A visit from a friendly Ladybug

By Alessandro Carosi

There is a sentence I always use to explain how I go through life and it is ”I like to believe” I don’t understand life ,I don’t know why I’m here ,why I borned ,why I will die ,in all of those years I got to experience interesting weird things that I this stage in my life journey got me to think that maybe there is a reason for all of this ,that maybe that reason is Love ,to learn to Love ,our self ,others ,everything ,can I be sure ? no I can’t ,all I have are perceived hints that suggest me that it could be Love the answer ,so that’s why I say ,”I like to believe” the mind can’t grasp the reality of life ,feelings maybe can but I’m not able to fully interpret them.

Sometime the perceived hints that I think the Universe/God is sending me seems too strong ,too evident to deny what they are but still ,my human nature is unable to see through it ,what happened this time ? Few days ago on Instagram someone uploaded a tarot card with a ladybug as a symbol explaining the importance of that card that is related to abundance and luck ,I thought that would be a great synchronicity if I would see one ,I haven’t seen a ladybug for many many years then a couple of days later here we are ….. a ladybug on a table inside ,not even outside ,inside the cafe’ I work ,the interesting thing is that my colleague noticed it and shouted at me about the discovery ,so what can I say ? There are too many things to say and none of them could be confirmed ,synchronicity ? coincidence ? Who knows ? I love when those things happening ,they make me feel more and more that we are all connected.

Back home straight away I checked for the spiritual meaning and found that in almost every culture it is a positive sign ,I want to do further research to understand why this insect is well seen in so many countries ,maybe for its cuteness ? I don’t know ,here I will leave you with its spiritual meanings.

By Bob


Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs

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Ladybugs have always had a special meaning to those that work with soil in growing plants. Said to be good luck for farmers and gardeners, the legend was built on this beetle’s ability to feast on pests of plants. However, this is a valid point to remember, among other natural and spiritual world amazements.

Ladybug Symbolism

Ladybugs may be tiny, but are hard to ignore when they fly within your sight. Not only do they symbolize good luck, they bring a twinge of joy and playfullness with their beauty and whimsical nature.

One minute they may be crawling peacefully along a twig and the next, taking to flight with an eager balanced move.

Their color is appealing to the eye and they bring about a feeling of trust, abundance, knowledge and protection. Those of the animal totem of the ladybug are said to be inquisitive and naturally highly spiritual.

Spiritual Significance

Ladybugs share the same complete transformation as the butterfly although this life cycle often goes unnoticed.

The larvae forms on tiny leaves and has legs to crawl to a more desireable position. They molt 4 times in their transition, patiently waiting on each phase to be completed.

This life cycle is significant when compared to the spiritual journey that one takes in finding complete spiritual acceptance.

Count the Dots

Some people believe that numerology offers meaning to a life’s path. Those looking to the spiritual realm also find meaning to these numbers.

Ladybugs have anywhere from one to seven spots. More than likely, these dots represent the point of transformation that this little beetle is at.

The same could be applied to your own life as a reminder of how much further your spiritual journey has to go.

The most important gift that the ladybug has to offer is its spirit in bringing us closer to our intuition and our ability to open up to receive the gifts of the cosmos. If you are ever curious as to the power of a ladybug, watch the reaction of a child as they encounter this curious beetle. Their joyful response will show you the answer in what you need to achieve in your life’s journey.

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Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs

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