A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE – Citizenship of the Millennium

By Alessandro Carosi

This is a book I’m reading at the moment,sometime I get to the point to read even more then 5-6 books at the time,having this blog I thought could be a good idea to share to whoever might come across what I like to read nowadays ,I’m interested in Spirituality but I believe that any kind of read could be good for our personal grown ,we  shouldn’t stick with only one genre but collect as many info as possible so to widely open our mind,obviously the topic we like more is what we might tend to study in deep but always keep your options open to other kind of subjects


This book is about how we can move from a century of coercion to a new century of persuasion.

While,world-wide,over one and a half billion people’s living standards have doubled in the past decade and a half,it is clear that the powerful elite of business people,politicians and intelectuals are out of touch with the general population ,the people who can see the pain of new policies but no the gain.

This book is,in part ,an attempt to overcome what Mike Moore calls a democratic deficit.

As well,the book advances the doctrine of indepen-interests and independence,arguing that the interests and independence of sovereign states are best safeguard and promoted through international agreements,treaties and institutions.

The challenges facing every country – security ,stability,economic growth,social and environmentl progress-all need international solutions.

No single nation can even run a tax system without the co-operation of others.

This book argues that for the sake of our survival we must build respect and trust in international institutions and the rule of lawso we can conduct our affairs and resolve our differences peacefully.

It promotes the view that we must  evolve a new level of citizenship both locally and internationally for the new millennium.

Mike Moore discusses the new institutional architecture necessary to provide the international governance necessary to cope with the new borderless world.

Conventional politics cannot answer the needs of the post-industrial economy where,for the first time in the economic history of our species,employment is becoming decoupled from growth and productivity.

He takes a provocative ,historical overview to treaty of Waitangi issues,examining the reversion world-wide to tribalism which,he says,is the flip side of the same coin,not a contradiction to globalism.

Mike Moore’s latest book is wide-ranging and thought-provoking ,and he has tackled what he sees as essential issues facing New Zealand and the world in his usual blunt,hard-hitting and provocative manner.

And in the process,as he says,he has ‘left no shins unkicked’.

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