By Alessandro Carosi

After I discovered that the national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn I begun to see photos ,symbol and Unicorn written every where ,I done some research to find out what was the spiritual meaning of it and what I found was really interesting

The Unicorn – As A SymbolA

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“Dreams are the playground of Unicorns.”
– Unknown

Perhaps the most wondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn
is a Symbol of magic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment.
This magical and enchanting animal appears to only a rare few and
has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and Wisdom to those who
are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds.

The presence of a Unicorn is announced by the soft and faint
tinkling sound of tiny bells being shaken; or of tiny chimes being
rustled by a breeze. And as Bells and Chimes Symbolize the
presence of Divinity, the tinkling sound which accompanies the
nearness of a Unicorn reminds us that we are in the presence of
a highly spiritual essence whose boundless domain encompasses
all realms matter and spirit.

To kill a Unicorn is to destroy a Divine Incarnation of purity,
perfection, and wonder. It is a deed which burdens the individual who
commits the Act with an enormous Karmic debt.

The Unicorn is depicted as a white horse which has a long, straight,
spiral-shaped Horn protruding from the top of its head.

There are three basic Symbols contained in the Unicorn: the color
white, the horse, and the Horn:

The Horse is a Symbol of Travel and movement. And as the Unicorn
is a spiritual horse it has the ability to Travel and appear wherever,
and whenever, it wishes; it has the ability to appear throughout all
realms and dimensions.

White is the color of innocence, purity and perfection. White, which
is Symbolically similar to silver, represents the lunar, feminine
aspects of receptivity, instinct, intuition and virginity. Virginity in
its truest metaphysical and alchemical aspect represents the
unadulterated (untainted) mind and spirit; it is the prima materia
(pure matter) and the prisca sapientia (pristine knowledge, or
Wisdom). It is for this reason that to have a Unicorn appear to us
is both a great honor and Divine Gift. For, as stated before, only the
pure of heart and virtuous of deed are deserving to have a Unicorn
appear to them.

The Unicorn, unlike all other horned animals save perhaps the
rhinoceros, is a single-horned creature. While the two-horned
animals are linked, Symbolically, to the realm of duality and matter,
the Unicorn’s single horn reminds us that its domain is the realm
of Unity; a realm that Transcends and exists beyond the bounds
of matter and duality.

The single, spiralled Horn is a Symbol of the endless, repeating
Cycles of Time. It is also Symbolic of the Sword. And as the Sword
Symbolizes the mind, the Unicorn’s Horn also signifies Unity of
Thought and purity of reason. We also notice that this single Horn
protrudes from the top of the Unicorn’s head which is the location
of the crown chakra. The crown chakra is a Border Between Realms;
it represents the highest level which our mind can attain and is the
Spiritual Gateway to the higher realms of Spirituality and Divine

When depicted within a forest, the Unicorn represents purity and
enchantment amidst growth, birth, rebirth, renewal and fertility;
which are all feminine essences.

When a Unicorn is portrayed along with a lion it Symbolizes the
Union of the feminine (white, lunar) and masculine (Gold, solar)
aspects of our dual nature. This Symbolism also represents the
Alchemical Marriage.

In Chinese tradition the Unicorn is an “auspicious and perfect
spiritual beast which appears when sages are born”. ***

As we can see, the Symbolism of the Unicorn is deep, pure, and
magical. And as very few individuals are pure and virtuous enough
to have a Unicorn appear to them we should feel very Blessed
should a Unicorn someday appear along our Path.

(See also: “The Phoenix“, and
                   “The Alchemical Marriage and the Total Solar Eclipse“)

*** “The Lost Language Of Symbolism”, Harold Bayley

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Animal Totems | Spirit…SynchronicitiesAll


Has Unicorn come trotting across your mind’s eye with glitter hoof and silky mane? Unicorn is special – a star in it’s own right. As a mythical creature, it is connected to both the heavens and the earth. A creature of magic on the physical plane. Fantasy given flesh and bone. A beauty of both land and sky. Here is what it may mean if you have Unicorn as a Spirit Animal.


Shimmer and shake! Prance and dance! Be magical, mystical, and majestic. Make them stop and stare from the twinkling of your aura. You are something special! A body of light. Created from magick dust, glitter bombs, and angel feathers. Unicorn animal totem asks you to know this in your heart. Be confident in the magic of your own soul. Express it.


The Unicorn is one of a kind. It accepts itself for who it is – sparkles, rainbow glitter, horn, and all. Each is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Unicorn asks you to release comparison and jealousy. See the elegant magic of your individuality. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd!



Don’t close out them realm of possibilities. Fantasize. Dream BIG! Embrace your purity and innocence. Unicorn invites you to play with your inner child. Allow them to run wild and laugh freely. See with new waking eyes that view the world with awe and adventure.Imagine. Open and meditate on your Crown Chakra. Journey. Reawaken your sense of discovery and expedition.


See the good in all living things. Feel the connectedness and wonder of everything. The wisdom of the cosmos. Share love and kindness wherever you go. Be empathic and understanding. The spirit of Unicorn encourages you to open, heal, balance, and strengthen your heart chakra. Greet everyone you encounter with love and light straight from the heart.


Charge forward. Pierce through obstacles. The horn of the Unicorn does all these things. It leads the way and will navigate you to your true north. Believe in your own power. You are capable and worthy of all you dream. Even in the most challenging of circumstances, the love and support that Unicorn gives is undying. They are loyal to the end. Unicorn gives you strength to help pierce through challenges and clear a path to your goals. Do not give up hope – BELIEVE!


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Unicorn Meaning

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Unicorn Meaning


Meanings associated to the unicorn are innocence, feminine energy, and magic. It is not uncommon to see unicorn references in fantasy novels, children’s books, and other mythical stories throughout the ages. It’s because the unicorn is a fascinating mythical animal that captivates our imagination. Its symbolic meaning is still wrapped in mystery, even though literally, the word’s etymology can be traced to the Latin “unicornis”, which means “single horn”.

Unicorn Definition

The meanings of the word Unicorn can be traced back to Middle English via Old French and come from the Latin unicornis.  Broken down, uni means ‘single’ and cornu means ‘horn’. Simply put, a unicorn is defined as an animal with one horn.

Unicorns are generally considered mythical animals and are typically represented as a white horse with a single straight and often spiraled horn projecting from its forehead. Legend has it that the creature is tireless when pursued, yet falls meekly to the ground when approached by someone with a pure heart. It is reputed to live for a thousand years and to be the noblest of animals.

When Unicorns Mean Innocence

Unicorns are strongly associated with the feminine and as such have traditionally appeared as a symbol of chastity, the divine power that nurtures all living things, and an emblem of the word of divine presence. This is why it is often said that only a virgin can catch a unicorn.

Although some have interpreted this fact differently, stating that any woman may be granted this sweet friendship because age and station are of no account, and she only needs to possess purity of heart. For the unicorn requires not that she has never known the touch of men, but only that an unmoderated desire for that touch has not closed her inner vision, or provoked her into a wordly pursuits.

The Unicorn, Symbol of the Feminine

Unicorns have also long been a representation of the Moon. This is another clear indication of their association to feminine energy.  The association to feminine yin energy is also evident in the mysterious, intuitive, and magical characteristics ascribed to the unicorn.

The feminine nature of the unicorn is so common throughout different cultures that it is often considered to be a valid archetype or universal energy pattern.

The Unicorn, Symbol of Magic and Wonder

Often considered the most wondrous of all mythical creatures, the unicorn is also a symbol of magic, miracles, and enchantment. The magical and enchanting unicorn appears to only a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds.

Nowadays, the unicorn is strongly associated with vibrant imagination and a sense of wonder. Present in numerous children books, it also appeals to adults because of its mysterious and fantastic attributes.

Cultural Symbolism of the Unicorn

The unicorn is one of a very few mythical creatures that is considered to be beneficial in almost all traditions. Through many different cultures the unicorn is universally beautiful, mysterious, and difficult to capture or tame.

Unicorns have a place in Greek mythology, Chinese traditions, in the art of the Indus Valley and India. Greek writers including Pliny the Elder and Aristotle mention the unicorn in their writings. Translators of the Hebrew Bible used “unicorn” for the word “re’em” and give at least eight mentions of the unicorn in the Old Testament.

Traditional Meanings of the Unicorn in Heraldry

In Heraldry, which is the practice of devising, granting, displaying, describing, and recording coats of arms and heraldic badges, the unicorn has several meanings. It is often represented as having a horse’s body, a stag’s legs, a lion’s tail, and a straight-spiraled horn growing from its forehead, sometimes of red and black.

Another common representation in Heraldry are unicorns shown with a collar and a broken chain. This is said to symbolize that they have freed themselves from bondage and cannot be taken again.

The unicorn is most notable in Heraldry for being employed as a supporter for the Royal Arms of Great Britain or of Scotland.

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