Three of Wands Reversed ,a time of self discovery

By Alessandro Carosi

With the recent full moon my mood have been up and down like a roller coaster with not an easy choice to stop the ride , wasn’t fun as when we going to an amusement park ,all I could do at the end was to pull the brake ,meditate and ask for answers ,in the meantime reading on internet about coffee recipes I discovered that an ex colleague from the time I worked at Shot Espresso in London became Italian Barista champion ,obviously really happy for him at the same time I felt a sense of frustration thinking that I’m here in Edinburgh for a self discovery journey trying to get back in control of my life but others seems to control their life pretty well ,I know isn’t like this ,we all have different life path and learning but that was the ego trying to mislead me ,fortunately I’m not alone and the answer arrived in the form of my daily online tarot card.

That’s what it said :

Dear Alessandro,

Here is your daily Tarot mini-forecast for Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018.

The card I drew for you: Three of Wands Reversed

Tomorrow’s Overview:

Many taromancers see a powerful merchant here, watching his ships sailing out, carrying his goods to the corners of the world. Others see a man who longs to sail across the sea, but who is rooted (like the wands) to his current circumstances. In the reversed position I lean toward the latter; obstacles and responsibilities have kept him from embarking on the journey of self-discovery he desires, so he must deal with frustration and disappointment on a daily basis. Although not as glamorous as sailing to distant lands, his path is still filled with lessons, with patience being one of the first and most important. Remember that Wands is the suit of growth and change, and this card is no different. Your situation will flow and evolve, even without a dramatic departure. Take this man’s example as either a model or a cautionary tale. If you are able to sally forth, then do so. If you’re not able, then embrace the journey that are already on.

Tomorrow’s Action Steps:

Remember that journeys of self-discovery are rarely as glamorous as Instagram would paint them! Sometimes self-discovery looks like backpacking across the world; more often, it’s about deciding how best to care for yourself and your loved ones. The latter may not be as fun as the former, but it certainly involves more genuine spiritual growth. Your path is your path, no matter where it leads. Embrace it. 

Sometimes, the best way to handle frustration and disappointment is to not take it personally—that is, to see it as something natural that you’re experiencing, not some failure on your part or, even worse, a kind of betrayal by the universe. Meditation is an excellent way to put some distance between your current emotions and your core identity; doing so will help you weather difficult times without suffering a crisis of faith.

Avoid Doing These:

Avoid social media! Don’t let the manufactured “success” of others sadden you. Don’t give up on yourself and your dreams. Your ship will set sail soon enough.

Thought to Ponder:

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” — Jimmy Dean

Your friend and Tarot Prophet,

Sophia Loren

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