What is meant to be always find is way

By Alessandro Carosi

Today at work I had an interesting conversation with one of my customers ,everything started with a joke about relationship and ended up about philosophy. 

When is meant to be is meant to be ,I met two of my most important relationships in the most absurd way that leaves no comments regarding if was meant to be or not ,I remember when I met Kaori inside the Federal Backpackers hostel in Bundaberg ,I never gave much importance to girls nationality ,if they were beautiful they were beautiful regardless the ethnicity  but never crossed seriously my mind to have an Asian partner ,at most East European or Scandinavian ,then a day like an other  drinking  beers after work at the hostel garden I saw this girl ,Japanese but to me she was an angel ,now things get weird ,I have been seeing this girl often in the hostel but all I could think about her was that yes ,she was cute ,a great body but a strange face ,not really interested but that night something happened ,I believe that something had to happen ,it was meant to be otherwise how to explain it ,from not being interested to find her the most beautiful girl in the world ,to me that night she was an angel ,something happened and something bigger ,someone maybe in charge decided that the time arrived for us to meet and trigger a chemical reaction that would make us fall in love ,Thanks to Kaori I never moved back to Italy ,thanks to Kaori I got the opportunity to visit so many countries ,thanks to Kaori my wonderful life adventure began ,I believe we were meant to meet ,same as for Danielle ,an other beautiful Asian girl.

I was in New Zealand and a night out with an old friend met in Australia in Bundaberg at the famous Federal Backpackers ,Carl Jung would call it synchronicity ,I met this beautiful Chinese girl in a gay bar ,so…now ,how many time a straight guy ending up in a gay and lesbian bar is going to meet his future girlfriend ? it was a night late and all the bars closed except family bar ,the most famous gay bar in Auckland ,free entry and cheap drinks ,couldn’t say no ,when inside I noticed this wonderful girl dancing ,a lot of the guests was lesbians so I thought she could  be too but she stared at me all night made me think that maybe she wasn’t ,I would give it a try ,I walked toward her but when close enough one of her friends came on my way asking me if I was gay or straight ,I told him straight ,he told me his friend thought I was hot ,definitively she wasn’t lesbian.

For 6 months we would meet once a week and have sex only to find out a night that smoking weed made me too sensitive that we loved each other ,yes it was meant to be.

Those relationships are gone ,I learned a lot from them ,I learned a lot from losing them ,I learned that what is meant to be always find its way in life.

We talked about destiny ,law of attraction ,energy ,about that maybe life is made just for us ,for every single person ,everyone lives in their own planets created appositely  for  them self ,each person is a reflection of their feelings ,whoever they meet ,whatever they experience or If we are all unique single  entity then Who we meet comes to teach us something or for us to teach them so he told me about this event he took part last night ,where a guy with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  same as the famous physicist Stephen Hawking ,gave a motivational speech ,we are lucky to be healthy ,to walk ,talk ,think properly ,meeting those people has to be a reminder to how lucky we are regardless we think life is good or not ,so if we chosen to play at life ,you can always chosen suicide ,if you are healthy you could play a great game.

What we need in life is easy to reach ,we don’t need much money ,all we need is gratitude for what we already have ,all we need is love and we can chosen it ,we can chose our attitude toward life.

My customer left and left an important lesson behind ,a lesson called  gratitude ,a lesson called humbleness ,I have so much to learn and till I don’t learn those important teachings life will be always unfulfilled.

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