Extraordinary stories of ordinary people

By Alessandro Carosi

Today is my day off and differently then what I would usually do ,going outside exploring my new home town I stayed In doing some washing ,cleaning and cooking.

My current accommodation is a sort of hostel with more then 20 single rooms ,It’s a cool place as a temporary stay but not permanently ,at least not for me ,too dirty ,a bit unsafe ,gas have been left on more then one time and people keep smoking dropping ash on the carpet ,mice everywhere ,it’s cheap and you have your own privacy something I didn’t have in the hostel but I need a better place ,not a castle but a bigger room and less people.

The great part of this sort of community house is that is multicultural ,guests from Spain ,Italy ,Poland ,China ,Lithuania ,Turkey ,a good mix of young ,middle age and old people ,all of them with interesting life stories ,I had the chance to talk with few of them.

The first time I got to know one of  my house mates was a young Italian,19 years old moved to Edinburgh few months ealier,From Taranto a south Italian town ,he left exasperated by the life conditions he found himself to go through every day ,narrow minded people living in a bubble made of jealousy ,materialism ,racism ,unable to see beyond theirs nose ,frustrated by the local and national corruption and from people good just to complain ,fighting for the wrong things like football and now thanks to a new government that of new has only the party name but the same as all the others ,useless ,started a campaign against the immigrants blaming them for the reborn high rate criminality ,economic crisis and lack of jobs ,unfortunately the real problem now like ever is culturally ,a population that brainwashed years by years tried  to rip off each other till there is nothing left to steal ,politicians are a reflection of the population ,so we are in a situation where the dog is trying to bite his tails ,the dog lost all his teeth so is trying to get it back emigrating in other countries ,hopefully will teach them something new enough to go back home and change our damned country.

I like this Italian guy so mature for his age ,I hope he will find a better life here in  Scotland or somewhere else or maybe back home one day.

This morning meanwhile having breakfast I met an other house mate ,he is from Lithuania and moved to Edinburgh like most of foreigners here ,to find a better life ,I met him other times but we didn’t talk except for a quick hi but this time we had a good conversation and he told me about him ,about his past and current life ,he was sad ,he didn’t say it but I could feel it ,maybe he talked to me just to confide a bit ,back to Lithuania he studied ,went to university ,got a degree ……..all of that to work as a porter in Edinburgh cause with his degree he couldn’t make a live and here as a porter earn more then back home ,he was upset and how you couldn’t be ,you study hard for your future ,society tells you that with a degree you gonna have a better life then a corrupted government destroy a country and half of the population constrained to emigrate somewhere else ,he was upset ,of course he was ,living in a foreigner country he didn’t want to move to ,doing a job he didn’t study for but forced to do it to bring food home and maybe like many east European sending a part of the money to their family back home ,isn’t fair ,it made me sad ,it made angry ,I wish ,I want this world to change but is a long way for that to happen.

Then later around noon I met one of the Polish house mate ,completely drunk but in good mood ,smiling and shouting to the broken washing machine ,kurva ,Bitch in Polish ,I met him again half n hour later on the stairs with a new bottle of vodka and chips ,who knows which is his story ,who knows what brought him here in Edinburgh ,maybe one day he will tell me.

Writing all of this I imaging all of them when they were kids around 7-8 years old ,probably happy playing with other kids unaware of what the future would be ,I imaging them smiling innocently thinking about the beauty ,the wonders of life only to find them self 30-40 years later away from home ,living in a country they didn’t want to be ,doing jobs they didn’t hardly study for ,drinking vodka getting drunk in the middle of the day maybe thinking about life that betrayed them or maybe that they betrayed them self 

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