Travel Guide: Incredible Vietnam Bridge Looks Like A Scene From ‘Lord Of The Rings’


Now, this is the place to mark off your bucket list!  A new architecture in Ba Na Hills in Central Vietnam, known as the Cau Vang (translation: Golden Bridge) is absolutely a site to see. It opened up in June of this year and is already attracting visitors from all around the world.

The bridge is 150 meters long and looks out over the breathtaking Ba Na Hills. At 3,280 feet above sea level, it sits just above the cloud line.

“I feel like I’m walking on clouds,” Vuong Thuy Linh, a tourist from Hanoi.


Perhaps what is most striking are those giant stone hands that are supporting the bridge! The bridge was designed to evoke the image of the “giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land,” said Vu Viet Anh, Design Principal at TA Landscape Architecture.

Ba Na Hills is a mountainside resort, established by French colonists in 1919. Close to the city of Da Nang, it once held about 200 villas, but today, only a few ruins remain. Ba Na Hills now holds a Fantasy Park and a French-style village, with cobbled streets. The bridge is reportedly part of a $2 billion project to accommodate tourists in the area. (4)


If you’re seriously considering going to see this beautiful attraction, here’s how to make the most of your trip…

1. Get Your Passport Ready


All U.S. citizens must have a visa (or pre-approval for a visa) and a valid passport to enter Vietnam.

Yes, it seems like common sense, but there have been tourists who were turned away at the airport for visa misinformation or failing to print their visa-on-arrival pre-approval paper.

When you apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, be sure to request the visa category that corresponds to your purpose of travel. In this case, you would select DL – issued to tourists.

You can refer to Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for information detailing Visa Categories/Descriptions.

2. You Got Your Visa!

Now it’s time to book the flight and hotel.

You’ll will be staying at the Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills – 4-star hotel.


The Mercure French Village Ba Na Hills Hotel won two awards in 2016 for having the best resort with classic French architecture. With 494 rooms and designed in an open concept, the hotel also offers special cuisine, shopping areas, a swimming pool and plenty of nature trails for hiking.

Flight (2 return tickets) + plus Hotel (6 nights) =

Total: C$2,719.26 (2 travelers – tax and fees included)

not too shabby…

3. Travel Itinerary

It’s going to be a long flight, so make sure to bring some reading materials and a comfy neck pillow!

  • Departing from Los Angelas to Seattle – 2h 51m
  • Seattle to Seoul (capital of South Korea) – 11h 30m
  • Seoul to Da Nang – 4h 40m

Total Time From US to Vietnam: 23h 30m

4. Finally Landed!

You have landed in Da Nang International Airport! Pick up your luggage and follow the queue to your shuttle bus. Time to get to the hotel: 1h 35min

5. Check-in at the Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills


Hotels in Vietnam require you to present your passport (and visas, if issued separately) upon check-in so that your stay can be registered with local police.

6.  Golden Bridge At Last

After scoping out the hotel and grabbing a quick bite, it’s time to see the Golden Bridge!

Travel Time:   .04 km – Don’t worry about taxi fares, you can literally walk to it.

But Wait There’s More!

Ba Na Hills is the most captivating area in all of Vietnam’s central region. Its cool climate (all year round) will have you experiencing all four seasons in 1 day. With spring in the morning, summer around noon, fall in the late afternoon and winter in the evening. Ba Na Hills has precedence as the most breathtaking view of Vietnam.

Aside from walking across the spectacular Golden Bridge, here are 5 other things you can check out during your time in Ba Na Hills!

1. Take A Train Through A Mountain


The train will move you through landscapes such as Linh Ung pagoda, Le JardinD’Amour flower garden, and ancient villas with luxurious designs emulating modern European architecture.

2. Indoor Fantasy Park


This game zone serves a variety of entertainment activities like indoor climbing challenges at the height of 21 meters, a massive playground, drop tower, dinosaur park, and so much more! The modern technology of 4D cinemas brings you the most authentic and lively experiences.

3. Ride The Cable Cars


The cable car system was built in 2013 and holds several Guinness World Records, including the widest gap between stations and the greatest elevation. Not to mention, the views of Danang and the coast in the distance are phenomenal.

4. Watch the Toc Tien Waterfall


From the cable car station, you’ll be able to witness the picturesque view of the Toc Tien waterfall flowing from below.

5. Swim In The Attic Pool – Located in Your Hotel!

Located in the Mercue hotel (where you’re staying), this exclusive architecture pool reflects the luxuries of European society since the ancient times.

Final Note

Blessed with a diverse landscape, Vietnam is a country that offers an exceptional panorama for its tourists. Just make sure you do your research so you know what to anticipate, and most of all, enjoy yourself! Because this is by far the most rewarding country in Southeast Asia to explore.

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