On Lok Yun a cafe’ that will teleport you back to the past

By Alessandro Carosi

Few weeks ago I went to Chinatown with my friend and his mother that had to buy something at the market,to reach it quickly we gone across the Chao Phraya river  that itself was a nice experience

Chao Phraya river
Chinatown market

walking trough the busy market I began to feel sleepy,I didn’t have my morning coffee and my brain started to send me signal of withdrawn of caffeine,I was craving for coffee but couldn’t find any shop not even coffee cans,I told my friend that I really needed a coffee and he told me that as soon the mother would find what she needed he would bring me to the oldest Chinese cafe’ in Chinatown where his father used to hang out with his friends when was younger,On Lok Yun is a 80-year-old institution in Bangkok which specialises in serving traditional breakfast,for someone like me passionate about coffee and Cafes was like telling to a kid  we would  go to Disneyland,I guess I could resist a bit longer deprived of my caffeine shot.


It took a while to find it but when arrived I felt like being teleported in the past,On Lok Yun looked exactly how it would look like 80 years ago,sitting on the chair and looking around I tried to image myself back to the times where  was much busier and Thai and Chinese people would meet friends,date girls or just chatting about everyday life




the place was great like an open museum the service not as much,as soon we got inside I asked for toilette and the owner without let me finish told me to wait maybe to check if I would buy something first,apparently been really rude to my friend and his mother as well that got quite upset fortunately his brother came to look after us with a big smile and made us feel welcome,what can I say? I work in customer services too and I have to be honest sometime I have really bad days is rare but I do and I can be a real dickhead and I’m sure some customers from the past might have hate me and never come back,I want to give him the benefit of doubt and believe that he might have had just a bad day.

About the food and coffee,personally I found it nothing special just average but isn’t too expensive so not much to complain,the place is worth a visit for the place itself,in a society where the old is quickly demolished to make space for the new is wonderful to find cafes that still carry themself without make up an open museum that gives you the chance to breath a bit of what Bangkok used to be.


You can find On Lok Yun at

Address72 Charoen Krung Rd, Khwaeng Wang Burapha Phirom, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200


Tuesday 5:30AM–4PM
Wednesday 5:30AM–4PM
Thursday 5:30AM–4PM
Friday 5:30AM–4PM
Saturday 5:30AM–4PM
Sunday 5:30AM–4PM
Monday 5:30AM–4PM
Phone02 223 9621



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