A Near Death Experience from Latvia

By Alessandro Carosi

On Monday at work I had an interesting conversation with one of my colleagues  ,originally from Latvia but here in Edinburgh to study psychology after graduated in her home country in philosophy ,definitively someone you can end up  easily to have deep conversations ,it was quiet and somehow from talking about coffee I passed to  talk about life ,I have seen a bit of what life look like and now at 39 years old I begun to be more interested in the after life ,only issue is that I need to die first ,small detail ,she replied that maybe there isn’t an after life like to challenge me ,to make my point I told her about a customer in London that had a Near Death Experience and discovered that life go on ,the body die but the soul continue to exist ,I didn’t expect  her answer to be that her brother had a Near Death Experience too ,the conversation got even more interesting ,I explained that I’m fascinated about that  ,done a lot of research on internet and talked to doctors and nurses in the past to find out if  they had patients having such kind of experience ,I asked if she felt to tell me the story and fortunately she had no problems to share it.

It was 10 years ago ,her brother was 18 and in a raining day walking back home a lighting bolt struck him then he left his body ,he recounted when woke up that it was a wonderful feeling ,there was bliss ,calmness ,peacefulness ,he was happy he wanted to stay in that state  forever but then like a vacuum he felt sucked back into his body ,he tried to resist ,he didn’t want to go back but had no control of it.

He woke up disappointed to be back in  his human body he told the story to the family but afterwards he lost completely interest in life ,after many years he kind of got back to a normal life and graduated as an architect but I’m sure that within still not interested of what is going on in the outside world ,how he could be after realise that there is more after life ,that there is a better state of being when we die ,many people that had a Near Death Experience felt the same when back ,is hard to go back to the everyday routine ,dealing with a job ,people ,events that are just temporary ,I know that feeling ,what I experienced isn’t the same thing but I know ,I can feel there is more ,what I’m sure is that all is temporary so is really challenging to find the motivation to wake up and go through life like most of the people does ,what we get left then cause we still have to do it ? What we get left for most of us is this feeling to try to make other people life better ,this is the conclusion for many that reach the understanding of life temporariness.

I remembered that in many Near Death Experience  a person afterwards would find watches or electronic ,electric devices stop working when around ,I was curious to know if her brother had similar problem but he didn’t but surprisingly his father can’t wear watches cause they would all stop working ,if there is a master plan in life for all of us organised by a superior entity then I feel like the role her family and her has in this play could be an important one.

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