Love is my country

By Alessandro Carosi

For some reason I’m registered to Quora a sort of yahoo answer ,daily I get random question and answers mainly regarding to Thailand ,I might have done something I can’t remember when In Bangkok few months ago ,anyway ,I got an interesting one that reminded me of an article I wrote a while ago about being proud to be Italian ,the question in Quora was about being proud to be Chinese ,the answer got me completely agree


Are you proud to be a Chinese?

David Barry, Fortunate To Have Lived in The Far East For Many Years. Answered Mar 31

I am not Chinese, but can answer this question as a British man.

When I was a child, I thought that the UK was the center of the Universe so I would probably say: “I am proud to be British!” As a teenager I was an idealist and would probably say: “If Britain changes in such and such a way, then I will be proud!” In my twenties, I became more regionalistic , so I would probably say : “I’m proud to be Yorkshire!” In my thirties as I lived abroad, I clung to my roots more and would have said: “I’m proud to be Yorkshire with Irish ancestry!” Now I’m in my forties and would not say anything like the above.

I don’t think “pride” is worth the candle. It leads to ignorance. Also, why would anyone be proud of being any nationality? We are born into a nationality, that’s all. It’s nothing we have done. We could be proud of our nation’s achievements. We could be proud of something we have done, including something we have done for our country. We can say : “We are happy to be…” British or Chinese or whatever.

Now I will say that I’m happy to be alive and human and part of the Universe. National pride is a load of old cobblers in my thinking. The British did some great things and not so great. The USA , now, hasn’t been the perfect state and if China does become the total superpower, I hope the Chinese are smart enough to not start to believe that they are superior to others. It makes my heart sink when our leaders start to blame other nations for their political gain. National pride is for the ignorant. For those who choose ignorance. 

I said I was completely agree but actually I’m completely agree except the last part ,No one is really ignorant ,no one choose ignorance ,what there is is a massive brain washing that lead people to ignorance ,we are fruit of our circumstances and circumstances get us to understand things or understand others ,if we are the lucky one able to overcome the system brainwash and capable to think on our own we aren’t better then anybody else ,circumstances led us to take a different life path ,in this case is our responsibility to help others to understand life.

I talked about circumstances with a friend the other day ,I told her that not everyone has the same mental and athletic skills but she disagreed ,she believes that everyone borned with similar mental and athletic skills ,the difference is that someone might work on it hard enough to become better then others ,so what makes someone greater then an others ? Circumstances!!!!

Then we have an other question ,who decide the circumstances ? She doesn’t know ,most of the people doesn’t know ,so do I ,but I think that life is about learning ,I like to believe that life is about to learn how to love ,our self and others ,then this means that someone create circumstances that suit the type of lessons we need to experience to learn what we need to learn because spiritually we aren’t all at the same level .

We all play a part dictated by the circumstances that happened to be in ,so the fact to be pride of a nationality ,we don’t choose to be born ,we don’t choose the country we born in ,some believes that we actually choose when ,where to be born and our families before come to life ,we choose our circumstances so that we can learn our lessons but even if true still isn’t enough to go around shouting out loud our pride for the piece of land we come from ,literally we come from the same piece of land ,inside the same floating ball we call planet earth ,the problem is we don’t realise it cause we are brainwashed from people playing the politicians role ,we draw an imaginary line and call it with different nations name ,then based in which imaginary space we are we made to believe we belongs to that ,we are not ,we belongs to whatever our heart feel to but nothing of this is real ,all we be taken away when we die ,so all we have is something called love ,like I always like to say ,we belongs to love ,that is our real home ,in our earthly lives we can call home wherever we feel more comfortable to live in but we need to remember that we don’t own anything ,we don’t own the piece of land ,the planet we live in ,we shared it with other people temporary and then we leave it to someone else when we die ,we only own our love for our self and others.

We need to understand that circumstances got us to be born in a certain piece of land and our piece of land isn’t better or worst then an other ,same for us as human beings ,circumstances got us to be what we are so we have no rights to believe to be better or worst then others ,there is only one thing to do and is to help our fellow humans and animals to go through this temporary earthly life in the safest and happiest way ,we need to remember that there is only one thing to be proud and is to be proud to be a good ,kind ,gentle human being.

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