By Alessandro Carosi

Since I moved to Edinburgh my nights have been dreamless I can’t remember one single dream ,I don’t know why cause lately I actually looked for it ,I like to interpret my dreams trying to find the related spiritual meaning ,the latest dream I recall was in Bangkok when I dreamed to die and joying  the world of the spirits I experienced what life after death look like ,in Scotland my sleeping nights are wrapped by the dark as soon I close my eyes.

I had a sort of audio dream instead after the usual dreamless night in the last few minutes of my sleeping  or what I perceived to be I could listen repeating in the complete darkness the song despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee ,it was quite strange ,I think was the first time for something like that ,Despacito means Slowly ,Soft in English ,I tried to related to my current awaken life and all I could think is that maybe I need to relax a bit ,taking life easy ,I came to Edinburgh to find  balance  but still quite far from it still stressed ,restless ,begin to feel hopeless but I can do it , I can make it .

So…….Despacito is a really nice song I used to sing ,I like it ,I know psychologist would find a reason to explain it but I like to believe there is something more ,I like to believe that dreams has a spiritual meaning ,they don’t come around randomly ,I don’t believe is related to our emotions ,I like to believe is the spiritual world trying to contact  us in their own way that is more suitable for our spiritual growth.

The song is beautiful whatever meaning you wanna give it


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