Pitch, Fulham Broadway

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Pitch, Fulham Broadway

Posted on June 15, 2016

A flat white from Pitch in Fulham Broadway in my Therma Cup, a double-walled, thermally-insulated china cup which I take with me on my travels.

Not long ago, there wasn’t much speciality coffee around Fulham, just the long-standing Chairs and Coffee (shamefully, I’ve still not been!). However, it’s a rapidly-changing scene, which now includes the latest arrival, Pitch, which opened last week inside Fulham Broadwayshopping centre. Pitch made a name for itself when it cut the back off a Cadillac and turned it into an espresso bar in Westfield shopping centre out in Stratford.

Now it’s got a slightly more conventional pitch right in the middle of the main drag at Fulham Broadway, serving Allpress coffee from an espresso-based menu, with decaf on a second grinder. There’s also hot chocolate, tea, sandwiches and an impressive range of cakes. It doesn’t stop there: Pitch has an astonishing seven types of milk-substitute! For what is essentially a takeaway place, there’s also seating at the counter (including power!), which is a nice touch.

Having started life in Westfield, which is about as mainstream as it comes, Pitch isn’t afraid of a little competition from the chains, and so it is at Fulham Broadway. Pitch has set up directly opposite Starbucks and there’s a Pret one door down. Who says speciality coffee can’t compete with the big boys?

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.WOWSlider.com123456789101112131415161718192021Pitch, in Fulham Broadway Station, directly ahead of you on your way in.

I became aware of Pitch’s latest venture while visiting Espresso by K2 [coming soon to the Coffee Spot] earlier that morning, where the owner, Rick, advised me to try it out. So, on my way back from Muni Coffee Co., I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to call in, accompanied by Jamie from Bean There At, who bought my coffee for me (thanks, Jamie).

Fulham Broadway station has a shiny, new shopping centre built above it, with the station entrance at the back, down a long corridor lined with the usual high street names. And now Pitch, which occupies a U-shaped counter in the middle of the corridor, tucked away under the stairs/escalators to the upper level. The bottom of the U faces the entrance, espresso machine to the fore, flanked by a pair of grinders. You can order here, or around to the left, where the long side of the counter is lined with all sorts of goodies, including granola for breakfast, cakes , more cakes, pastries and cakes, and, if you arrive before six o’clock on a Saturday evening, an impressive array of sandwiches.

In contrast, the other side of the counter is free of any clutter. You’ll find four bar stools in an area obviously designed for sitting at. Having spent quite a while there, chatting first with manager, Alex, then with owners, Petar and Faye, I can attest to the comfort of the stools.  There’s plenty of under-counter leg room, plus hooks for coats, etc. Unusually, these are joined by power outlets, complete with USB sockets, so you can recharge your phone as well as your laptop.

So, to the coffee. Pitch uses the Redchurch Blend from Allpress, so there were no surprises there. I had an excellent flat white (takeaway cups only, so bring your own; fortunately I was carrying my Therma Cup), while Jamie was very pleased with his piccolo. Pitch, by the way, is dedicated if nothing else, and could easily have the tag-line “Speciality Everything”. There’s a Linea PB on order from La Marzocco and the latest Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 grinder. The milk’s from Estate Dairy (think the milk-equivalent of single-origin coffee) and, if you’re dairy-free, there are seven different alternatives. There’s Chai from India, Matcha Tea from Japan, and hot chocolate all the way from Melbourne. All the cakes, including a large range of gluten-free ones, are from local suppliers, plus there are plans for salads, pasta, smoothies and juices.

I tried the gluten-free salted caramel mini-loaf from Notting Hill’s Pearl & Groove, which was amazing. The cake was really moist, with a clear caramel taste. Normally I’m not a fan of salted caramel since I often find it far too salty, but this was just right!

www.pitch.coffee+44 (0) 7885 385008
Monday06:00 – 20:00RoasterAllpress (espresso only)
Tuesday06:00 – 20:00SeatingCounter
Wednesday06:00 – 20:00FoodGranola, Lunch, Cake
Thursday06:00 – 20:00ServiceCounter
Friday06:00 – 20:00CardsAmex, Mastercard, Visa
Saturday06:00 – 20:00WifiFree (with login)
Sunday06:00 – 20:00PowerYes
ChainLocalVisits11th June 2016

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