A rainbow in Edinburgh

By Alessandro Carosi

This new chapter begins in Edinburgh this time ,arrived 3 weeks ago I begun to understand what my friends in London meant when saying that weather here isn’t that great and is cold ,I didn’t give them much credit shame on me ,oh well now I’m here and I have to play the game.

On my first week I find out about the Edinburgh coffee festival that hosted the Scottish Aeropress championship ,I was really keen on  it after I missed the chance to watch it in Bangkok where Gabriel Carol 2 time Romanian Brewing champion was one of the Judges ,I did my manual brewing course with him.

Edinburgh is beautiful ,yes the weather sucks ,really sucks but the city ,the sea ,the countryside is heaven on earth ,the first few days before to start looking for a job I done some sightseeing and realised how peaceful the  city is ,it’s quite surreal for me all this calmness I wasn’t used to anymore ,5 years in London under  constant noise left me unprepared ,the city feels mute to me I feel uncomfortable but I know is just the abrupt change ,I will benefit from this peacefulness I’m conscious about that.

The sea in Portobello
 Arthur’s seat

First week have been going accord to plan ,got the job ,made some connections and had weekend off so to enjoy the coffee festival.

On saturday I made my way to the Corn exchange venue of the event ,I expected something like in London but when inside everything would happen in one big room ,I was naive to think that ,London has 12 million people ,Edinburgh around 500000 ,obviously everything is proportionate.

I had a great time ,Edinburgh is small so happened to meet Baristas from cafes I have been drinking coffee and other people I would meet again days ahead ,I guess it will happen over and over again ,cherry on  top for the day the owner of a cake business seeing me reading for hours his Scotland coffee guide that was above the table where he had his stand decided to give it to me ,Carl Jung would call it synchronicity ,I was planning to buy it after my first pay but I got it for free ,yeaaahhh !!! I tasted for the first time a coffee made with Chinese  beans really nice ,sweet with a hint of tea flavour ,China understood  this industry is growing quickly so it jumped on the boat.

Chinese coffee beans

I remained till the end for the aeropress final ,next year I want to compete and working for this new company I’m sure I will learn a lot about coffee.

Scottish Aeropress championship 

Outside was still bright and warm so I took the chance to explore the area as usual I find the nicest thing just wandering around I discovered a river and walking path called Water of Leith

Water of Leith Walkway
Water of Leith Walkway

The Water of Leith is the main river flowing through EdinburghScotland, to the port of Leith where it flows into the sea via the Firth of Forth.

It is 35 km (22 mi) long and rises in the Colzium Springs at Millstone Rig of the Pentland Hills. It travels through Harperrig Reservoir, past the ruins of Cairns Castle, through BalernoCurrieJuniper GreenColintonSlatefordLongstoneSaughtonBalgreenRoseburn and on to the nearest it gets to the Edinburgh city centre at the Dean Village, on the site of old watermills in a deep gorge. This ravine is dramatically spanned by the Dean Bridge, designed by Thomas Telford, which was built in 1832 for the road to Queensferry, and lies next to the New Town.

The river flows on past StockbridgeInverleithCanonmills and Warriston where it passes through shallows at a place known as Puddocky which is commonly thought to refer to “puddocks”, the Scots language term for frogs, but actually took its name from the former Paddock Hall which was sited nearby. The river continues past Bonnington, the site of another watermill, to Leith where it widens into the old harbour and port at the Shore. Leith Docks have been extended considerably out into the firth from the old shoreline, and there are now plans to discontinue their use as a port and use the area for housing redevelopment.

There is a Water of Leith Walkway beside the river for the 12.25 miles (19.71 km) from Balerno to Leith, with approximately half a mile of the route on roads. The route forms an attractive haven for wildlife, passing through areas of woodland, often well separated from roads. For some distance the walkway follows the route of former railway tracks, and the remains of tunnels, bridges and other features of more than one railway may be seen at many places along the route.

visitor centre is open to the public where the Union Canal passes over the Water of Leith via the Slateford Aqueduct at Slateford, in south-west Edinburgh. The Water of Leith Conservation Trust is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the river. The Trust provides education programs about the river and the environment.

The river is stocked with brown trout, and also contains wild graylingeelsstone loachminnowthree-spined Stickleback and flounder. A few sea-trout run the river, and occasional Atlantic salmon are reported, although those from which scale samples have been obtained have turned out to be from other catchments. Until the weirs are either demolished or furnished with effective fish-passes, there is little chance of a population of salmon establishing themselves in this river again. Roe deer, badgers, otters and other mammals are occasionally seen.[1] The river and its environs are the haunt of a wide variety of woodland and water birds, including kingfishersheronswagtailswoodpeckers and dippers.

The name more than likely derives from the Cumbric or Pictish words equivalent to the Modern Welsh llifo the verb meaning ‘to flow’ or the adjective llaith meaning ‘damp’ or ‘wet’ (compare Leeds). It is less likely that the name derives from the Old Norse lodda meaning a river.The Gaelic form of the name is Lìte.

This river walk is wonderful if you need to get in touch with your soul I assure you it will help in my case helped and treated me with the biggest and most beautiful rainbow I ever seen ,all of a sudden this massive bridge of colours appeared that felt like a sign of welcome for my new life journey ,I stopped to admire it for I don’t know how long ,I could stay forever for the sense of joy that roused on me.

For the  rest of the stroll an inner peace  I didn’t feel for long time gave me such a joy and a reborn life  purpose ,I couldn’t reach the end of the path to Leith it was getting dark but I promised to myself I would go back the day after from where I left and get to the end.

At home I searched for Rainbow spiritual meanings and found interesting explanations that fit perfectly for this  new life chapter.





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