Scottish Independent Coffee Guide ,the insider’s guide to speciality coffee venues and roasters

By Alessandro Carosi

I have a problem ,I can’t stick on reading one book or magazine I will get bored easily so I need a reading rotation that keep me focus and interested in what I’m reading ,which is the problem ? I did start at least seven books and one magazine ,to don’t talk about all the articles I read on Internet ,I need more time to read everything but I don’t have it I do have to work ,eat ,use the toilette,normally 3 times a day  so basically I keep to add on  stuff to read with the feeling now I will never finish it or if I will I will be over one hundred year old ,It doesn’t sounds a good idea ,I promise I will stick with what I have and by the end of 2019 I will finish to read all.

In past articles I showed you guys which books and magazines I had on my hands ,now in my endless collection I added something related to the city and country I moved to live recently ,Edinburgh and Scotland ,What I got at the moment is:

An interesting guide to the best Scottish coffee shops   

The third in the series is our biggest Scottish edition to date, and includes over 130 handpicked coffee shops, roasteries and specialist trainers stretching from Eyemouth to Ullapool. With help from a committee of top coffee connoisseurs, we’ve curated the ultimate caffeinated road trip, with detailed write ups, awesome photography, bespoke illustrations and handy maps to guide curious coffee folk to their next fix.

It’s not just us that think the guides are pretty sweet either, the second edition scooped the Best Book About Coffee in Scotland 2018 at the World Gourmand Cook Book Awards.

Available to buy at good bookshops, the venues included and on the Independent Coffee Guide website – join the caffeine revolution here.

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Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
Scottish Independent Coffee Guide
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