properties, is vital because, it is the root substance of life, how it relates to me, how to share it with others, what happens without it, and the possibilities when becoming strong with it. Many, many things here, I need to put dedicated efforts into. I must broaden my view on all of the above. ‘Yes, yes of course I will return to you, I promised, but how am I going to find you when I have become ready to be able to join you again?’ I had no idea where we were in outer space right now, and outer space is very BIG! ‘Just think of me, I am in your heart already. Our souls are mixed, and I am always there inside of you. Use the law of attraction. Remember, time, is only relative to what you make it. Time is purely motion.’

‘How long have we existed?’ I asked her. Or should I already know this? I watched my mind reach deep inside my own being to feel the depth of time contained there. Echoes of many lives were found, ‘ives before those life’s, beyond human, beyond Earth, and even beyond that. ‘Wow’ I thought, a clock seems kind of useless when compared to that much time. ‘You will remember more. All of us have a vast amount of knowledge already within us. We have all been for a very long time. Now that you know that you have all this time within you, call upon that knowledge when you have a question, and quietly, with confidence, listen for an answer, feel what charge it contains, and where it may be guiding you to further investigate.

Those beings whose properties parallel yours are the ones who have the most immediate effect on your life, as you do to theirs. We all need each other, and we all need to love one another as well. Please, accept and use this loving-energy that is being shared with you, and continue to grow with this plane of existence. For you need it, as all things do, and it needs you and all things also.’ ‘Recognize that everything is important, no matter what it is. We all hold the same status to one another, no matter who, or what you are. We respect all, because if you exist, you have a space to contain, and are as important as anything else in the universe. Beings, you are a piece of it, another cell within the body of the entire mass of forever. We are all creations, life forces, and entities of the God Factor.

She pulled me close and kissed me once again and smiled, ‘You really are beginning to remember me. I was feeling much more at one with all things now. Looking deeply at her I said, ‘I thank you, and the God-Factor, for your existence!’ I knew I would never forget her. ‘Where are we to Earth?’ I asked, ‘I had once called this planet, Oron, you had known it as Mars.’ ‘Wow’ of course, I recognized it now. She grasped my right hand and started guiding us back towards the surface of Mars. Once there, our children of a past life were waiting for our return.

The one who had spoken to me earlier said, ‘There is more happening for you to see right now, prepare to leave us.’ I didn’t know what to say. ‘Thank All of You, for what you have shared with me. I will try to put these laws into my life, and I hope I will see all of you, soon!’ I then felt that, nudge, again pulling me away from these people and away from this planet. What a beautiful experience this had been. What a convincing way to prove to me that reincarnation really does happen, by meeting a family of a past lifetime. Quite the family reunion. The means of communication was literally beyond words. I could truly see, smell, taste, feel, and be what anything was sending me. What a great way to talk. I could be their thought to see what they were saying. Amazing. I don’t think Webster’s has a word to describe this communication process yet.

I stopped outside of this planet, and thought about what they had just shown me, and at the same time, kept my eyes open for whatever it was to happen next. As I turned away from Mars and surveyed the all-around vista, I noticed a large shiny oval shaped object moving towards me. It sent greetings, ‘I’m here to show you more.’ I gladly let this transparent object of a being, beam me aboard. Once inside, we took off with a flash of light. This vessel was very much alive, and could move at an incredible rate of speed. A subtle roar surrounded us as stars and planets swept by, then, multitudes of solar systems streaked past us. The star clusters ahead of us were becoming more and more densely populated, and the energies in the space around us was getting much more intense and brighter.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked the transport, as we zoomed through energy that was getting so powerful I thought we might turn into vapor–well, we already were of sorts. ‘To within the center of the Milky Way, we are almost there,’ it told me. I looked ahead, and saw a planet, move right into our path. I knew then this is where we were going. The vessel began to decelerate, and pulled into an orbit of this planet that looked strikingly similar to Earth. ‘Wow, what a beautiful planet’ I exclaimed, ‘she is so fertile, and singing with such happiness! Please, let me go down to see her more closely?’ I asked.

The vessel slowly descended. I looked at her topography with delight. Her sky and oceans were bluer than blue, her cloud formations were whiter than white. All across her landmasses she was covered with vegetation of many colors, shapes, and species…but I saw no signs of mankind, or any familiar shorelines. This planet looked like a giant, richly flourishing garden. Perhaps, Eden, looked like this. ‘Yes,’ I thought to myself, ‘I will call you, Eden.’ Everything I could see since I had left my body on Earth, was extremely aware of their Cosmic source, and were all celebrating this awareness with happiness, honor, and joy. It was the same here. The transport and I swooped low into a valley as the plant life around us rejoiced in being. I moved from side to side within the vessel, and marveled at the peaceful beauty this planet and its inhabitants contained.

I felt our speed slowing even more, so I looked ahead to see what was coming up. There, in the near distance, was a tabletop mesa, and I bet, that was where we were going. We came upon the mesa quicker than I thought we would, my transport settled down on the its top, and the ship disappeared with a burst of light, leaving me standing alone, with a magnificent view of a beautiful valley in front of me. So this is what Earth must have looked and felt like before man got his hands on her, and she is being raped to death by industry, waist, and greed. There’s no doubt that man there has gone too far already. I noticed a growing desire to fly a hang glider off this mesa, it was a silly thought, I know, because I could fly much better now without one. I then felt a control bar materialize in my hands; I looked up and saw a set of wings unlike any I had ever seen before.

I jumped into the air and proceeded to fly it out into the valley before me. The trees and ground cover filled my heart with serenity just to see them flourishing without any threat of intruders tearing it apart for their own selfish reasons. Everything smiled here, because, all was working together. My thoughts focused on Earth. I felt very guilty for being a contributor of many lives, of adding my share of the poison, selfish traits, and pollution to the purity of her being. I’m just as guilty, as anyone else. I knew that she was in dire need of help to save her life. All her resources, her air, waters, soil, and blood, were being devastated and ruined in the name of progress, and total greed saturation. I could feel Earth’s desperate situation and cry for help clear out here.

I was wishing there was a way that I could help her from this place, when I felt the glider disappear, and myself being pulled upwards again, and then released just outside the planet. ‘Wow, what a lesson that one was, it was about Earth, shown to me by a sister planet! She needs a lot of help, I know, and I wish I could help her. But I’m on the Flip-Side now, and only a fleck of dust in the universe, what could I possibly do to help her now?’ I turned my view to the sharp and vast distance in front of me. I wondered how fast I could move now, inspired from the speed of the vessel that brought me here.

I began to accelerate. Faster, faster, faster, the stars went screaming by me. Faster, faster, faster, things were appearing to tunnel into a small point in the space before me, faster, faster, faster, BOOM!!! Suddenly, everything appeared to open into an even more vast perspective. Everything looked bigger, the planets, the solar systems and space between, and I appeared to be slowing down, though I knew that I was still accelerating. New horizons like beams of light appeared projecting on to the many areas around me as very cosmic organic arteries in the space-vistas-skin would open, portal like Valves, and disperse galactic substances of life that would appear, and disappear at will.

‘What kind of warp, or zone had I moved into with the velocity of speed I had attained?’ Oddly, I was feeling very much at home here by now, and it was obvious to me that this is where everything came from, outer space. This plane of existence was so strange, so different, and so incredible, but I felt very sure I have lived here before, and for a very long time. I felt genuinely at Home. Suddenly, another planet moved directly into my path. Wow, there was no mistaking this one, it was Earth! Her aura appeared to be very strange, made me wonder if it was radioactivity. It was bleak, faded in color, and its sound was heart wrenching. ‘What’s going on here? What has happened since I left? Did man drop the BIG ONE?’ Silence was my answer.

Then a huge voice came to me and said, ‘Do you wish, to return?’ ‘What?’ I mumbled, ‘After seeing this place exists? No, I don’t want to go back there.’ ‘You can help if you do.’ It told me. ‘How, I said. How can I help Earth? I’m tiny,’ I said in disbelief. ‘Tell others about what you have just been shown,’ was its next statement, ‘Share the LOVE you have seen here with other people, and this will help the Earths entity. You will not be alone. Many others are doing this as we speak.’ ‘How much time has past?’ I asked, but no answer. ‘How am I going to remember all this when I come out of a mother’s womb?’ still no answer. ‘What? How? Why? Oh! Life is so different here.’ I felt my time, right then, of finally making it away from, and being free of what appeared to me a vicious, hard, and crazy world there on Earth’s surface, was coming to a close.

‘Do you wish to return to your soul mate quickly?’ This massive presence asked. She then appeared, in my mind’s eye, nodding at me to do this. Everything that had just been shown to me flashed before my eyes. I could see that I was far from being done with things here on Earth. I still had much to accomplish within myself, and now, a new, and very different job to do also? ‘Nobody’s going to believe me, especially if not much time has passed,’ crossed my mind. ‘I understand,’ I said, ‘there’s no doubt, going back, and try to put these teachings into a life there makes a lot of sense to me now, and would be the best thing for me to do,’ reluctance was showing in my decision. ‘But how am I going to remember all of this entering a mother’s womb, and egg?’ I was hoping to be able to spend more time where I was to accomplish the growth task I was needing badly, but, I could see I was clearly not of the strength to do so.

‘How much time has passed?’ I asked again, no answer, Time to me now was very different than what it had been to me on Earth’s surface. ‘How am I going to remember this if people still teach their children like they did my last lifetime there?’ I then hoped a lot of time had past, and also thought about the body I’d had previous to leaving it. I had a faint hope it might have lived, but feeling entrance into a new baby about to be conceived or born, was prominent in my expectations. Dazed at the odds against me of really remembering, like I have been obviously forgetting many times before in this part of the process. ‘Ok,’ breathing deeply, ‘I will go back’ I said.


I dove into the Earth’s aura and penetrated the upper layers of her atmosphere. ‘Hello, Earth,’ I said to her, feeling elation leaving. ‘Welcome back,’ she called to me between her cries of pain and her pleadings to the human race to wake up.

Her welcome put a smile back on my face, and gave me a renewed sense of duty to try and help.

Why don’t you stop mankind? I asked her. You definitely have the power to bring your suffering to an end by destroying your ailment completely. ‘No,’ she said. If I must give my life to teach all of you a lesson to never do again, I would let it be so. But I still felt uncomfortable with the fact of probably losing all that I had just learned through the birthing process. As I moved lower towards the topography seeing familiar terrain and pondering what was yet to happen in this scenario I had never expected to find myself in when a felt a shadow of the future and saw a large dark cloud engulfing the Earth in twenty or more years from now? I couldn’t see clearly what it was, but it felt very powerful and very evil indeed. I focused my thoughts on Green Mountain, figuring this might be a good place to start, since, I didn’t know how this incarnation was going to happen but, I was returning to do so. Soon, there it stood, Green Mountain, in all its majesty. What a sight this was for me. I had attracted myself to it, and it worked! But nobody was there. ‘What do I do now?’

I really didn’t know. Again, that now familiar, nudge, took hold of me, and began carrying me along. The houses, highways, and cars looked the same to me as when I left, ‘Not much or no time had passed since then,’ I thought to myself, a little discouraged, ‘How am I going to remember all this to tell other people?’ The possibility of really being able to keep my word was looking rather grim. That’s, when I saw it! Saint Anthony’s Hospital had moved directly into my path. ‘Here it comes,’ I thought, ‘here it is!

How much time has passed?’ I cried out as I floated over the parking lot. ‘Six days,’ the voice said to me, and that was all. Over, to the hospital’s east- and south-facing wing it carried me. I was preparing myself for the transition into a mother’s womb. Up to the third floor from the outside I was guided. ‘Here we go!!!’ I shuddered.

In through the window I went, and it left me standing behind the head rails of a hospital bed in this very sterile hospital room. Two doctors at the foot of the bed were asking questions to a patient inside of it. I couldn’t see the patient yet from where I was standing, but when the patient responded, I recognized their voice: It was me!!! I rushed to the side of the bed to see my body, it had survived! But the sight I beheld was ghastly. I had busted it up very badly. It didn’t even look like me for the most part; it was extremely puffed up and swollen. Purple, black and blue, both legs outrageously broken, but I was still very glad to see it. ‘How do I get you back? How do I reclaim you?’ I moved towards its head, and like a vacuum I was sucked back into it. I felt something else leave as I entered, and felt another essence of me create itself seemingly as a filter between my body and spiritual connection so that these intense energies didn’t turn my body into ashes.

I saw this new layer of Me as my Mind. ‘Wow, fits, like a glove’ I was thinking to myself when I heard one of the Doctor’s voice exclaim, ‘Look, some kind of, mental change?’ I looked up at both of the doctors and said, ‘I just reentered my body.’ They looked at each other, chuckled something about, ‘The strange things people with concussions say.’ Both of them got up, and walked out of the room. ‘Wow,’ I said to myself, ‘I really have come back.’ I then sighed, very, deeply, and closed my eyes.

Background Information:

Gender: Male

Date NDE Occurred: 09/20/75

NDE Elements:

At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? Yes Accident. Direct head injury serious multiple injury Hang Gliding accident Life threatening event, but not clinical death My body was as close to death as you can get it. I have the initial files from the hospital showing the amount of brainwave activity the first few days. I was nearly flat lining upon arrival. They couldn’t stabilize my heart either. And coming out of a week of semi-coma status. It’s been a long hard journey from that point.

How do you consider the content of your experience? Wonderful

The experience included: Out of body experience

Did you feel separated from your body? Yes I clearly left my body and existed outside it

How did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compare to your normal everyday consciousness and alertness? More consciousness and alertness than normal There really is no comparison. Out there, my consciousness was expanding at unbelievable rates. Immense understanding was incredibly easy to fathom. I feel dead here in all due respect to there. This truly is the mud of the two prominent planes of existence. It’s hard to make ends meet here at the end of each day that passes. It’s hard to tell what’s true when you finally figure out so much of what you hear is a lie. The things I witnessed there seemed very opposite to what’s happening here. It’s like we’re in the negative of a positive picture. Monetary success is mostly everybody’s main goal here. Without it you will die. These are two very different worlds, intertwined and pieces of one another. All in what seems to be with the intention of all things/planes growing in conscious strength and understanding with love. To ascend the entire mass of it all. I witnessed that we are all a piece of forever. And have our spaces to contain. And maintain. Forever in itself is very hard to grasp in this Earthly material.

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? Probably when I was witnessing the planet I called Edan. I had just learn several key factors and principles of life I hadn’t understood this well ever. My spirit was peaking with strength from it, and a much larger concept of processes within life were all upon me.

Were your thoughts speeded up? Incredibly fast

Did time seem to speed up or slow down? Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning After seeing that forever does exist, and we and everything else are part of it, time escapes me a lot. This experience, to me, seems like a spiritual abduction to me. I was forwarded a year or so before it happened. That something big through hang-gliding, was coming to me. Time just feels like a motion to me. Though I saw that time bends. Overlaps. And my guess is time has many other properties I don’t understand as well. My whole view of my life, the life we lead, and the futility of living from pay check to pay check in our extremely material world of gotta buy, gotta get deep into the debt abyss to never recover, has changed drastically. But I still have to play the money game of existence here until it will probably be what kills me this time round.

Were your senses more vivid than usual? Incredibly more vivid

Please compare your vision during the experience to your everyday vision that you had immediately prior to the time of the experience. To a very large degree. I could see, feel, and understand like I hadn’t experienced before here in this texture of spirit. Vision was beyond clear. I could see so deeply into the Universe that it was staggering. Even to me there. The colors and Superior brightness were of hues and powers I’ve not seen here for the most part. It was all of different substances. Different speeds of vibration. Depth perception seemed unlimited on that side of the fence. Everything was gloriously working together for the good of all things. People here get caught in the rat race of having to work for the corporate machine most of their conscious life, with very little time or energy left for real enjoyment. Objects there contained both transparent and solid properties. Though what was most visual there was the ethereal and spiritual components that shown the most.

Please compare your hearing during the experience to your everyday hearing that you had immediately prior to the time of the experience. All my senses. Hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting, thinking, and other abilities I didn’t know I had, were at such high fidelity it was of being a totally different creature. Which in essence I was. I could also hear what sounded like a Universal heartbeat. All my senses were expanded far beyond what I, and everybody else, is dealing with in human bodies on this planet.

Did you seem to be aware of things going on elsewhere? Yes, and the facts have been checked out

Did you pass into or through a tunnel? No My entrance into this intensely powerful realm was immediate and shockingly delightful.

The experience included: Presence of deceased persons

Did you see any beings in your experience? I actually saw them

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings? Yes From planets and stars to three human life forms. Everything could and would communicate joy, happiness, and in humble awe to be of consciousness and witness creation in motion. The human entities did have a lot to tell me, too.

The experience included: Light

Did you see, or feel surrounded by, a brilliant light? A light clearly of mystical or other-worldly origin

Did you see an unearthly light? Yes The colors and intensities of the light were very extreme. I can understand when I hear folks say they saw a powerful white light. But there were infinite hues. And the powers were beyond supercharged.

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? A clearly mystical or unearthly realm 24. The entire joutney was of this essence. I encountered outer-space…in spiritual substance…incredible vistas…unbelievable opportunities and knowledge yet to know and understand…this is where we live…nothing around us but outer-space…can truly see that’s where we are all from.

The experience included: Strong emotional tone

What emotions did you feel during the experience? Extreme joy and passion to exist and be able to witness these realms of life. Total fulfillment, peace, and love. With reason to exist in much more of a way than just getting to work every day. And going for the American dream. This to me is purely controlled brain washing from the elites, and their all-powerful money machine in my opinion.

Did you have a feeling of peace or pleasantness? Incredible peace or pleasantness

Did you have a feeling of joy? incredible joy

Did you feel a sense of harmony or unity with the universe? I felt united or one with the world

The experience included: Special Knowledge

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? Everything about the universe

Did scenes from your past come back to you? My past flashed before me, out of my control Most definitely. Even had glimpses of lives long past. I even went through a rebirth of sorts. From baby feelings on up. I’m still trying to catch up to my physical age.

Did scenes from the future come to you? Scenes from the world’s future Nothing more than that our world is being consumed by evil and dark forces trying to achieve total domination of all our lives as we speak.

Did you come to a border or point of no return? I came to a barrier that I was not permitted to cross; or was sent back against my will

God, Spiritual and Religion:

What was your religion prior to your experience? Liberal I had been researching paranormal/metaphysical studies that were happening in my life from about age 10.

Have your religious practices changed since your experience? No I haven’t swallowed any of the religious structures I had studied. The beliefs I found that make the most sense to me are those of the American Indians. What a wonderful people they are indeed. What horrible cruelties and imprisonment my ancestors brought to them. Up to the present day!

What is your religion now? Liberal ‘I see the Universe and all its layers of realms and conscious…including everything within it, as what I call the GodFactor Creation.’

Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience? No I haven’t swallowed any of the religious structures I had studied. The beliefs I found that make the most sense to me are those of the American Indians. What a wonderful people they are indeed. What horrible cruelties and imprisonment my ancestors brought to them. Up to the present day!

The experience included: Presence of unearthly beings

Did you seem to encounter a mystical being or presence, or hear an unidentifiable voice? I encountered a definite being, or a voice clearly of mystical or unearthly origin

Did you see deceased or religious spirits? I actually saw them

Concerning our Earthly lives other than Religion:

During your experience, did you gain special knowledge or information about your purpose? Yes This knowledge I attained is very special to me. It is something I’d like to share with others. We all are entitled to know these things. But the controlling powers-that-be here don’t want us to know. These banking elites are going to enslave us all if they get their way. Resistance is forming by those awakening from the induced trance the overlords have inflicted through the schools, television, and movies. Manipulating many generations into servitude. Now people are standing up world-wide for their freedoms that this evil cartel is taking away from us with every bill they pass. Or war they start. Or false flag crisis’s they engineer and say they are our savior to remedy the problem they created. This is coming to everyone’s awareness soon. Probably next year tops.

Have your relationships changed specifically because of your experience? Yes Lost my twenty four year marriage because of it, and my own stupidity. Though my incident happened quite a few years before I even met my wife to be. It was root to the relations destruction. Her Orthodox religious views condemn my journey as being with the devil.

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? Yes Everything that communicated with me out there was through thought and feeling. I could see, feel, and be that sent thought for its moment. A great way to communicate, it seemed beyond telepathy.

Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? No Just a growing sorrow for the condition our conditions are in. What’s happening around us is very sad to see. The beast that is attacking everyone’s freedoms is being instrumented through the ultimate rich and powerful humans here. This should be obvious to everyone by now. I have had many paranormal experiences in my life previous to the crash. I feel these lessons helped prepare me for what I later witnessed.

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you? Everything. When I look back at why, when, and how this lesson came about, it makes absolute sense to me. From basics to more the more advanced conceivability.

Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes This experience, yes. The previous ones, only to a few folks.

Did you have any knowledge of near death experience (NDE) prior to your experience? Yes I’d heard about it. I didn’t know I was going to have one. My main quest growing up was to find out more about the unknown. And it has been a very interesting study that continues in me today. I deeply researched communications with the other side.

What did you believe about the reality of your experience shortly (days to weeks) after it happened? Experience was definitely real Incredible. I still feel that way about it. And found that very few people hardly showed any interest in what is revealed in my story. I knew now that I thought and viewed the world and Universe very differently than most everyone I had correspondence with. Most would tell me I just hit my head too hard. And literally saw stars.

What do you believe about the reality of your experience now? Experience was definitely real I see it as much more real than the reality being forced upon us here by authoritative peoples in higher positions job-wise. Though I long to return home. On the other side, I did commit to a life to help Earth and humanity if possible. Knowledge is the truest of powers. It is a wealth of its own. Riches from money are worthless.

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience? No Just the continuing osmosis that’s happening between my body and spirit. You see, it didn’t get to go along with me. It is in its essence. It’s a very different creature of its own, with its own desire to live and understand. We get to work together through all this for what is relatively a short time. In comparison with forever.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience? We are entering the time for a showdown between good and evil, as has always been the case here on planet Earth. Man against man. This tradition must come to an end somehow. I learned the God factor contains three charges. A core of Love. A core of hate. And a core of neutral. The core of hate tries to consume everything. Including itself. The core of love balances and heals, exceeding the powers of hate. The neutral just sits in the middle, and lets others get things done. Remember. Positive, Negative, and Neutral are the charges around us. And it’s your choice as to which side you’re going to take.

Are there any other questions that we could ask to help you communicate your experience? Can’t think of any. But Please let me Thank You for the wonderful opportunity you are providing for folks who have had these kinds of experiences and can share what they saw freely with many who are interested. God Bless you and everyone.

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