Palm reading under the shadow of Wat Arun

By  Alessandro Carosi

Two years ago i read for the first time ”A fortune teller told me” by Tiziano Terzani since then I got curious about this fascinating world made of tarot readers,fortune tellers,healers and so on…. or how they are commonly called,Psychics.

My Grandmother was one of them and if she was still alive I would have a lot to talk about,when I was a kid my misbehaving got me to visit some  psychics sometime my mother believed they could help me to calm down and behave properly very often she would ask my Grandma to do a Chakra cleansing to remove any bad energy, in Italy  is called ”togliere l’invidia” traslated ”remove the envy” many people  believe that when a person is Jealous or doesn’t like someone will send negativity that will affect their feelings and health making feeling tired,nervous,restless or sick,my Grandma had many Psychic gifts one of them to remove those negativity,I was too young to understand and too young even to question it,30 years later not only I begun to understand but I’m questioning the reason of all of this,I don’t have the answer yet like many of us so all I can do at the moment is to tell my experiences to inform and help other people on my same life path.

Reading ”A fortune teller told me” took me back to the  past and fired a spark  to explore this world made of people with peculiar gifts.

I met my first fortuneteller but this time interested to understand what is true and what is not after I heard about it in a conversation between a friend and her friends,when I asked about it my friend told me that long time ago  out of curiosity went to visit this fortuneteller and got told that she would quit the job and leave with a certain amount of money,she didn’t believe it cause at the time she was at the top of her  career and making a lot of money till few months later when the company hired a new CEO for their UK branch,the new CEO didn’t like my friend and tried everything he could to get rid off her then with a strategic move organised a transfer to the Hong Kong branch,she couldn’t go she had 2 kids and just bought the new house only solution was to resign,after leaving  the job she remembered what the fortuneteller said and thinking about the money she got as liquidation she realised was the exact money she foretold,I wanted to know more  so I asked for the phone number to arrange an appointment,to my surprise the fortuneteller was so busy that we could meet only a month later that made it even more interesting,if she had so many clients could mean that she was very good.

After one month we met,she lives outside London in a town called Milton Keynes a peaceful village surrounded by nature, she told me about my past,present and future and what have been foretold  was fascinating I enjoyed the alternative day but didn’t expect the predictions to come true,then a week later one after an other all her predictions came true but…….not in the exact way she predicted but enough to realise that those psychic people exist and they have gifts,from that moment my new journey begun,I met many of them in the last 2 years some amazing some probably charlatans,when I came to Bangkok last month I wanted to meet one here but how? I needed one that could speak  English,I asked my friend if he knew any but he didn’t,I asked to an other Thai friend but didn’t know any either so I just gave up the idea to looking for them,if I would get the chance well otherwise never mind but something behind the curtain of what we can see and perceive was moving,life is made of energy,our thoughts and feeling are energy,only my wish to want to meet one but detached from the outcomes slowly attracted me to what I wanted,at first,sightseeing for coffee shops I ended up in Siam square where synchronicity wanted there was not just one but five fortunetellers waiting for clients,I guess they might have spoke English but was raining so I decided I would go back an other day then few days later crossing Rama VIII bridge  a thought crossed my mind,it was morning and weather nice why not walking by the river Chao Phraya till Wat Arun that is one of my favourite temples ? So I did,after few hours I reached destination,walking to the main gate observing my surroundings I noticed something hanging by the side of a tree,it drawn my attention,when I got closer there was a notice saying in English that if I needed a palm reading I had to call to the number written on the notice,I knew wasn’t a coincidence  my wish to meet a fortuneteller drawn me there and created all the circumstances to get me what i wanted,I called the number and a lady,an old lady from the voice told me couldn’t meet me that day,it was too late and she never meet anyone when gets darker,we agreed we would meet an other day.

Wat Arun

Few days later I called again and booked an appointment for the day after around 3 pm,I was running late that day so  I called to let her know I wouldn’t make it on time,she stressed again to let me know to don’t be too late cause she couldn’t read my palm  when gets darker, that made me curious,why when gets darker she can’t do it? it was something I  would ask when we would meet,at Finally I got at Wat Arun around 4 pm,I waited  in a narrow street outside the temple where I found there was a table and two chairs,a small cat wondering around  Jumped on the table and had a rest,when the lady arrived gently without touching the cat made it move away and  she sat,she looked like a lovely old lady,self confident and a bit eccentric,she offered me some food that I kindly refused and we started,she took from her hand bag a magnifying glass and after writing down my date,time of birth and doing some calculations she started reading my palm and tell me about my past,present and future,what she said was fascinating and interesting and again like many others before her I heard the same thing that the worst is gone and the future will be great with success in all fields,money,love,career,family and everything else,only recommendation to keep being a good person,as long I will keep my intentions good God and Angels will protect me and help me to succeed in Everything I want.

Something newsworthy was about my past,she said that till 38 years old my life haven’t been good,that’s quite true,I went through a lot of suffering due personal mistakes and life circumstances,a bad Karma I carried from a past life needed to be healed with lessons to learn,now that I sorted out my Karma I can move on enjoying life and the success that awaiting for me as long I’m a good person,in a different way but with similar meaning is what the fortuneteller from Milton Keynes said,she told me I had planets blocking that didn’t allowed me to advance in life now the blocking have been removed and In front of me a life full of happiness and rewards,for the palm reader in Bangkok my successful happy life will start after 42 years old,let’s see.

It was a good experience what I just had with this lady and was fascinating to learn more about palm reading,before to leave I wanted to know a bit about her life so I asked what pushed her to do palm readings,she  have been doing it for 20 years and the  reason was to make a live that at the same time would allowed to look after her daughter after her husband left,when began to learn about palm readings she realised that all the information she needed was available straight away without have to study she realised to be God tool and that was her life purpose,I asked why she doesn’t do it when gets darker,it’s the rule she said I’m not allowed to do it when is dark,only time she did cause she needed money and after few days a motorbike run her over and ended up in the hospital,I think she mentioned again that if I want God and Angels to protect and help me I need to keep  being a good person then she left,before go back to the hostel I had a  stroll around the park that surrounds Wat Arun thinking about what the lady foretold,thinking about my life,thinking about the meaning of life,the beautiful sunset giving to Wat Arun a magical atmosphere gave me a boost of optimism,I felt good not just for what the lady said but really I could feel like I’m in control of my thoughts that basically means I’m at finally in control of my life.

Wat Arun 




  1. Hi Alessandro, your story is similar to mine. I was questioning if it’s the same petite old lady that did your palm reading? I was really taken aback by the fact that she used a ruler to determine accurate dates. I’m wondering if anything she told you came true? Best wishes.


    • Good morning Sandra

      I think is the same person, she was located near by the entry to Wat Arun, so far nothing happened of what she predicted except that I feel that past tie due my past Karma have been solved, regarding my research of psychic people I have to be honest that no one really predicted much, there Is only one that have definitively a gift to look into the future and is a lady in Milton Keynes, UK


  2. Oh wow. Thank you for your reply. Perhaps in time more predictions will come true. Could you please give me more information about the lady from Milton Keynes, I live not far so maybe I could do a reading sometimes. Cheers😊


    • Good morning

      That’s true, maybe in time more predictions will come true.
      The lady in Milton Keynes is called Pauline, I heard about her for the first time when a friend was talking about a prediction that come true to an other lady, a while ago she went to meet Pauline out of curiosity and she predicted that she would leave her job and the company would give her a certain amount of money, at the time she was at the peak of her career in investment banking with no idea to quit, then apparently out of blue the company hired a new CEO that didn’t like her and tried to get rid off it pushing my friend to go to work in Hong Kong, she just had the second kid and bought the house so she had no choice then quit, to quit the CEO offered her money that turns out to be exactly the amount Pauline predicted included the change of Job.
      I decided to meet this Pauline and all she predicted come true, the weird thing is that most of what she said come true slightly different then she predicted, as an example, she told me I would meet my soulmate, a graphic designer that would show up at work holding in her arm a portfolio, she would be blonde and blue eyes, one day one of my staff stopped at the cafe before go to Uni, she had a portfolio, she was blonde and blue eyes, I didn’t know what she studied and when I asked turns out was a graphic designer, she wasn’t my soulmate 🙂 then she said I would had teeth problems but after few months my mum had it but I had to pay for her £2500, technically was like my problem, there was more.
      The only thing she got completely right was that I would move to live in an other country, I had no plan to change then I met someone from Scotland and ended up here.
      I don’t have Pauline number I lost it but I can try to ask to my friend


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