We are all visitors, We are just passing through

By Alessandro Carosi

Everytime I have difficulty to breath as much I don’t like to use it Ventolin gives me a big help, not without a price to pay, it has bad side effects like fatigue and the one I hate most, mood swing.

This morning I had to use it and as expected didn’t feel great and my mood have been in only one gear, bad!! I did all I could to cheer myself up,I knew that my sadness wasn’t real but chemically induced, proud of myself I have been strong enough to go through the day in the best way I could and maybe this is what triggered some interesting encounters, first a mother and daughter here in Edinburgh for a conference, when I asked what the conference was about the mother told me that a certain Jordan Spencer would talk about spirituality and how our thoughts create our life circumstances, you all know that this is something I’m greatly interested so we had a good chit chat about it, i told them about my blog and some experiences I had in the past that led me to start to write to share my life and show to others on similar journey that aren’t alone, I thought I had read something about Jordan Spencer but when she said that the guy had Italian background made me think, someone with such a surname, Spencer, Can’t be Italian, ended up I misunderstood their strong South African accent, actually the guy is the Famous Joe Dispenza, of which I read a lot and took part in the famous movie and book ”The Secret” and in the movie ”What the Bleep Do We Know?” ,there wasn’t much to add to our conversation, before they left we exchanged an accomplice look and we said goodbye.

The second encounter was with an English couple living in Wales in Edinburgh for a couple of days, they had something special like a sort of good energy, I could feel there was something particular about them, we talked a lot about coffee and how I ended up in Scotland, I was going to ask them if they were here for the conference but for some reason I forgot to ask it.

I finished to work at 2 pm with this strange feeling to be in a sort of illusion but didn’t know if was for the infamous Asthma inhaler Ventolin,too many coffee, a mix of those two,or something that comes from beyond our consciousness, I left the shop to go to visit a market in Leith where I was interested to have a coffee from a Stall called ”The Bearded Barista” unfortunately/fortunately I picked the wrong day,the market is on Saturday, I had planned to go after that to visit ”Hula Juice Bar” in Grassmarket but something or someone from my subconscious suggested to go to Williams & Johnson Coffee co that was just next door, arrived I took some pics to add on my Instagram,the cafe’ lie inside Custom Lane, a collaborative centre for design and making that overlooks the beautiful Leith River, I moved inside to order a coffee and take more pics, an interesting Art installation drawn my attention,a sequence of digital images of ballerinas performing projected on the walls reminded me about a special ballerina that is part of my life or maybe past lives but an other image prevailed reminded me of something more important

That was the perfect conclusion for the day.

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