Nobuo Yagi


Nobuo Yagi (b. 1952, Tokyo, Japan – aka Yagi, Nobuo), is wild harmonica disco, like you’ve never heard before. Nobuo started playing when he was 14 in Japan, and at age 26, recorded his first album titled for this song. this is the height of Japanese disco fusion, and there are some amazing cuts from this period and beyond.

The typical cuts from the period fuse progressive rock, jazz, disco, and new age, for a powerful but often tepid sound. Collecting Japanese jazz can break your heart, as cheese factor can be ridiculously high.
Fortunately, Nobuo doesnt let us down here, as a strange long intro moves into heavy ripping funk bass, amazing strings stabs, and Synare disco bells. Layer adeptly played jazz harmonica on that, and yum, cheese never tasted so good!

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