It’s Never Too Late To Get Started.

By Tim Denning    Viral Blogger – Inspiring the world through Personal Development and Entrepreneurship.


I was 28 before I ever published a blog post. I didn’t drink my first cocktail until I was well into my 20’s.

I didn’t feel successful until I was out of my 20’s. I didn’t work a job where I felt like a leader until last year.

I see so many questions from young people on LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook saying “My life is over: I’m 23 and haven’t found my dream job or business idea yet.”

Quit being in such a hurry.

Your 20’s are about learning, experimenting and having some fun too. Trying to rush success and get society’s version of where you should be at in the Monopoly Game of life is freaking ridiculous.

Slow down.

Breathe — deeply.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your life. Your life will get built when you get started. The process is never-ending but it only happens by getting started multiple times over.

You’re going to start many times over.

This is the part many of you are missing.

Whether you are 65 or 21 you’re going to be starting again many times in your life.

I started and succeeded at school and then failed. I started a music career, got signed to two record labels and then failed (again).

I then started 7 startups over the next few years and all of them failed. I then had one big success in business and that failed too.

Next stop was a job in sales working in finance. I took that as far as I could and that ended too. I’ve started one thing and seen it end so many times in my life that I’ve figured out (like you will) that this is normal.

“The process of starting and stopping is how you figure out your life”

Starting and stopping is just the process you must go through to evolve and grow.

Quit being pissed off when you have to start again — you’ll look back one day and see it’s the best part about life.

When should you get started?

I don’t know. How about right bloody now? There’s nothing you should be waiting for.

Dwelling on the whole starting and stopping process and your pissy little feelings about why it keeps happening to you is holding you back.

The only time it’s too late is when you’re dead.

I’m sure you’re thinking about the timing. Did I start too late?

The only time it’s too late is when you’re dead and that’s the harsh truth that you probably will find hard to see while you’re still alive.

“For me, I’ve already seen what life can look like from a hospital bed and I ain’t ever staying in that place again. Get started. Stop waiting for the right time”

Don’t worry about thinking about when you should get started. If you’re thinking about when to get started then you probably should have already started whatever it bloody well is that you keep thinking about!

Death is coming at you faster than you think and so you’ve got nothing to lose except time. At the same time, have fun with your passion/side hustle/blog…whatever it is you want to do.

Get out of your head and into the action of starting.

Not tomorrow, next month, next year. RIGHT NOW!

This dude at work messaged me yesterday.

He said “Tim I love your work and want to be a blogger too. I’ve been following you for 2 years now.”

I emailed him back straight away.

“Sounds cool. Why haven’t you published anything yet? Why are you wasting your time following me?”

(Okay my real email back wasn’t as blunt as this but for the purpose of this blog post I’ll keep it short and sharp and not bore you with the detail).

He was a little shocked with my response. I was blown away when his response was this:

“I’m collecting content and ideas so that I can drop my first lot of posts in 6 months from now.”

Holly Molly!!! My assertive response was this:

“No more waiting. Post whatever you have and then form a habit to write more posts every week. Forget collecting ideas and piecing together stuff in advance. Do it as you go along and please start right now. Stop following me and my very boring life and do your life’s work…PLEASE!”

What you’ve just read is the trap that almost every creative person, or for that matter, person with a dream falls into.

Getting started is the hardest part but it’s also the best part. Whatever you do today will be different in a year so don’t worry about perfection, validation, research or anything else.

The freedom that comes with beginning.

I feel like Nelson Mandela when he escaped from jail because I’m finally free. Not from the physical aspect of life but free in terms of my mind.

I want the same for you.

Free your mind and get started so you can feel what freedom tastes like.

Living in your head is like walking on a bear trap and hoping not to get injured.

Like you, I had no idea how to start anything. I woke up, put on some clothes and believed I could change the world in some small, positive way.

The same opportunity is available to you. Will you get started finally?

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