The World In Faces. Siberia

By Alexander Khimushin

Alexander Dechuli, Ulchi People, Khabarovsk Krai. 59 years old. He works as a watchman in the national cultural center in the village of Bulava. Since childhood he is fond of winter ice fishing. “For me, fishing is a life. I’m fishing on a makhalka and a angalka. I love Tala from fresh Crucian carp or Sazan fish, it’s very sweet (tala – Ulchi traditional dish of fresh raw finely chopped fish; makhalka – homemade fishing rod, anga – Ulchi fishing net). And you know what – the Amur River Crucian carp is, it’s not your typical small one, ours are up to half a meter long, weighing up to 5 kg easily! Usually, a medium-sized one for us is when it fits without head into a frying pan. I must say, in a local store small frying pans are not popular, at least 30 cm in diameter, and this trend is set exactly by the local Crucian carp size! )) ”

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