Life is always trying to talk to you

By Alessandro Carosi

I needed some answers ,the chaos and confusion within was too much to handle ,the answers arrived as usual in the form of messages ,feathers ,numbers ,synchronicities.

In the last few weeks I felt confused after I came back from London ,a feeling of loneliness ,bewilderment ,lack of self confidence took place all of a sudden without forewarning ,all I could do was to surrender and ask for help ,it arrived in the form of tarot cards straight into my email ,they were too detailed and accurate ,they had hit the right points 

I lost my faith and trust but the answer was 

Dear Alessandro,

Tomorrow, your Guardian Angel wants you to know…

“Trust that there’s a purpose to life. Keep faith that the chaos you see around you has an underlying meaning and divine design.”

Today the angels bring you through a message about trust, as your faith may have wavered recently, or you may be questioning situations that are happening around you, and your future. They bring you in a strong message that situations will improve, and they wish for you to have trust in the process! If today you have a sense of confusion or uncertainty about the future, the angels ask for you to give this up to them, as when you do this, your trust and faith will be restored. Release all feelings of doubt and feel the reassurance which comes with their words today, for they wish to let you know that all is in divine order and you are taken care of.

If you’ve felt any doubt recently around any situations or about your future, take 5 minutes out of the day to reflect upon these. Write them down on a piece of paper and then ask for Archangel Michael to take these away from your energy field and from your mind. Either throw the paper in the trash, or burn it. As you let this piece of paper go, be reassured that your doubts and worry about any situations are also being released. This will help you gain a clearer mind and will improve the trust and connection that you share with the angels.

I lost the focus and the answer was 

Dear Alessandro,

Here is your daily Tarot mini-forecast for Monday, Dec. 3, 2018.

The card I drew for you: The World Reversed

Tomorrow’s Overview:

As the final card in the cycle of the Major Arcana, the World represents a completion, and suggests a new beginning. The position of the central figure’s legs is reminiscent of the Hanged Man, and many readers see her as the inverse of him; where he is upside down and immobile, she is upright, and free to move forward to her appointed end. In the reversed position, however, she indicates that this cycle is just short of completion, perhaps because of a loss of focus as the end came into view. When I was in university, this condition struck many students in the final year of their degree program. We called it “senioritis” and it could be a crippling malady. After a lot of procrastination, the only cure for some was the horrible shock that came when they consulted a calendar and suddenly realized the magnitude of the workload they now had to complete in the few weeks remaining in the semester. Although it works, I don’t recommend this treatment; it’s hard on the nerves and generally produces subpar work. As mentioned above, this is a time to work smarter, not harder. Keep your eyes on the prize, and finish out the cycle in style.

Tomorrow’s Action Steps:

Luck is on your side, but only if you stay focused. If you can pull it together today, then you’ll be able to finish whatever project you’ve been dawdling on—and then imagine how great you’ll feel!

Remember, the Wheel is always turning. If you feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand, keep your chin up; your luck is likely to change soon.

Avoid Doing These:

Don’t give in to “senioritis”! A little willpower exercised early in the day will lead to great results by night; self-indulgence, on the other hand, will only prolong the cycle.

Thought to Ponder:

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.” —Benjamin Franklin

I felt vulnerable and the answer was 

Dear Alessandro,

Tomorrow, your Guardian Angel wants you to know…

“Although you may feel vulnerable, the angels want you to know that allowing yourself to become preoccupied with your fears only serves to reinforce them.”

Today the angels bring you through the message that you really are safe. They surround you with so much love and protection, your guardian angels are always by your side to keep you protected from negative energy and situations. Sometimes situations may happen within the world which can cause fear, panic and worry, however the angels wish to let you know today, that you are safe and that it’s time to release all of these fears and worries. For in truth, you are eternal and nothing can ever destroy who you are. As you release any fears and worries today, you will feel more empowered and trusting of the universe. Through releasing the fear, it will enable your connection with the angels to become stronger and your instincts and intuition will also become clearer, which will then guide you in every day life.

For today, spend some time working with Archangel Michael to clear any fears that you may have. Spend 10 minutes reflecting on any fears you have, and then visualise bringing them outside of yourself and putting them into a balloon. Next ask for Archangel Michael to take this balloon away and watch as it drifts into the distance. As you do this, you may feel lighter and your mind will feel clearer.

I felt I’m at the end of a cycle and the answer was 

Dear Alessandro,

Tomorrow, your Guardian Angel wants you to know…

“You are at the end of a cycle in your life. Call upon your angels to comfort you, and to guide you to your next step. Happiness awaits you now.”

Today the angels wish to bring you reassurance of the happiness that is to follow you soon. Today may symbolise the ending of a cycle in your life or the ending of situations which may have bothered you in the past. There is going to be the release of the negative today, to allow for positivity to come in for you. This could represent physical situations in your life such as people, home, work or family issues and/or spiritual energy such as letting go of old habits, energy and emotions. The angels are surrounding you closely today, with their divine energy, which will allow this process to happen smoothly and peacefully. Know and trust in their healing and have faith that happiness will manifest very soon for you.

For today spend some time reflecting on the different cycles in your life, and have a think about the areas you’d like to draw to a close. Focus on ways and means you can end any negative cycles in your life and know and trust that the angels are assisting you with this. Take one action that will help you to close an old chapter in your life, this could be apologising to a family member, letting go of some old furniture, having a clear out at home or having a long awaited conversation with someone.

There is more of what our eyes can catch and I was lucky to experienced it ,why is so hard to keep the faith ,to keep the belief ,I must to find a balance within to rediscover the life magic ,the life beauty ,I’m here in this lifetime for a short time of period I don’t want to spend it in regrets.

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