Life and Death might be just an energy shift

By Alessandro Carosi

We look at people and we judge,we make comments,we define the person based of the idea we have of them,we don’t know their stories,we don’t know their lives,we don’t know what they went trough,we know nothing about them except few details and the impressions we made in our minds,I learned all of this so I don’t judge anybody by the cover anymore cause I know everyone has a hidden story,a hidden life we don’t know, most of us to fit in just play a role,we acting in life for fear to be judged,to be left behind,to be isolated,some people hide life stories beyond the imaginable,this is my case as for others.

I work in hospitality,coffee industry,I love my job,I love coffee from when is planted and grown to when is made and served but what I love more is the chance to interact with people,make them feel better with a good coffee,a joke,or just a good word to see them smile,I love the fact to get the chance to know people of different cultural background,personality and their life stories.

I became friends with many of them,with some I have just a good business relationship,with some others we shared just instants of our life,I heard so many stories,some beautiful and some really sad,I heard stories would make you think if their lost their mind or maybe they had the chance to look at what lies behind the curtain of what we call life,5 years ago an extraordinary experience changed me within,normally when you experience something like I did  you become more spiritual and try to understand more of what’s going on in our earthly life,so I did,I began to research,talk to people to understand if someone else had some extraordinary experience,I deepen my study on religions and philosophy,I met Healers,Fortunetellers,Tarot readers all those people that seen something more then me,I met a lot of charlatans too,my research got me to study the world of Near Death Experience,I read many of their stories,I spoke to doctors and nurses to know if they had patients experiencing it,one of my staff’s father had one and had the chance to read his account of the event,their stories fascinating me,what they told about what life is  when back  is  what I suspected and experienced,every person that had such a experience found itself in different surroundings,met different people but there is something in common with almost all of them and is that when they died and found them self in the realm of the spirits they gained a knowledge of what life is about,why we are here,why we experience happiness or sadness,why we born and die and how we can make our earthly life heaven,we are all energy that never die,we are all connected,our thoughts and emotions are energy that can shape our reality,happiness and love is within us and if we want to see a better world we need to feel it within us only then the world will reflect it back to us.

Mahatma Gandhi said ” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

I experienced by myself what means energy,how the world outside would slowly change when I would change within that’s why I take so seriously people that had Near Death Experiences and what they says,I never met one in person till few months ago.

I was at work and one of my regular customers that I know since working in my previous cafe’ passed by to say hi,around 70 years old,full of energy,funny,always ready to make a joke or talk about women,typical Roman,even he lived in UK for more then 40 years he never changed so his tick Roman accent,he is an example of vitality even if half  of his body is semi paralyzed,that day chatting about work I told him I was so tired I was dying out of blue he came out saying,oh Alex to die is beautiful,wow!! that was the first time someone would react  like this,I asked what do you mean? why to die is beautiful? He was embaracced maybe he didn’t expect I would ask,I had this thought that maybe he was talking about near death experience so I said,have you died and come back that’s why you know? Quickly he replied,yes I did and was wonderful,yes he did have a Near Death Experience,I got busy with other customers so I told him that I knew what he meant ,I wanted to know more we agreed to meet again.

After that day I didn’t see him anymore for few months even if we live in the same area,I was thinking if maybe he felt embaracced for what he said or maybe worry I wouldn’t take him seriously or maybe got sick and died,it was strange,then like often happen to me a synchronicity,I told the story to a friend and mentioned the fact that after we spoke he disappeared and didn’t see him around anymore,after hung up  I decided to go for a walk and walking in front  my old work place,Shot Espresso,here we are him and his car outside the cafe’,I run excited toward him happy that he was ok and alive and when he saw me he had a shocked face like maybe he really tried to avoid me ,I asked if we could have a chat about what he told me last time and agreed to tell me the full story.

What  recounted was amazing similar to many others Near Death Experience,the difference was I had in front of me a real person to tell me his own story.

”I had a stroke and went into coma,all of a sudden I found myself outside my body,it didn’t feel strange or awkward it was just….normal,I walked around or would be better to say I floated around,I didn’t feel my heavy body even if I felt I had one,I was light and happy,the peacefulness,the joy was a state I wanted to be forever,for days I wandered around the hospital,I could see doctors,nurses,patients but no one could see me ,I didn’t care I was serene,happy,I wanted to be like this forever but then all went black I opened my eyes and I had all the doctors on me,talking to me,when I realized I was back into my body really upset I shouted to the doctors,why? why you took me back? why? I was so happy where I was.

After, the slow recovery that left him half paralyzed ,I was impressed about the story it was the first time to meet in person someone that experienced a Near Death Experience ,I had so many questions to ask but I don’t know why I didn’t ,the story itself was already enough  and left me with this wonderful feeling of knowing that probably there is something else when we die even if I can’t be sure 100% cause the only way would be to experience it personally ,I told him I really appreciated the time and the courage to tell me the story ,I wish I could meet more people that could  tell me their experiences but at the end of the day what really matter is to be a good human being toward myself and others regarding there is life after death or not,there is no point to know we still exist after we die if then in our earthly life we are greedy,mean,aggressive and disrespectful to nature ,animals and our fellow humans.


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