Strange Healing Miracle in Thailand


When we think about Thailand, what comes to mind is probably beaches, exotic places, sightseeing, and maybe even Thai massage. But this healing miracle has nothing to do with any of the above.

All cultures in the world have some system of healing. People have always had problems with their bodies due to disease, injuries or accidents, and that will never change. Healers of some kind have always been a necessity for any society. Such healing systems range from shamanic approaches to modern medicine with innumerable varieties in between.

Even in western societies which have officially subscribed to modern medicine as the only healing system, there is a huge subculture of alternative approaches.  Older traditional cultures have relied on such methods for thousands of years since there were no other means available.

All of these methods have merit and work sometimes, but not all the time – just like modern medicine. Here is the true story of a rather unusual healing that happened in Thailand.

Jang was a 14 year old girl who lived in the southern province of Songkla in Thailand. She developed a serious case of skin ulcerations that spread around her belly and back. Several visits to doctors and hospitals provided no relief and no cure. This kind of disease is well known in the rural areas of Thailand and can be fatal in severe cases.

Jang exhausted all her options with modern medicine and she came close to dying. In desperation her parents took her to a local healer, an old man who was known for his healing powers. He took a look at her and proclaimed that he could cure her.

Next he put something in his mouth which according to Jang seemed to be betel nut and leaves, but she could not be sure. Betel nuts are chewed by many Asians for their stimulating effect. It looks pretty gruesome since it turns teeth and gums red and black and the people who chew it constantly spit out streams of blood red saliva mixed with betel.

The healer chewed for a while and then spit the blood red substance on her belly and back, and rubbed it in while blowing on it and uttering some kind of chant. There is no way of knowing what exactly he was doing, but after three days of these treatments, Jang totally recovered from the life threatening disease.

The scars are still clearly visible on her skin 25 years later, but the disease never came back. The old shaman accomplished a healing miracle while the doctors had given up on Jang. He asked for a modest payment of a couple of chickens and 100 baht which is about US$ 3.-

Before you say that this is a ridiculous story – how can spitting on someone cure anything – I would like to remind you that one of the most famous healers in history, Jesus, healed a blind man by spitting into his eyes (Mark 8,28).

What makes this particular case quite authentic is that Jang is not a fictitious person or someone I heard about, but she is my wife.  I have been living with her for many years, and I have seen the scars.

There are many such healing stories everywhere in the world. We call them miracles, but that only means that we don’t understand how they work. However the people practicing these methods see nothing miraculous in them. The old man in Jang’s village had been healing people for decades, and for him it was just his job.  The villagers can attest to many of his successes. He probably could not heal everyone of everything, but he did save Jang’s life.Facebook10TwitterShare

Image of the author, Shama Kern

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