A Karmic thread hard to cut

By Alessandro Carosi

This story isn’t about me but about a good friend that for privacy reasons in this post will have a different name ,I will call him Alex and the girl involved Julie.

This story is about the thread that I like to believe connect all of us especially people that are meant to be together like those 2 friends ,the story begins long long time ago when I was young and handsome ,more or less 20 years ago ,at the time I planned to travel around north Italy for 2 weeks with just a backpack and a lot of spirit of adventure.

The first stop of this wonderful journey was Florence homeland of the Italian language

then Siena with the wonderful Piazza and a good coffee at famous singer Gianna Giannini’s cafe’.

Cinque terre was the place I was keen mostly ,I already been there but was massively looking for to go back ,it’s a magical place that share close to each other mountains and sea like men and women share their love

the next stop was Alessandria where the story begins

I sat down on a fountain stairs when I received a call ,one of my good friends wanted to ask me a favour ,he was wondering if I would love to travel with them to France ,when ,I asked ? day after tomorrow he replied ,what??? that was strange ,what happening ? he explained that Alex and Julie broke up and Julie wouldn’t make for the trip ,they hired a van and needed an extra person to share the expense ,I thought why not ? I was looking for adventures and that looked like one ,I said yes I would join them ,2 days later they come to pick me up and we started this trip around France.

It was great we visited the capital Paris first that never been my favourite but I guess that we all have different taste

what I loved more was Normandy and Brittany with the stunning towns of Saint-Malo

and what I thought could be the perfect scenario for a Harry Potter movie ,Saint-Michel ,one of my favourite around Europe.

After a couple of weeks building up happy memories and discovering that one of my good friends would become a dangerous man if not fed on time we headed back home.

14 years passed by full of more adventures and learnings especially learning about myself and trying to understand a bit more about life in general ,one day a good friend from that famous trip sent me a message on Facebook ,he wanted to talk to me on Skipe ,he had an important news ,I got worry cause what he had to tell me that he needed to speak to me on Skipe ? after work we got in touch and an incredible story was awaiting for me ,a story that years ago would hit me like an amazing life coincidence but that now I know isn’t ,what was then ? Alex and Julie are back together after 14 years ,Julie in the meantime was married with an other man and Alex went through 2 more relationships and currently together a girl I actually had a short affair 20 years earlier ,I was sold I needed to know all the details of it.

Julie had some problems with the electric system in her shop and someone recommended Alex to solve it ,I guess he didn’t mind cause so many years passed by and his emotional wounds was healed ……but not his love for her ,at the shop the thread that connect them played the role that have to be played and the love that maybe they carried for lifetimes after lifetimes exploded again and all they could do was to follow their emotions ,faith ,to get back together ,they left their current partners with the consequently dramas that would obviously follow ,they moved to live together few months later and the following year their first baby borned.

The reason why I wanted to write this story is because lately this topic of soulmates ,twin flames ,thread that connect people have been playing an important part in my life ,I have been feeling that the thread that merge my soul with someone in a city that for some Universe / God weird sense of humour has a similar name ”Seoul” have been strengthened ,I miss her ,I miss her so much but why? That’s the thing ,why? We met briefly in New Zealand ,we don’t know much of each other then why she found me so important for her life and why I can’t forget her ,why I miss her? I had much more important girls in my life ,that loved me and cared about me ,even now I have a much more important woman that love me unconditionally and gave me and gives me so much emotional support ,then why I can’t forget a girl I barely know? All I can think is this thread ,a thread we maybe carry from many lifetimes ,a Karmic thread that a psychic years ago told me tot cut and as much I tried I still unable to do it ,maybe because can’t be cut ,maybe a Karmic thread can’t be cut ,I don’t know but now more then ever I believe in Love ,I’m grateful for the angels that look after me especially for one in London ,I’m grateful for a life full of learnings even if sometime painful ,I’m grateful for a life full of friends ,now after so many lessons that I believe I needed to learn I hope to learn the most important ,to recognise LOVE.

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