The World in Faces by Alexander Khimushin

By Alexander Khimushin 

Ina Akunka, Orochi People, 63 years old, Zavety Ilyicha, Sovgavan District, Khabarovsk Krai, Far East. I’m in charge of the center of folk Orochi culture “Kiahala” (in translation – native land). 15 years ago I decided that it was necessary to revive the Oroch culture, and in 2006 I got some support from the local authorities to establish our center, where we began to engage in traditional embroidery, the manufacture of fish skin products and birch bark. These crafts have almost been lost, but we have already managed to restore at least something. Five years ago in our center we make something like a little museum, where we collected information about the Orochi culture and history, we always welcome those who wish to learn how to make crafts and learn about our culture. According to official data, there are 426 people of Orochi people, in reality there are only six of the pure-blooded Orochi in our District, and there are about ten people in neighboring Vaninsky District. That’s all. Last person who spoke our language – Bisyanka Natalia Noevna, passed away about eight years ago. There is not a single person left in the world who speaks our language. I thank Alexander that he came to us to tell the whole world about our people. We are now preparing an exhibition of his photos in our center. In my spare time I like fishing, sitting by the bonfire, cooking fish on it. Every summer I spend my holiday in the nature, on the beach or on the river.

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