The Samoan rugby player that knows my cousin

By Alessandro Carosi

In New Zealand was a time of great synchronicities ,I still don’t know if was me to create them or everything was meant to be in that way ,all I know is that I experienced miracles and constantly I would encounter small or huge events that would look like with no apparent connections to each other but I believe had a reason to happen that at some point in life I will understand.

Among the many lately I was recounting one with a Samoan guy at Foodini’s cafe’ in K’Rd.

I can’t remember her name except that she was from Brazil and we loved and hated each other
Same for those guys ,I can’t remember their names but they were the nicest people ever ,the Japanese guy on the left was so kind and polite and the Samoan on the right a crazy good man always ready to smoke marijuana and make jokes
Here we are ,Foodini’s!! that in its way was an other synchronicity I will talk about in an other post

I was working when this big guy came in and ordered a coffee ,talking to him he recognised my accent and asked me if I was Italian ,I told him that yes I was and in a fluent Italian he replied that he loved my country ,surprised to hear a Samoan living in New Zealand speaking my language I wondered why he learned it ,in complete honesty I asked him the reason for it ,smiling he told me he played rugby in Italy for 8 years in Calvisano where he learned the language ,synchronicity in action ,why? my cousin ,Giambattista Croci ,played rugby in Calvisano in the same period and guess what? they played together and were good friends ,that was wonderful ,not the best synchronicity I had in life but definitively a memory to tell about ,there was no way I would let him pay the coffee ,I didn’t meet him again ,I’m sure there was a reason to experience that event ,maybe was meant only to be added to all my life synchronicities so that I would eventually understand there was more in life then what my eyes could see.

After work I messaged my cousin in Italy and told him about the guy ,he was incredulous about what happened and thought it was an amazing coincidence ,maybe it was for him but I know now that coincidences doesn’t exist.

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