If you move that curtain in front of your eyes you will be able to see the magic of life

By Alessandro CArosi

I don’t know what to think about life ,sometime I feel we are all connected and everything has a reason to be ,other days I feel lost with a sensation that everything is pure chaos and everything make no sense ,that’s the days I try to keep my mind still and ask for help ,help to the spiritual world with answers and explanations ,often what I received seemed exactly what I was looking for ,they can come in any form ,meeting the right people ,messages on the magazines ,articles on internet or like in this case in the form of a tarot card with related explanation on instagram ,I’m fascinated by this world ,I feel there is more ,I experienced more ,when I slip into the illusion of life I have to remind myself about the inexplicable events occurred in my life ,today I was in and out into the illusion of life till I recalled an episode that happened in Australia that brought me back ,it was when I met Bradley in a hostel in Sydney and then after more then a year in an other hostel in Perth that is 3 hours flight away then a week later at work or just now writing this article the episode where for 2 years in a row during new year eve I met an ex schoolmate by coincidence/synchronicity once in Spain then in the Netherlands ,after more then one year we met this time in our hometown ,nothing strange except when he told me that was in Australia and working in a farm for an Italian old man came out was my father’s cousin , I went to Australia ,met and worked for this uncle and thanks to him that put me into his friend’s hostel I met Kaori ,this wonderful Japanese girl turned my life around in a wonderful journey to the discovery of the world and now of myself and life ,I believe that nothing of all of this was a coincidence ,how it could be ? there is something more ,life is more then this ,is more then what we see ,we need to stop believing that we can do nothing to change our lives ,that everything is how it is.

Those memories remind me that I am ,We are ,powerful beings ,we must stand up ,we must wake up and stop thinking we are victims ,let’s take control of our lives and if we can’t control our lives we can definitively control our emotions ,stop feeling to be a slave and begin to believe that we are the Kings.

The answer I got in the form of the tarot card was for me ,I don’t know from who and how they did it but I believe was for help me to face life with a different attitude.

Recognize Your Divine Worth. You have been asking for healing and wonderful changes in your life, greater prosperity, real genuine love, happiness, and success. You are ready, you are finally seeing that you deserve to be wealthy, happy, healthy,and loved.

Please stop berating yourself for past mistakes and perceived faults.
You drag yourself down when you think harsh thoughts, they will definitely push good things away! 
Sometimes we have to go through tough times to really understand and appreciate our value. That’s where the lesson ends. When your self appreciation goes up, so does the quality of experience.

Life has so much to offer you, beautiful experiences are waiting! With a healthy self esteem you can allow the good things to happen to you, and not get caught up in the negativity in the world. 
The angels are giving you the keys to making big inner changes so you can transcend challenges and receive the blessings you have been waiting for. With this card they are reminding you of the importance of loving and accepting yourself. Self love is not vanity or arrogance, it is compassion and self respect. 
Your guides do not want you to be distracted or allow anything or anyone to sabotage you on the way to your dreams and so they are giving you the best protection ever- your self worth! 
Think about it! Could anyone suck you into a dishonest or toxic relationship if you 100 percent knew you were loveable, loving and awesome ? Would you accept anything that was below than what you really wanted or deserved if you had total faith in the Universe ? Would you do or allow anything self destructive if you really loved and accepted yourself and your Divine magnificence? 
It is about time that you accepted your Divine worth and understand that if someone does not truly value and treasure themselves, they cannot value and treasure you. Your angels see you, they know you, they know your inherent worth and want you to see yourself as they do- loveable, creative, intelligent and powerful.

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