Is life a dream or a dream is life ? Whatever it is South Queensferry is wonderful

By Alessandro Carosi

North Queensferry

Today was a nice day hiking around South Queensferry that is officially my favourite part of Edinburgh ,the village has a nostalgic ,peaceful feeling ,it is out of time and gives me a feeling of safety and calm ,I love to hang around staring at Forth bridge and if wasn’t so far from where I work is the place I would like to live

South Queensferry
South Queensferry
With this pic I felt to be a professional photographer

weather wasn’t the best ,cold ,raining but didn’t stop me from what I planned that was to walk by the sea till the dark ,till my legs could support me ,the plan changed a bit when I find out I could across walking one of the Bridges ,yes I forgot to mention that there are 3 bridges all built in different centuries ,since when I came to Edinburgh I always wanted to visit the other side of the bay but never got the chance so this time I thought about give it a peek ,I walked the 2500 metres and awaiting me a beautiful surprise ,a path that felt a copy of one of my favourite trails in Auckland ,my heart sunk and my soul teleported back to a wonderful time in Aotea ,I begun to walk under an incessant drizzle but didn’t stop me to go through the beauty of this trail with its lonely beaches and green hills but I had to turn back when I realised that would be dark soon ,I will go back an other day when hopefully will be sunnier and warmer.

Auckland or Fife?
I wish they had invented teleportation
I can see Rangitoto ,wait…….no ,I’m still in Scotland

On my way back to South Queensferry I was thinking about a dream I had last night ,it was one of those vivid dreams that leaves you in the morning thinking if they were real ,it gave me a good feeling though ,I woke up serene but curious about what might have meant ,this is the account of what happened ,I was walking peacefully by the Thames in what I think was East London then all of a sudden I saw a man flying over the river , I stared at him amazed of what he was capable to do but the man was in shock trying to figure out how come I could see him ,I said that I could see him like I could see everybody else but he replied that was impossible cause he was outside his body ,he was just….. soul ,I didn’t know what to say ,I could see him and that’s it ,few minutes passed by and a woman reached the guy ,she was his girlfriend or at least is what I can remember now ,the last memories of the dream was like a sort of revelation ,I was conscious that my psychic ability started to develop ,I woke up with this sense that the dream tried to tell me something important ,I did some research on internet but didn’t find anything regarding the spiritual meaning ,I will research more after dinner.

View from Forth Road Bridge

The day heading to the end ,I’m here in my warm room glad that the heater works again ,it stopped for the last 3 days and it was pretty cold ,I’m writing a report of the day hoping to give some good information to the readers and maybe to reach someone that had a similar experience as mine and maybe can give me some help to explain what the dream could mean ,going to eat something now I’m starving ,wish to everyone a good morning or a goodnight wherever you are in this bizarre planet.

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