The innovative of Thailand Coffee shops.

By Chanon Kulkomut

Recently I have the best friend of mine which I worked together before in NZ. We have a project together to create a special type of Coffee shops and Pizzaria service in the future. Due to this reason we have been doing so many research a lot with our possibility to visit the real place of the cafe around the globe and it include Thailand also. After I have a look closely to the modern coffee shops in USA, Europe, and even Asia. I found that tje cafe in my country just so unique and making a brilliant conceptual ideas about the way to do this kind of service business.                                                                               Nowadays coffee is not about only coffee and usual atmosphere feeling as a modern chain as Seattle style anymore, the magnet and the way to approach to the clients are uniqueness with a local touching experiences. Me and my Flatello( bro) have been visiting some interesting places and the place to visit tell us something about the location won’t be a problem any longer when the social media and Googleling can giving you some ideas about the coffee shops style and how the atmosphere is! What I have noticed about people who visit those wonderful places is almost the clients came from the big city as Bangkok or somewhere else just to getting a pure relaxed with a Mother Nature of the real local scent. The feeling by sitting among the varieties of trees, shrubs, fruits orchard with a space for putting your feet into the water just so great. I would say in Thailand people and entrepreneurs are so creative with their own style  do the businesses. And this is all of the tell story for today. I am going to post some pictures later because the file just too big to fit in now. Thanks for reading. Ciao

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