The theory World food supplies and the third hands manipulation.

By Chanon Jitkomut

First of all i would say all of this article is just the idea and it might not be 100 percent correct or even true, please read it with your cautious.

Thailand has a growth rate of the argricutural products export so high and increasing in every year from time to time.We have one of the most biggest exporting  poultrys and daily meats not counting seasonal fruits and marine fishery products. While we can produce a numerous of a surplus of the fundamental products for a decent life and export all of those surplus through out the World market, some countries still struggling all the time with their own sustanable argricultural production. Such as Japan; more than 70 percent of foods that selling inside the coutry are import from everywhere around the World which means the real sectors of the local farmers production couldn’t make it suffice to the demand of the country.

Long time ago until now many countries have been using the concept of Adam Smith, certainly a few countries already come across the old paradigm and stop doing only exporting more than import products into their own country. By using agents and nominees to sneak into the target spaces and occupied the land and resoureces which have a law gap error by intention or even by mistake. Sometimes they even disguist and make themselves look like a rich farmers by a coincident who want to invest abroad walking through the border directly as an investor.

Guess what! which countries do you think they are? I may say, one of the most richest country in this World. then After taking the resources ; they grow plants, fruits and do farming system for making a production of dailiy farm. Afther that sending back to their own countries with a cheap price to serve their citizen with a great quality foods. The thing that they left behind just a grad B minus to D grade products with a highest cost to pay as much as the Firms can squeeze every single dollar out of the local prople.

In some cases as Chocolate and Coffee these products already monopoly with certain companies by a contract which the local farmers have made with the gigantic groups of the companies. From South America to Africa to Brazil and Asia. It is controlled by the FIRMS. It is not only the above products but also a chewing gum too.

In term of Agricutural country as Thailand. We are lucky witha super fertile soil and great climate. Even exotic plants seem grow easily in every part of Thailand. We make a surplus of various crops variety were export around the World. and yes we can be a World food stock supplier for sure. More than that we have  private sectors that doing some research for making a special products to adding value and preserve foods before exporting. However the weak point for those factories are almost 80 percent farmers still do a processing with their own products by a primitive way or just some simply techniques while some countries already going for the best in every kind of crops production. In case of Japan, only the by products of RICE with a high level of an industrious development. More than 30 products were extracted from rice and distributed to every indutries inside and outside Japan. From the low cost of daily day food to the best component in various types of industry.

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