By Alessandro Carosi

The other day walking in the busy streets of Bangkok I saw a kiosk full of pineapples,suddenly without forewarning and for no apparent reason a flashback from the past,a time I lived in Australia and worked in a farm picking pineapples,mind is a strange tool,we know we have it,we know it creates thoughts and store memories but who actually knows how mind really works,I think no one and even the person closer to understand our mind potential doesn’t really know all the complex mechanism of it.

I don’t know why I had that flashback but it was a mix of melancholy  and gratefulness to have had the chance to have that experience,I remember when I moved to Bundaberg I was really scared about have to work in a farm,thinking that when younger living in Italy I always refused to pick up tomatoes from our garden cause I was afraid of insects and to get dirty,now I was going to work in a farm where not just the insects could kill me but had a wide rage of other animals like for example  brown snakes one of the most poisonous in Australia,to don’t talk about the spiders poisonous too that had a happy life in the fields,fortunately they could sense movements and would walk away before other animals or humans beings would be on the way.

Break time

That was one reason to be worry the other was that I didn’t like hard work,I know I’m a big guy and if you see me the first time you might think I’m a murder or a UFC fighter but the reality is,I hate violence,I’m quite sensitive and I hate physical jobs,I had no choice if I wanted to renew my second working-holiday visa in Australia,see the government is quite smart,knowing that Australians doesn’t want to work in the farms and a lot of foreigners want to travel and live in Australia they created this system so they would have workforce to work in the farms.

Normally the hardest part is the beginning then you die or you get used to,in my case not only I got used to but I enjoyed it so much that instead to stay only 3 months I stayed for 8 months,ok I would never stay forever but that period was actually one of the best ,everyone was the same doesn’t matter the family background or education,everyone had to get dirty picking and collecting veggies and fruits.everyone at the end of the day felt part of the same family that is the human beings family,in that period I met the best mates and even my first love.

Working outside in the nature was something I never thought could be that spiritual the nature would give me energy I didn’t know to have and when we would stop for a break or lunch the silence only broke from the chit chat of the workers or the wind moving the grass or the tree branches was mesmerizing,was calming.

Pineapples fields
Lunch time with the best mate,the nature!!

I spend picking pineapples the first 4 months and then I picked Watermelons,Pumpkins,tomatoes,sweet potato,the hardest was zucchini,you were bent all day trying to find the good ones and you would get pay only by weight that means you needed to be fast otherwise you would bring home little or no money

Picking watermelons was hard but the nature would give you extra energies 

the time in Bundaberg was unrepeatable,there was no worries,no stress,no sadness,nothing to think about except doing the work go back to the hostel and hang out with the other backpackers,we laughed,we loved,we learned and grown,we are meant to be in the nature,we are meant to be surrounded by the nature,we are all one with this planet and we enrich,recharge and grown all together like one entity,we are not meant to spend 8-10-12 hours inside a box made of concrete,I wish every kid could have the chance to experience sometime in a farm far away from the complicated and distracting society we live in made of noise,big cars,big houses,branded clothes,lets those kids spend 6 months,1 year in a farm,in a village with the only distraction  of the nature and their own thoughts,they would learn about life what they might need an entire existence only to grasp a glimpse of what life is.

End of  the working day,no traffic,no pollution just the farm and the sky

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