Many lives ,Many Masters

By Alessandro Carosi

Past lives is a subject I have been draw into it after reading ”Many Lives ,Many masters” by Brian Weiss ,after that I tried a past life regression under hypnosis where came to surface memories of a time I lived in the middle age and used to abuse of a girl that turned out to be a Korean girl I have a Karmic connection and met years ago in New Zealand ,a Lady in Milton Keynes told me I had 68 past lives , 36 as a man , 32 as a woman ,apparently in the last 2 I was Mongolian and then Russian.

It’s a fascinating subject that can be controversial ,I don’t know if we reborn but I like to believe that we do ,lately due some events out of my control I ended up living temporary at my friend’s flat in Kirkcaldy and now dealing with the British immigration to get sorted my right to stay ,I don’t have a flat ,immigration giving me hard time cause my last employer didn’t sorted out my Taxes properly few years ago ,I’m stressed ,frustrated and upset to have to deal with this earthly problems ,I understand there is more in life and all I would like to do is to focus all myself into spirituality but at the same time I’m still a human that have to deal with human’s things ,all I want is Love but so far all I got is just annoying issues.

All of this forced me to make a choice ,suffering or focus in the now ,suffering or tell to everyone and everything fuck off and trying to detached from what I’m worry to lose ,I chosen the second option and I can feel a bit of love coming through my body and mind ,is a nice feeling ,alright I’m heading away from the main subject ,past lives!!! Why I want to talk about this ? The reason is a movie I watched the other night ,a movie a work colleague recommend me to watch and for a reason and an other I didn’t ,I believe there was a reason and I understood it after watch it ,I could understand and feel the deep meaning of the movie only because my current situation ,the movie took me back to a girl I’m trying to forget but that seems impossible ,this girl and I like in the movie we are connected from an invisible thread that we might carry from past lives till now ,that’s what the movie was about ”Cloud Atlas” a group of people keep meeting over and over ,lives after lives and where soulmates will meet and fall in love in every different lifetime

so today on the train heading to Edinburgh I found on Instagram this picture meanwhile I was thinking about the movie and soulmates

it seemed like was meant for me ,I decided I would write to this girl in South Korea that in the last few days took my emotions into a storm ,I wrote to her about what I think ,that I believe we are connected ,that we met in past lives and probably will meet again next life ,I’m quite sure she is worry about my mental health now but doesn’t matter ,I feel I had to tell her ,I had to explain what ‘s going on and why I can’t forget her.

I restarted to read

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a “Course in Miracles”  even this seemed like was meant to be at this time.

I feel I lost control of my life but now more then ever I think I never had real control ,I feel like someone or something is in charge sometime ,so what to do ? Detachment ,focus in the now ,going with the flow and something that just popped up in my mind this morning ,a famous sentence from Bruce Lee ,I should become like water ,adaptable ,flexible ,going with the flow and always moving forward.

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