Sometime something magical is where you less expect to find it

By Alessandro Carosi

At finally I found a new home and luckily enough 5 minutes walking from work ,after one month in Kirkcaldy and commuting to work by train I will miss the beautiful morning scenery and the sunrise view from my friend’s flat

Kirkcaldy surprised me for its peacefulness and beauty ,I had this calmness within every time I reached the town and my friend’s flat felt so comfortable and soothing ,Feng Shui ? maybe.

The town seemed unreal ,out of this time ,I felt like it was just a virtual fabrication made exclusively for me and where no one existed except me.

I will miss the beautiful beaches and the villages I would pass by train

I will miss Forth Bridge and the little Inchgarvie island below the bridge that in the morning would make me wonder to have a house and live semi isolated

I will miss the drunk people on Friday and Saturday evening going back to their villages after a evening out in Edinburgh ,I can always go back to Kirkcaldy but I don’t think I will be able to replicate that peaceful emotions that have been my companion for a month ,the best memory like to wish me a serene good bye came from this old couple holding their hands in a sign of love and companionship ,I stole a pic without they could see me ,it made me happy to see it and even if a friend told me that maybe they were holding hands just to hold each other to be able to walk straight it will not take away from my mind the desire to end up in the same way when I will reach their age.

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