The Skinny

By Alessandro Carosi

I have a problem ,I can’t stick on reading one book or magazine I will get bored easily so I need a reading rotation that keep me focus and interested in what I’m reading ,which is the problem ? I did start at least seven books and one magazine ,to don’t talk about all the articles I read on Internet ,I need more time to read everything but I don’t have it I do have to work ,eat ,use the toilette,normally 3 times a day  so basically I keep to add on  stuff to read with the feeling now I will never finish it or if I will I will be over one hundred year old ,It doesn’t sounds a good idea ,I promise I will stick with what I have and by the end of 2019 I will finish to read all.

In past articles I showed you guys which books and magazines I had on my hands ,now in my endless collection I added something related to the city and country I moved to live recently ,Edinburgh and Scotland ,What I got at the moment is:

The print edition of The Skinny magazine 

The print edition of The Skinny is a monthly free magazine covering the best in culture and lifestyle across Scotland and beyond. In October 2005 the first issue of The Skinny Scotland hit the streets providing up to date listings, previews and in depth features about events and artists in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and nearly 150 issues later we still provide the best way to keep up to date on the best of your local scene. Find out what’s in this month’s magazine by reading the digital edition below, along with this month’s editorial introducing what’s inside.

What I still reading  is the october issue but december is out 

THE SKINNY: December 2018

Maybe it’s just the fact that there’s about four hours of sunlight a day, but every December feels like a wild dash to stuff as much as possible into what’s left of the year. We’ve been revving up for these festivities since about September; why is this month still such an overbooked shambles? Why, we ask you! Oh, because it just is? Fair enough, that is how tradition works, so who are we to complain?

Anyway, to help you navigate it all, this month’s mag is split into three distinct areas – first up is our recap of 2018. The music team have argued, wrangled, voted and tabulated to come up with our top ten records from the last twelve months. It should be said that, between the lot of them, our writers nominated over 200 albums for this year’s list, which either says that there’s simply too much music going around these days, or that it’s never been easier to take a new record to heart and check out something new. Spoiler alert: it’s the second one. This year’s top ten features shouty post-punk, euphoric pop, delightful R’n’B and a winner which combines elements of all three. Head to p10 to find out which acts I am being needlessly cryptic about. The film squad have also been at the round-up game – they’ve picked out the ten best films of the year, and also compiled a list of unsung films which deserve a second look before we barrel into 2019 – and comedy (led by outgoing editor, good egg and top banana Ben Venables) look back on their favourite moments from the year. 2018: you know what, it had some good stuff in it.

But what’s that beardy jingling in the distance? Oh shit, it’s Christmas! Tis the season for gift-giving, so if we’re gonna perform this capitalist dance we may as well do it properly. Hence our lovely gift guide packed with items from local producers, all nicely arranged and snapped. There’s a guide to the fairs and markets across Scotland where you can get Genuine Art direct from Actual Artists, and a look at the Very Contemporary Christmas pop-up from design champs Local Heroes and Hill Street Design House. Scotland’s favourite indie miserabilist Aidan Moffat has put together an excellent Christmas playlist, theatre takes the opportunity to tear a strip or two off some of panto’s worst men, and our brilliant crew of illustrators grab the centre spread with their excellent Christmas card designs. Oh, and yours truly harps on about eating geese and making meringues out of chickpea water.

And when you get fed up of December’s weird mix of looking back on a year that hasn’t finished yet and forward to a Christmas that has been looming for months, we still have you covered. We chat to Julia Holter, who brings her exciting, challenging and inventive new album Aviary to Summerhall, and to author Nina Bhadreshwar about her memoirs of her time with Death Row Records. We also talk to Auntie Flo about presenting his globetrotting new record, and preview the returning Scottish Queer International Film Festival, back at the CCA to put a fantastic exclamation point on the venue’s return from a fire-imposed quarantine. They host Cage-A-Rama 2 to kick off January, then Glasgow Film Festival returns in February, and 2019’s calendar doesn’t slow down from there – before you know it we’ll be back here again. With that in mind, if you can, kick your feet up and enjoy this month’s festive orgy of tinsel, cultural reflection and big-time partying. Safe to say, we’ve all earned it. [Peter Simpson]



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